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    The board of Pollux Oldenzaal yesterday decided, in principal, not to participate in DELA-League next season...they didn't succeed so far to find a new sponsor..

    Until the end of this month the board will desperately wait for a sponsor...if there will be a sponsor eventually, the board will recall their decision not to participate..

    Very sad :(

    That's very sad news not only for Pollux but also for the Dutch league in general. :(
    If even the runner up of the league cannot find sponsor that it is a dark prospect for other teams and the league as well

    Any insight on why is that happening?
    There was once a more vibrant league and Dela Martinus used to participate in the CEV Championship yet everything seems to have collapsed when the NT players are exported to other leagues...

    Hi all

    I just looked at the CNTV broadcast schedule and they are NOT broadcasting the first leg at Zhoushan (as they have to broadcast the badminton Sudirmen Cup instead) :aww:

    Some links may show up an hour or two before the match starts, you may try

    That was a close match but Muszyna was better, congrads :drink:
    But I must say that neither of them (as a team) was particularly well throughout the whole game... there were so many reception and service errors! At a point I was quite bored...

    Ola deserved the MVP, she was good in all aspects despite a few errors.
    Bednarek had superb blocking and excellent attacks from Wensink.
    Keep that up for tomorrow!!!

    I don't know actually....there are indeed many good MB at the moment and also enough good hitters...but just a very few good setters/libero's...I don't know why..

    Yeah I was just very curious and thinking is that a Dutch tradition or something...seems not! :P
    Dutch volleyball fans must be anticipating to see the team in the China tournament, will it be broadcasted in the country?

    Interesting that the discussion is much focused on the MBs, for the over-production in the country. (well, yes, also because of Selinger's choice)

    But anyone knows why?
    Why are there not as many setters/ liberos/ hitters?

    In my opinion Ingrid has played the last seasons just for money, since she is at the end of her career...She isn't ofcourse as good as some years ago anymore...but I think she is still a good blocker...In contrary to Huurman, I think NT still needs her :teach:

    Think it should either be Visser or Huurman, you don't need the two of them to be there when you have a queue of young players lining up.
    Visser was still in relatively good form in 2010. Huurman was always called upon to substitute Grothues or the other hitter when the team needs some extra blocking near the end of the set, and I must say that she was doing her job well.

    However, the reality is that Huurman is not up to speed when it comes to the starting six and NED urgently needs to train up de Kruijf and Pietersen, and perhaps give Steenbergen a chance as well. In that case, Visser should remain for the emergency, but let the starting six be Wensink + de Kruijf/ Pietersen/ Steenbergen.

    Huurman will not traumatise the team (if she is not starting six) but I hate to see that younger players can't have their chances to shine.
    Out of all, putting Huurman in the OH for the China and Montreux tournament is just ridiculous! :thumbdown:

    Does Judith prefer MB or Opp ??? And what postion does Selinger prefer for her? I think in upcoming years Judith will have a good chance at MB-position, since Visser and Huurman will retire...Besides Wensink, there is a free position in starting-six..

    Well.... heard that Huurman still wishes to be in London so she probably will hang on there at least until summer 2012. I do hope to see more of Judith in the NT however there are also Robin de Kruijf and Quinta Steenbergen to fill the positions, and Wensink is definitely solid for her starting six position.

    I can't see why they put Huurman as OH, there are so many available young players to train and expose! What's the point of putting a senior player on her sub-optimal position in these relatively unimportant tournaments? :wall:


    Why does not work for you? It works fine for me, i watch the games there all of the time!

    I have no idea! The ads loaded fine, then it stopped there and I could never get through to the matches..... already emailed about it but I still can't watch anything...

    Very sad ;(

    Hey all :)

    Anyone has Muszyna vs VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL?

    Or if anyone knows any online source to watch these match (apart from that does not work...) then I'd stop bothering you to ask for uploads.


    Thank you so much for sharing but the BT file is not working...?!
    Would you be able to upload to some online storage like megaupload?

    Thanks again, it really helps for people who has problems with

    Maybe the Dutch played so awfully on purpose, in order to make TUR win 3-0 and help them to get the 3rd place... Of course I'm joking, but it was sad - even to me - to watch a team I appreciate and respect being defeated and disbanded -well beyond its objective faults... Turkey didi not play well in the tournament , even if they are improving: too much relying on Neslihan. If I could choose I would send Bulgaria to the WGP 2011(young, talented and improving NT) , but this is very unlikely to happen .... So let's hope for Italy to score at least a 2-3 against RUS and grab the last bus to Macao.... :wavy:

    Same here, knowing that the Dutch could have done so much better it's just so upsetting to see them ending up in the tournament as such (I'm now beyond the stage of anger). Selinger is the only person showing some improvement today - for finally taking more substitution initiatives and make some changes, but he is still the one responsible for the failure of this tournament... wrong people, combination and timing.

    Must say that I am also rather disappointed with the attitude of the team - Manon Flier just gave up at the end and she doesn't seem to have any strength, and the team in general has such low energy level that makes me wonder what happened to them the day before... I am getting worried about the WCH in Nov, even if Kim will be back, I am not convinced if the team will be in better shape then. At the moment they are far too unstable for any achievements... :wall: