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    I enjoyed the SESC-Sada Cruzeiro match. I was rooting for SESC but I was ready to concede defeat to Sada as they are stronger. I generally don't like Mauricio Borges simply because he takes too much time to do everything (haha), but as always, he was impressive and excellent in the match (plus, he looked very fatherly to his baby son in the post-game interview; I'm a sucker for good fathers). There was this play that he was made to pull by Thiaguinho in the first or second set. Thiaguinho gave him a back set to zone 1, with Renan doing a double quick decoy close to the edge of zone 2. I got off my seat because it looked so awesome, but he made a double error. Would have been an epic play, but it turned out a fail. I wish they had repeated it.
    In the fifth set, Sada kept pounding at Japa from the service line. I found that odd because is a pretty stable receiver, and it wasn't like he was the setters' favorite attacker.
    I'm watching the Corinthians-Minas match. It's looking like Minas will rake this in three sets. Quite a bummer because I was excited for this match, thinking that these two teams were pretty even

    I agree about João Rafael. I think he should be given a chance in the NT. I have a strong gut feeling that he'll blend in no time. His teammate in SESC-Rio who is the primary setter is quite impressive as well. In fact these two players are my favorite in that team!
    And I agree about having a challenge system in place too. There have been far too many ugly referee calls.

    I've seen Ren Qi and Shen Qiong play together on the national team together, and I know they aren't that old. Ren Qi as a libero may even have a longer "shelf life", but yes, injuries can put a damper on things. Are his injuries that bad? Maybe he just needs a long rest. I mean look at the two Serginhos of Sada and Corinthians...

    That match between Sada and Lube, I had thought that Sada would at least even up, but they were made to look like kids. I just kept scratching my head seeing Leal and Simon struggle that badly.
    Lube got everything going right, it was just a pleasure to watch. Christenson looked just a bit over-eager on defense to me. He shanked the ball a couple of times after leaving his defense post to "meet" the ball. It looked very odd to me. Has he always played like this in Italy?

    Man! That Corinthians-Sesi match just wouldn't die (delayed reaction, I know; was just too busy at work; I don't mind backlogging on my Superliga fix, though)! :-D Fábio is growing on me and I like it that he doesn't seem to mind looking silly or whatever. I thought the fourth set was owed to his clutch performances in the dying stretch. Someone here.once said that he could do well if he wanted to do, and I believe that now. Now I'm waiting for Alan Patrick to be "unleashed." He looked still a bit green when I last saw him play long. I was rooting for Cortinthians so I was both irritated and amazed by William. Haha

    Watching the Montes Claros-Sesc match now. Alexandre Alemão is incorrigible. I think he's a lost cause already. Has he been struggling with an injury or something? Speaking of injuries, is Brendle down with one?
    Just out of curiosity: I noticed that the courtside announcer at Maringá's home stadium pronounces words differently (to my foreign ears, of course). Is that what is called "Portuñol"?

    Valeskinha and Liu Yanan come to mind for such MBs.

    Why did Walewska leave in 2008?

    Walewska is a classic MB from the 90s. She started playing professionally in 1997 when MBs still played in the background. She was called to the NT just one year after that
    She is a great example of how age might mean nothing (Juciely also). Brazil has had good MBs througout the past years, but Walewska could have easily played in the NT for many more years. It was her decision to leave after 2008.

    I like watching Walewska play. I remember seeing her play in Russia several years back as a receiving MB in a few matches. She was able to hold her own. It'd be sad to see her go, but, yeah, that's life.

    Thank you, Saishu!
    BTW, who is Sada Cruzeiro's new setter? Watching William's magical sets in Sesi has lifted my spirits which was feeling a bit sad at his departure from Sada.
    Also, has Vissotto been away from volleyball? He looks a bit out of shape, and he seems to be half-hearted and only pretending to be trying. Or maybe it's just me. Haha!

    Thank you, Sydney! All those six players comprise almost half a team already. As of this writing, I'm watching the part in the semis between Corinthians and Campinas where Serginho is so livid against one of the table officials. I don't understand what is up, but I think he's displaying so much audacity...Oop! He just got red-carded.
    About the player movement from one team to another, is that leveling-scoring still followed? Like each player is worth a certain number of points and each team receives a cap on the total number of points all the players in their rosters add up to?
    BTW, I've never seen Fabio make so many points in one set! Or maybe it's just me.

    No. It's just that Serginho (libero) played in Sesi for many years and invited many guys from there to form his new team: Riad and Sidão (MB), Fábio and Allan (OH/OPP), Rafa (S) are the ones I remember now. There is probably a few more.