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    I was thinking the same exact thing! He's been a nightmare up at the net. The attacks he made against BYU was full of power and their middle Miki Juahianen was just in shock. How does the coach expect him to stop that.

    IKR? I hadn't minded him much before that recent match against BYU. But wow! He was just superb even in blocks. To think BYU had Gardini, Fernandez, the crazy fans and possibly biased referees.

    The Worsley were nuts good too! I don't think they can be accommodated in the NT though.

    Say Renato were open to fielding in young guns in the main NT, would Honorato fit in? Isn't he too short? But I do remember seeing him play last year or two years ago in a continental tournament where Flavio, Alan and Rodriguinho also played, but it just wasn't with Renato. Incidentally, is Minas like a developmental team for the NT?

    Felipe Roque is good when he wants to be, but it's such a shame that his head isn't always there.

    Watching the Brazil-Poland match now. Amanda's reception and floor defense are frequently on point. I guess that's the reason why she's in the team.

    As for Thailand. I think as long as Guedpard insists on ignoring her middle hitters, they'll just keep losing against tall and skillful teams.

    Watching the Germany-Italy match on the small screen of my phone, I thought Germany had 7 players on court. I then realized that the seventh person was a line judge wearing the same color scheme as the German team.
    I hope Brazil bring in young guns like Rodriguinho, Felipe Roque and Honorato soon. Watching them veterans play together is literally getting old. They can keep the setters, though. They're always great to watch.
    Speaking of Honorato, he's a bit short, isn't he? You guys think he might go the way of Gabi and become a libero if he doesn't grow a few more cms?

    In that Campinas-Corinthians match I wasn't sure whether or not a fight was going to break up at the net. Most of the cross-net conversations ended in smiles and give-me-fives, but a few others ended in stern faces. Can anyone tell please tell me what was happening there?

    Fabio was a lot more stable! I was very impressed. I was also a little impressed with Vissotto. He made some errors that looked more like from stubbornness (like he knew better but he still went ahead and made the wrong choice anyway). Also, watching how Serginho tries to get everyone to get their act together makes me wonder why liberos are not allowed to be team captains. LOL. Yes, he blows his lid to high heavens when he's frustrated with everyone, but I think he's the anchor of the team.

    What about Pedro from Canoas to the NT? He seems young and he's quite tall. His serves are a bit meh, but I'm sure it isn't that difficult to improve.
    Alan's substitute, Franco, is also a good hitter. I think if he played in another team, he'd be a starter. I think Felipe Roque should also be elevated to the senior team too. He's a rare specimen.

    I agree, Saishuu! Congrats to Honorato. He deserves the MVP match award (he's being interviewed now). I hope he grows taller. I once saw Bisset come in as a sub opposite hitter for Roque. I thought that made a whole lot more sense given how well he attacked and scored there.