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    I talked to Salas 's husband in April and he hold me she had a contract for one more year and he added that she is in halkbank %100. Unfortunately they didnt know what halkbank management think about the next year. We will know soon where she is gonna play.

    I heard something about transfers in turkish leauge
    1: Sinead Jack is leaving from Galatasaray to Japan
    2. Milena Rasic could leave Vakıfbank
    3. Thy interested Ruseva
    4. Fener wants Rasic.
    5. Larson situation is not coşar yet but she will play öne more season.
    6. Young turkish setter Buket will be back up of Cansu in Vakıfbank.
    7. Guidetti wanted Şeyma to replace Gözde but she prefered Turkish Airlines Sport Club (THY)
    8. Ferhat Akbaş is staying in his current club in romania .

    Last year I was in montichiari for F4, everything was perfect especially Pomi's fans. Yeah my team couldn't win at the final but I have very good memories. Now time for another f4 which makes me happy and can't wait to be there again. Italian clubs know how they can change it as a show, you do not watch not only volleyball.
    Just a question: Is conegliano's hall enough big for this tournament? Last year pomi had to change their hall and i don't wanna change my flight ticket again.

    Transfer window is almost over for teams but we have new members who can argument all time here, it looks like this topic won't be unpopular until locked with this new member's transfers. Please come back to the topic....

    Zhu didn't force to her too much during game imo. But some points of her were excellent and unexpected. i was in the hall and Hande Baladin made me a bit upset because of her good performance. We all vakifbank funs were ready to easy win against eczacibasi after Kosheleva's poor performance which is the worst performance of her i have ever seen.
    I am so glad that Loneke is getting better, still not so impressive but she helped a lot to the team in critic moments yesterday. Still have some timing problem with Naz.
    Kubra and gizem , no i don't wanna say anything about them. They are just losers of the day. Lİbero ayca was good also. Gozde should help the team on attack.
    Guidetti was right but he acted to much at 4th set. Rachel touched the net in the rally and refrees didnt see it.

    its easy to be an OPP if the team has strong MBs and OHs like USA NT. Nikole can show good performance with the national team but what about her club performance recently? She is just a good player as you said but not a star. İMO a healthy Tomsia (i think she has a problem on her back) would be more useful than Fawcett

    Guidetti wanted to get this job before too. Now he has a chance to live and work at the same city. it is bussiness , we change our jobs when we get better proposal. But i would like to work dutch girls. He has created very good team from the dutch girls who has a great potential. it will be so difficult to increase turkish nt level for him, on the otherhand he knows turkish mentality and players very well.

    Please remind me, How did he be head coach of Dutch NT? Same story? Was he undercontract when he left from German NT?

    Azeri spiker Odina Bayramova is not player of Halkbank Ankara anymore. Probably she is going to play in italy. An azeri user said that halkbank's coach wasn't happy to her performance... Probably young NT player Tutku Burcu who is very promising player replace her...

    Asuman Karakoyun who is ex eczacibasi and turkish NT player, born in 1990, retired. After a year break she still has some problems on her knee and decide to finish her voleyball career. She had very good season in 2014-2015 with eczacibasi.