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    I'm wondering why BRA players are all professional in acting, when they really touched the ball, why they don't feel nervous or sorry, they just raise their arms and ask for an out-without-touch. It's ... ridiculous!

    bla bla bla bla


    you guys always have shit talk against BRA

    Russia played better, thats it.

    sad to see, some of you, ever attacking the moral and/or behavior of brazilians players/people based on nothing. i read a lot of game's reports on brazilians press, and didnt see nothing about the girls blame the judges for they lost. Natalia, for example, said that she didnt played her best game and Gamova had an glorious day. Obviously that they mad about that point, but they known russia played better and stated that.

    So, stop with this bulshit about us, okay?

    and i doubt with my life that jaqueline said that about picci. so if exists prejudice or racist in here, is on commentaries about the brazilian behaviour altogether. (im also considering the commentaries about the men's world championship)

    For this asymmetry strength/morale in Brazil NT I will write only this:
    Who respects the strong more than the righteous is neither strong, nor righteous

    LOL. im sorry that doesnt exist an medal for cry. we had your point since that game, you still with this boring talk.
    brazil deserved. its a game, have rules. its not a "moral-game". dont judge people, judge the rules.
    brazil NT doesnt harm any other team, they do what they need to do based on the rules.

    just think: brazil and cuba was the best teams of the WCH, and they reach the finals through brazil's lose against bulgaria. so, brazil only fixed the stupid formula.
    its ugly? maybe yes. but they won with a nice 3x0 to shut up some boring people.


    brazil NT and cuba NT have a good relationship. i saw some video of Brazil's post-game in hotel, in which had some cuban players drinking together.…mundial-de-volei/1354436/

    Dude, you may be are small and poor as your self-confidence, but Bulgaria is not small. The size is measured towards our courage, AND IN THAT WE ARE BIGGER THAN RUSSIA AND BRAZIL. The size is also measured by moral, AND IN THAT WE ARE BIGGER THAN RUSSIA AND BRAZIL, if we talk about volleyball. If we talk about countries, we and Danska are bigger than the rest of Europe, because we saved our jewish friends from Hitler back in 1940-s. We saved all 50 000 in the territory we actually controlled. There is memorial of Dimitar Peshev in the Council of Europe hall

    your speech seems like an hitler' speech. bulgarian hitler, sorry.

    guys, you all overact the situation of this match. Soon or later, teams will fight.

    i just moan if brazil, russia or usa win this tournament and some of you guys will say 'they dont deserve!!! :down: ' 'bulgaria/cuba/polonia deserve this :obey: '.

    in sports these things happens, its sad, but it is. an situation that i really dont like is when Team A loses against Team B to harm(disqualify, or etc) Team C.

    anyway, lets the fight begin! :box:

    all i have to say is that brazil nt never needed do this to win all their past trophies, and they have many of. so, something changed at this time that made they acting like this. :mad:

    aand, if bulgaria played with such honor(!!!!!), they had a terrible team, cause an win of 18/25,20/25 and 20/25 its a shame, against a team that dont want to win at all. :sos: