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    Who is your favourite player? and what team do you support?


    I like Alberto Cisolla (ITA) and Luigi Mastrangelo (also ITA)

    and its a bit hard for me to tell what team i support since i dont follow male's matches as much as females, but i would say Italy and Poland (cos i like both countries a lot)

    of the several men's volleyball teams i like, my favorite teams are serbia and italy.
    but if i have to choose between the two of them, i don't think i can make an option. i'd rather be the referee, or perhaps the floor mopper. :D

    in serbia, my favorite players are ivan miljkovic, and the grbic brothers--vladimir and nikola.
    in italy, my favorite players are alberto cisolla, luigi mastrangelo, and valerio vermiglio.

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    im from philippines..and from womenvolley forum site

    hi there! i'm also from the philippines.

    i'm a huge fan of volleyball. my favorite teams are
    italy, serbia (men), and
    japan, italy (women).

    hope to know a lot more about them in this site. :wink2: