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    And the secret advantage of a tall setter is ... ?

    They both look kind of husky and slow to me. Not sure that's going to help.

    This is a weird story

    Anytime you get a tall setter is generally a good thing (especially if the next available setter is just 5'5). The question really is how well are they going to be able to adapt to the system.


    1st - Thailand
    2nd - Vietnam
    3rd - Indonesia

    Experience - Philippines lol

    PHI NT Management and Staff is very delulu and incompetent right now. Skipping AVC tournaments so that the team won't be scouted for a tournament that does not even have bearing for FIVB standings. Also missing the services of Jaja Santiago and Dindin Manabat.

    The Philippine fed is saying that they want to avoid being scouted, but the reality is (or so a good source said) is that the head failed to get sponsors on time. This makes sense because towards the end of 2018, they announced with full confidence that they'd be participating in at least three AVC competitions. Come early 2019, all of a sudden they "miss the deadline" set by AVC.

    I don't think Kalei Mau and Alohi Robins-Hardy are secret players. Nobody said anything about this. Besides, videos of them can be easily found on YouTube. Jaja's case, though, can't be just blamed solely on the fed. Ageo Medics simply refused to give her enough time to play. As for her sister, I actually thought she would play (LOL). She hasn't issued any statement that she isn't playing (or has she?). It is clear, though, that she's going back to Japan to play.

    I understand. But I hope that hidden Patch comes up soon, perhaps throw in a more lethal serve too.

    Incidentally, I've noticed that when Erik Shoji is on court, he takes zone 6. The other liberos take zone 5. What might be the reason for this? Shoji on 6 sometimes messes the timing of the pipe.

    I really like her as OPP too. I do not understand why Dominican NT used her as OH. It is always difficult to receive the ball when you are 200cm. On the other hand, they do not have strong OPP for doing such nonsense. She is too danger in her OPP position. Brayelin mostly reminds me Tayyiba Haneef Park.

    Wasn't Olga Potachova a receiving OH under Karpol? She could have been the exception. Incidentally, Haneef didn't do well either in her short stint as a receiving OH. :D

    Yeah, Flávio and Cachopa were great. I was pleasantly surprised that Flávio even got to start. I hope Rodriguinho is also given a chance to start, if only to gain experience. He probably won't be bumping out either Lucarelli or Douglas (or Mauricio Borges or Leal) any time soon.

    Just a segue: Why is Stephane Antiga no longer with the Canadian NT? Did he resign?

    Whenever I look at photos of Mara, the name "Fofao" always flashes in my mind. How's Volleyball TV working out for you guys? I don't think I'm willing shell out to use it again if it's as problematic as last year. Even the replays looked like a Powerpoint presentation.

    You guys got to watch the finals? I thought it was refreshing to see unconventional plays. I'm not so sure, but I thought the double quick with TJ De Falco was Long Beach's response to Dalton Solbrig's slides. Perhaps Ensing's pipe attacks from six served the same purpose too. Too many complaints from the coaches, though.

    I was rooting for Hawai'i and kind of wished that the finals were a series. I hope we get to see more of Joe Worsley.