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    russian passing is great but midlls are not scooring wich doesn't help the outside hitters coz everyone know they're gona have the ball!!!. i'm impressed the way dominican is playing they are fighting

    i agree that brazil showed a mental fragility and i think if they didn't servce well to disturb turkish passing we would have a suprise.
    i think USA also showed the same thing in the third set and begining of forth but their serving made them back to the game.. but this was the first day so we could understand and explain that. let's wait for second and third games to see teams reactions.
    i think right now in brazilian team jac is doing a great work in passing and attack, but i don't know what's wrong, it is def, not the same brazilian team we sew in beinjing in terms of ambition

    about comparaison between liouba and artamonova my oppinion is that in reception and deffense liouba is better then artamonova she became one of the best in the world between 2002 and now,
    in blocking liouba is also better more agressif and even here stats say the same.
    the attack is different artamonova is more powerfull in position 4 she just finds impressive angles and has more height. liouba is more versatyle and she really made an evolution to the russian game with here slide, pipes and here attacks on position 2 are just amaizing and she knows how to use off the block. artamonova has here style with all the power of russian game.
    the serving of liouba is more powerfull then artamonova ,

    so both of the are important, in my oppinion liouba is the key of russia since 1998. and they still need here and i really don't think they won't fine another universal player like here.
    so hope to see both of them add gamova

    ouba is really important for the and i don't think that there will be tensions between here gamova and artamonova.
    coz they ve been playing for a long time together so this just a fan's idea. about ollympics it's really important to russia to have a good reception if they want to play the first role, and without liouba in the court reception and deffense of russia is poor. add to that here versatylity gave this last 4 years russia better offense solutions, so i won't be surprised to see here on the court again as universal while gamova and estes will play outside.
    about makhno i'm sorry but here level isn't so good to put russia on top for olympics, so that coach will certainlly think about results and forget confusion situations, and liouba had alwys some problemes with the russia federation and coaches, but she is a key in the team and most of players love to have here on the court coz she gives them confidense <this what most players told me on 2008 olympics and 2010 world championship.

    1 SOKOLOVA ( she is a legend in the women volleyball game and the key of russian team for the last 10years, she shwoed what a modern women volleyball player could be with here universality and good skills)
    2- gamova simply because she is the best scorrer that any team would dream of.
    3- saori kimura, she is a new emerging player for japan and she is playing wonderfull.

    best coach

    Jose Roberto Lages Guimaraes "Ze Roberto" (BRA)

    i really enjyed usa team and players, but i think that this time russia was a bit over all teams using their experience on crucial points.
    but i'd say tha the oposite of usa is a verry strong player she is doing much better then haneef and usa is gona be a strong team for olympics.
    about russia i don't know when they will like in london, but it's gona ba tough without kilic and gamova, cause gamova is a leader on offensif part and sokolova is a key on the construction of russian game.
    i am so happy to see russian victory, players like gamova and sokolova really deserve that, they've been on top of women volleyball players since 98, russia at that time always felt down in front of cuba and then china in olympic games.
    about chossing best playerss i'd say:
    mvp: GAMOVA
    best libero: SYKORA
    best setter: TAKESHITA
    but i would give a special gift to LIOUBOV SOOKOLOVA KIILC AS the best women volleyball player of the last decade;
    she really showed with her personality and abilities and verstaility what a strong and modern player should look like.

    no sokolova idn't play in atlanta,which was 199- not 2006, bt sokolova knowen as chachkova or kilic in italy was the most constante player that russia had since 1998, she was an offense key in karpols gams, she added to the team those fast attack and combinations that russia wasn't using, she was the first player to leave carpol and go to italy where she proved to everyone that russian could play a modern volleyball game and she was for more then 3 years the best player in italian 2002 she wasn't with russia where they lost in wch with usa. and 2004 she camback for athen games where russia get to the final and we remember how she halped here team to make the most incredible comback in volleyball history 24-19.
    in 2006 she was just superb in all skills helping russia to win the title and this year when none would excpect here she cambck and did a fabulouse job with here team.
    as a volleyball coach and fan of here she is the most impressive universal player i've ever seen, she played midlle blocker, opposite reciever and now as universal she is a tallented player.
    i'm so sad for brazilian players because they worked hard to win but this is sport . and i'm happy for russia specially kilic so she will retire with another world title

    Perepekhina is fofr the best midlle blocker that russia had for the last 10years, she is not as tall as other brododakova, merkulova even year of tchitchenko, but she is faster and more agressive and has a perfect block skill. i was really impressed by here.
    the key of the match was of course reception and deffense and at the end of the match russia did good tactical serves from sokolova (same case like 200-) and gamova was front row to finish points.
    brazil needed is strong but not as it was in beinjing or 2006.

    i agree
    sokolova deserve a title in 2006 she was the mvp but fivb chosed takechita!!
    this year she played a big role in russia victory during all tournament, in reception and deffense and also with her wonderfull spikes.

    hey all you could watch all the matches on live in this website:

    about the tournament, it has been a lot of surprises but i'm sur that we're going to have exciting simifinals, specially between usa and russia, but i think that we're gona have another final between brazil and russia.
    brazil looks to be the best, but like in 2006 when russian towers are in great shape who knows what could happen.
    brazil is playing well, but since fofao left the team actual setters are not as great as here and need a lot of games to build good one.
    usa with it's fighting spirit is always there and could creat alot of problemes to russia on the semifinal.
    about japan, they play nice and fast but not enough to beat brazil
    russia is a true contendent for the title, i think that russia didn't have a good setter like the one they have now since 20years, she is playing good, faster i've never seen gamova spiking quick back row attacks like she is doing now, they have emproved in defense and their reception is great with the libero and sokolova doing a great job.
    i'm so excited to wtach what's going to happend.

    tenerife just got a strong hitter from the new emerging team of algeria, her name is FAIZA TSABET and she played for 4years in french profesional league, and just got her africain championship with algeria and finished as MVP.