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    Did you guys catch the BYU-Hawai'i matches? The second game was just crazy. After winning the third set, Hawai'i used the 90's style setter-middle-outside-hitter server sequence in the fourth set. Intentional or not, I think it was enough to rattle BYU, though it almost backfired as Hawai'i was called at least three rotation faults.

    To me, the two matches proved that BYU is the team to beat.

    Hawaii and BYU are the clear favorites. Rado, Cowell and Gasman all seem to be even better than last year.

    UCLA tried Gyimah at opposite last year but that didn't really work. I like what they did with him last match against USC.

    I really like the Gauchos, too! They are a bit undersized, but as you said, great backrow and ball control. I am rooting for them this season!

    Really? Here I thought Gyimah was born to be opposite. LOL. I've got to see those matches. All I was able to see were games where they played 6-2. I do remember seeing them do 5-1 with Ratray mostly as opposite, but he seemed to be hurting.

    Cowell is great, but when he had to sit out a few matches, they struggled to find a suitable replacement for him. Even Humler hasn't been as reliable. I've always loved Gasman. I hope he makes it to the national team. As a whole, though, they are still much better than many other teams.

    Yeah! Gauchos all the way! I'll be rooting for them too.

    Hi, guys! Thoughts on this year's teams? I think the championship is BYU's to take this year, but Lewis is a strong contender too. The other top teams like LBSU, UCLA, and UH look too "crippled" to me. I do wonder what UCLA would be like if Gyimah were moved to the opposite spot. I mean, he's so good I don't think he should ever leave the court. LOL. My favorite team so far, though, is Santa Barbara. The way they played against BYU about four weeks ago reminded me of Japanese teams. They were short, but, oh man, they were super fast and athletic. My heart just broke when they lost the fifth set in the second game. Loved their defense too!

    Hi, guys! Fabio Menta, an Italian coach based in my country, has just announced that Irina Kirillova has agreed to play for Novara-B. She's coming out of retirement. Can anyone confirm this? I can't find any news about it. I'm curious to see her an action once again.

    They just took two guys from Minas' bench, it wasn't much. If anything, the deal was made with Vibo Valentina given both teams switched opposites. Big teams are always scouting the guys from Minas after a while as their youth categories are always strong. It's only a matter of time until players like Felipe Roque, Maique and Honorato leave too.

    I disagree that Taubaté's opposite side doesn't look good -- the Al Hachdadi - Vissotto combo might actually be the best in the league. Vissotto's injury wasn't too serious, by the way. I believe he shall be ready for the beginning of the league. Not so sure about the Paulista finals tonight.

    I'm sorry. I just realized that I had only watched the first set of a finals game from last week. Not enough to gauge Al Hachdadi as a whole. Aren't there three from Minas? Petrus, Rogerinho and Carisio?

    Tuaniga's awareness is pretty good for a setter but he have to lose some weight to play much better when playing other than his role. His blocking is average in my opinion.

    I agree. I think it's also interesting how he likes to mix his plays up by setting both wings more inside almost like they were combination plays.

    I read somewhere that Madayag is a better fit to MB2 (like Baron) because she's a better defender and because of her calm disposition. Maraño is the only available player that can balance the court as the attacking/sliding MB, though she's lost touch. Maybe if she grew more meat she'd be more competitive. I hope to see Maika Ortiz and Bea de Leon healthy and called up to the NT (along with Kat Tolentino as opposite hitter).

    Indonesia is going modern now. They have this tall opposite who hits like she doesn't care who her blockers are, though she is sometimes tentative. A step in the direction. Good on them!

    The Philippines will miss the service of Kalei Mau and Alohi Robins-Hardy for the 2nd leg of the SEA grand prix being hosted by the Philippines. Mau was thought to have some skin allergy, but turns out she is also nursing an ACL injury. Not sure how serious that injury is, but sounds like she will be out for a while and miss the whole tournament. Then Robins-Hardy doesn't have the passport to participate, but how was she able to participate in the first leg if she didn't already have it then???

    but some good news, is that they will have additional players in Jasmine Nabor(S), Gretcel Soltones(OH), and Alyssa Valdez(OH) along with the other regulars from the last leg.

    If you're wondering about how she managed to traveled, she may well have used her US passport.

    Jaja hit well, but her reception was consistently abused. We could have done more if she had been taken out of the reception line. Besides, she doesn't even receive when she plays back home, so why should she do it elsewhere? On zone 2, she could've easily checked the likes of Manganang hitting from zone 4.

    If she were to play as a non-receiving OH, that might work too. But then the direction that the world is taking puts the tallest and most dominant hitter on the opposite spot.

    If she gets her groove on, Dindin can still run one of the meanest slides in the country. She'd be the most useful as MB1.