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    i agree 110%! i wonder if rezende is willing to try raphael in place of ricardo

    hi, guys. need a little help. sportlemon isn't showing anything in their livestream links. not sure if it's my computer. anyway, can any of you provide me with any other livestream link for the korea-china match? thanks!

    maybe thiago's hair on his thighs makes him feel too hot.

    same question that i have about bartman's girlie socks. if anything, it takes away from his manliness. lol

    Rodrigao :rolll: Man, I totally can't understand what he's doing there... Why Rezende doesn't want to try Eder, I don't think his performance would be worse than Rodrigao. I want new SESI-player, Eder!!!
    :aww: :aww: Canada killed them at the end of this set... What happened to Brazil then? I dunno. The truth is that Brazil loses a point - it can be a key to the final result in pool B.

    And tell me what Thiago is doing with his shorts? ?( It looks so gay, actually...

    my computer's having sound problems. what did the ref say the yellow card was for and to whom was it given?

    and those yellow sneakers some of the guys from brazil are wearing, are they olympikus?

    how about having turkey, azerbaijan, israel, et al play in the asia instead of europe? after all, they are technically continental asia.

    The discussion that is going on here is irrational and meaningless. You don't talk about history with 3-4 games in hand.

    To play with an Asian team regularly, you have to participate World League, World Grand Prixes, World Champs or Olympics. Everybody knows how hard it is to participate from Europe, you have to be in top 2-3 all the time to participate regularly. That is not easy from teams in Europe.

    Good on korea! Kim yeon koung was celestial! Hands down to her! Maybe a little improvement on her serves would be good?
    That must have been so unnerving for japan--even takeshita made mistakes towards the end. And her face did look like she was ready to strangle someone.
    I hope russia, korea, thailand and japan make it ^_^

    Hi, guys. Did any of you notice that korea's kim yo han played as a middle blocker in their match against france? He's a good wing attacker (both as an opposite and receiving outside hitter), so i was wondering if any of you know what's going on.

    if that were true, i just wonder how they met? And just what is so attractive about his big belly? Kidding! Well, yeah,it'd be nice if that were indeed true.

    according to Thai fans' news, Feng Kun is in love with Thai Women NT head coach...China Main Media has not spread this news in public yet.

    Heyya, pappi! Again, i want to extend my sincere thanks for your answers (i don't think you were being agressive at all either). Xie xie! Just like you, i am a fan of the sport and i am interested in what's going on about it all over the world. I unfortunately don't know much about how things are behind the scenes. I'm really fascinated by the chinese system of volleyball and the chinese NT was my favorite for a long time and that's why i popped those questions (i was delightedly surprised that someone even bothered to answer them in detail). Don't worry. Those were honest questions, not an attempt to drive a point, so no pressure from me on the girls. :set:

    oops! i missed a few words there. i meant " mos chinese fans get really upset with their women's NT when they lose to smaller asian rivals?" :aww:
    thanks for answering. i think the reason why i asked that is because of an article i read some years back. it was written by stjepanidze, i believe, and he wrote in there that it was hard for the chinese women's NT to accept that they lost to korea in a crucial olympic match (which made them blow a chance for a medal). i guess the statement was just for effect.

    They ought not to lose against south korea or thailand either. :cheesy: Forgive me for asking, but do most chinese fans get really upset with their women's NT against smaller asian rivals? Do they also feel the same with their men's NT?

    China women's NT rule No. 1: You can lose to any opponents other than Japan. :lol:
    It's just a joke, no offense to Japanese fans. :) But our countrymen focus on the 1st place of Asia very much, so this win still means a lot to us.

    she can come and play here in the philippines. lol

    tom killed lot of balls which was supposed to be hooker's job..thanks God..Tom and Larson combo worked well.akindradewo and scott aruda too did theyre part..missing link..OPPOSITE HITTER

    i hope a there is still a team that can get scot arruda's services..but i quess every team has already complete theyre line up