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    Very excited to see Taylor Agost play in Aachen. She came to volleyball as a sport quite late and is still really developing (getting better week to week). I expect her to score a bunch of points in the German league, with better setting. I predict her to be the breakout star in Bundesliga this season!

    I think Malinov for Woloz

    why isn't De Kruijf in Novara? :whistling:

    They needed De Kruijf. No offense (nor much blocking) from middle without her. Wolosz was not smart and often trapped her hitters low today too.

    I do not know why Shame is ragging on Hill. She had a great day. Was very strong hitting (despite no threat of middle attack), passed well (better than anyone on Novara's side statistically - and the majority of balls went right on top of Wolosz's head), dug well and was the only one to get decent block touches on Egonu. If Conegliano had a weakness today, it was too many unforced errors hitting and some silliness from Wolosz.

    Conegliano is the better team with full foreigner allotment.

    I always keep wondering if any other country/language calls the slide attack "China" as we do in Brazil/Portuguese :lol:

    I think this is the most interesting term because it varies so much across languages, everything else is kind of a direct translation but slide is all over the place.

    I think it's "china" or "corea" in most of Latin America - but I was watching a Puerto Rican stream and I could have sworn he was calling it "la bicicleta" (the bicycle....)

    Ronika Stone will be there. She is playing as opposite. USA team

    S: MacKenzi Welsh (Michigan); Norene Iosia (Hawaii)
    OPP: Ronika Stone (Oregon); Holly Carlton (North Carolina)
    MB: Brionne Butler (Texas); Regan Pittman (Minnesota); Rachael Kramer (Florida)
    OH: Thayer Hall (Florida); Leah Edmond (Kentucky); Paige Hammons (Florida)
    L: Tiffany Clark (Wisconsin); Gabby Curry (Kentucky)

    Reception will be weakness of this team, but the attackers are incredible. USA will be very hard to stop if you are not acing them off the court.

    IMHO it was Banwarth outstanding and over any expectations in the least 2 years, not Hagglund weak. In 2015 and 2016 Kayla was amazing, among the very best liberos in the world, and it was completely unexpected.

    You can think what you want but Hagglund is not being considered. She has spent a lot of time training with the team and the verdict is that her serve receive is too weak for her to be an option.

    Libero will be a battle between Amanda Benson and Justine Wong-Orantes for next 4 years.
    Benson is the better passer, Wong is better digger and has higher profile from NCAA.
    That can all change as they gain experience in pro leagues.

    And here we go:

    GER: Hanke 2, Brinker 12, Geerties 9, Pettke 9, Lippmann 15, Schölzel 6, Dürr/Pogány (liberos), Kemmsies 4, Poll, Kauffedt 2, Stigrot 4, Grózer 9, Möllers, Grosser 3, Wezorke 1, Schwertmann 3.
    HUN: Kötél Zs. 1, Dékány 2, Dobi 6, Soós 4, Szakmáry 4, Nagy E. 2., Kötél D./Szpin (liberos), Liliom 6, Bleicher, Kalotai 5, Pallag 7, Leidgeb 3, Villám 8.

    DVV posted their stats of the first match vs Hungary:


    Who is Greta Szakamary? That's an incredible performance for an OH, and I've never heard of her.
    On the other hand, Germany is in bad shape. When Germany was competitive, they had great players at every position except OH (and that's what held them back). Now those same OHs are the best of the team. Big decline, and I think it's generational rather than anyone's "fault"

    Robinson is not able to score against elite teams who are prepared to play against her. There is a reason she has not gotten offers from top $$ clubs despite being well-known on world scene for several years now and why Hill has steadily started ahead of her on the USWNT. She plays with fire and has an engaging personal style, which is why fans seem to remember the days when she does score more than the (more frequent) times when she can't get past the block or gets easily dug when she has a 1-on-1 opening. She's a useful player but Hill does things that she can't that are more helpful toward winning.

    The tryout is mostly a money grab as well as a chance to make sure no one fell through the cracks. 95% of the players there are trying out for a spot on a summer USAV team. It's not actually where the scouting for future NT players takes place.

    Happy to see Bergsma put up some big numbers and her team starting to win some matches.

    Which teams in the league have the strongest contingent of Korean players? With the new draft system I feel like the foreigners are not as important.