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    They ought not to lose against south korea or thailand either. :cheesy: Forgive me for asking, but do most chinese fans get really upset with their women's NT against smaller asian rivals? Do they also feel the same with their men's NT?

    China women's NT rule No. 1: You can lose to any opponents other than Japan. :lol:
    It's just a joke, no offense to Japanese fans. :) But our countrymen focus on the 1st place of Asia very much, so this win still means a lot to us.

    she can come and play here in the philippines. lol

    tom killed lot of balls which was supposed to be hooker's job..thanks God..Tom and Larson combo worked well.akindradewo and scott aruda too did theyre part..missing link..OPPOSITE HITTER

    i hope a there is still a team that can get scot arruda's services..but i quess every team has already complete theyre line up

    Hasn't jung dae young stopped playing for the NT a long time now? Yang hyo jin is young and a good blocker. She should be on the team too, as should bae yoo na, i believe.
    Anyhow, i think it's pathetic for korea to give up this early.

    It's good! Maybe usa can use this with sykora and davis too.

    What a wide possibilities gives this new rule about libero :!:
    What do you think about this system which is playing by Thailand? First libero Piyanut plays all reception actions and Wanna is defence specialist who is on the court when THA serves...

    yes, i noticed that too. it's OH sittirak onuma who gets replaced by the libero in the back row. onuma is a very good back row attacker, so i get the feeling that she might be hurting or something.

    What is Thinkaows Position on this game -??? she is actually MB but here she attackes from background ? ? ?

    yes, that's what happened. sillie shed a few tears then. obviously, it hurt a lot. she didn't want to be pulled out of the match though.

    Silie hit one of the posts wit her face during 4set of match against Thailand so i guess black eye is is the result of that accident.

    speaking of thailand, do you guys know any latest news about the team? i mean last week, onuma was being replaced by the libero in the back row, and it was pleumjit who was doing back row attacks.
    yesterday, in the match against brazil (according to the fivb website), it was the shorter tapaphaipun who started in place of onuma. in the third set, onuma replaced opp malika.

    Really? So all hope is almost gone now for china. Lol

    Sorry, Liu Yanan is officially retired and now working as a coach in her hometown club.
    2 pools in 1 city, yes, this is the first time in WGP. However, this is also the first time that 16 teams join in WGP :)

    I agree. I think china is trying too much. Yeah, they now have taller and stronger players, but everyone's slower and more clumsy. I think they should get liu ya nan back as an opposite hitter.
    Oh yeah, i just noticed that hong kong is hosting two pools in one leg. Has anything like this happened before? Lol

    China wasn't considered among the top teams since the last World championships. Their stating OH Hui still very inconsistent (receiving and hitting-wise) and another OH (Fan or Wang) is huge liability in ball handling. Wang isn't the same player she was a few years ago. She is not the go-to hitter any more. And what about the opposite Yang? She produced ZERO in this match. China definitely deserved this loss and I wouldn't be surprised if they get spanked by USA tomorrow.

    Kudos to Serbia and if they didn't commit lots of errors yesterday, they could beat USA. Those serving errors in the tie-breaker were really killing me. :down:

    Wow! I didn't think i was the only one who noticed that. Vargas is really gorgeous

    Anerys Vargas is such a beautiful woman, she indeed gets more beautiful with her age !!! I really would like to see her in europe , especially in Turkey again ! Lisel Eve is not bad either ! :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

    Anyway, isn't azerbaijan sometimes geographically considered to be part of asia? Maybe if they played in asian qualifiers we'd see them play in the gp much more often.

    yoiks! too bad! i enjoyed watching her as an opposite hitter. good luck to poland. with no regular mb's, i really think things are going to be very difficult.

    This position is the last chance for Podolec ;( She isn't ready to play as wing spiker. Probably it will not be 100% allright with her shoulder anymore ;( On MB position they don't must attack so often and this is a chance for her.