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    I love tennis, especially the WTA Tour.
    But i play tennis myself too...
    watch me serving :mrgreen:

    i love so many sports :) hard to say which one i like most

    nice serve! that was strong.

    i don't think i can beat you. because that kind of strength is not employed in table tennis. :lol:

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    sheshenina used to be the first setter of the russian team, but it seems now that akulova took her place. Akulova was the first setter in the WCH so thats why i think she is part of the starting team :)

    i think russia's coach chose akulova because she had faster plays compared to sheshenina's.

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    yeah, they are a bit short; in a way, they are taller than thailand and taipei,
    still japan could storm thru Kaskhztan if they meet
    i also think the asian women volley going downhills, european teams are on the way up :D
    asian teams really have to go solid defense: korea use taller players against china but they lost bothe the game and the advantage of solid defense, i think thats why they lost :lol:

    european teams are already catching up with the speed of the asians.

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    with that kind of style, brazil is practically unchallenged in the past two years
    but whatll brazil do to improve so that they can take gold for sure?

    now russia has the recipe: gamova, godina, sokolova, but what do they need to keep more golds?

    what ya gais think :D

    brazil has very good set of players. but what they need to do to win is that they should also prepare themselves mentally, especially when situations are really tense (i.e., match point). volleyball is also a mental game.

    in russia's case, they really need an experienced setter. perhaps if they have a russian fofao, russia would have been unbeatable.

    if only the japanese were taller, they could beat china.
    but i'm glad they won at least one set.

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    I think that Serbia, France, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria and Italy are favourites. Unfortunately Pol, Rus, Bul and Ita will be played in the same pool :?
    But I wanted ask about something else. Who can 'make surprise' and join to this group like Spain in 2005? Or win medal even?
    Maybe Germany...? :roll:

    i think germany has a chance.
    they only need to minimize their errors, receive the ball well, and be more aggressive in their attacks.

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    thanks for this. :)
    it was my first time to watch an awarding ceremony of a men's tournament. and i enjoyed it.

    who's the guy standing at the rightmost side of the polish team? he seems silent and shy. i noticed him when he was innocently staring at the trophy while the brazilian players were holding it.

    the mere mention of israel caught my attention. are they really joining the competition? i hope i can watch their matches.

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    But FIVB changed pools and now Japan will be play in pool B and Egypt in pool C
    Sorry, but I can't find 'english version'. If I find I'll post :wink2:

    oh i see.
    thanks for clarifying. :wink2:

    yes i agree.
    poland is really good at blocking.
    they have also a tricky setter who could split the opponent's block.

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    We all know the star players like Kilic, Gamova, Togut (and the list goes on)....
    They all made it, they earn much money and are popular around the world.

    But what about the rest? Have u seen a player, who might become the next Gamova?
    Who do you think can reach that level?
    Use this topic to show us your opinion and to introduce these players :)

    i think italy's Dall'gna is a promising setter. she played in the Montreux volleymasters 2006, if i remember it right.
    i'm quite sure she will become the future leo lo bianco.

    i like japan and italy.

    i like the japanese because of their good defense and their interesting combination plays. i'm glad when they win against their taller opponents. my favorite player in this team is miyuki takahashi.

    in team italy, my favorite players are sara anzanello, jenny barazza (i'm sad she's not in the lineup anymore), lo bianco, and their back up setter dall'gna--if i'm not mistaken.

    i also have to add team USA in my list.