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    1 Mikhailov best russian player best attacker of russian Superligue and WCH
    2 Murilo Endres MVP of WCH
    3 Muserskiy - best middleblocker in this year

    1 Sokolova best receiver of the year
    2 Gamova -MVP of WCH
    3 Kosheleva best young player and best attacker of WCH


    People undervaluated Veres because he is noname for many people but he was the best receiver for last 2 season over Priddy, Dante, Giba, Tetukhine (?). He is really good in attack but I am really happy he plays for Dynamo

    Its a pity I hoped he would come to Russia to play in some club where he wont be found as foreigner but he probably decided to spend his life in Poland. Does he have polish wife? He is player with potential and we lack these kind of players in weaker Superligue teams. I would also found him a good player to sit a bench on Dynamo Moscow nad be a reserve for Veres and Dante.

    Yes you are right de Kegret is now older but he did in Russian Superligue a great show. I post why he was for me the best setter 2 years ago.
    I also change my opinion about Grankine now I think I undervaluated him maybe he isnt the best setter in the world but now is he is for me the best russian setter and he is relatively young so he still can achieve a lot.
    Some polish fan write something about Zagumny

    Is it true?
    New players that definately have talent are de Cecco and Bruninho but I wait what the will show during next 2 years.

    Hello once more. Did you read my article about Setters in General Section I puta some a lot of work in it and hope you will tell me your suggestions nad rankings.

    So now promised the power rating of the best innings among pasuyuschih
    (I do not think to simplify Igor Kolodinsky now pasuyuschim):
    1) Arkhipov
    2) Abdullah Ahmed
    3), Pierre Pujol
    4) Miguel Angel Falaschi
    5) Usami Daisuke or Lloyd Ball

    Now, the best blocker among the tie:
    1), Pierre Pujol
    2) Andrew Zhekov
    3) Lloyd Ball
    4) Oriol Camejo or Falaschi
    5) Rafael (Brazilian, who played in TSH)

    Best attack:
    1) Pavel Zaitsev
    2), Pierre Pujol
    3) Mikko Esko and Oriol Camejo
    4) Lloyd Ball
    5) De Kergre

    There are a number of players that I have not mentioned, but which might well fall into this rating.
    Paolo Tofoli - I doubt that he needs someone to prove something.
    Raphael - somehow disappeared from sight.
    - fundamentally overvalued, management and club and team. Makarov is
    worse, which I also did not include a rating. Can not choose the
    direction of development: fast play can not, consistently does not want.
    Fantastically quickly loses its shape.
    Butko, Lesik Samsonychev, Babeshin, Redneck - there is room to grow and they have achieved a lot.
    Usami Daisuke - as a passer worse Kosuke Tomonaga.
    Choi - definitely weaker Kwon'a, whose place is taken.
    Bruno Rezende - not even ask me about this player. Maybe he's better than Ricardo, Raphael or Redvittsa?
    Le Marrec, Haarskamp (passer Dutch national team) - are good, but so far they have not shown themselves particularly.

    That's all, thank you for your attention! Smile Waiting for your comments and observations.

    24. Lukas Tichacek - passer Czech team, better known for his
    performances in the German "Friedrichshafen. After retiring Tischer has
    become the main connecting the German club. And it should be noted has
    made it very honorably. Sure, could take and a higher place in our
    ranking, but it remains unclear its true level, because much to say in
    one season is unlikely to succeed. In addition, "Friedrichshafen" There
    is only one person, whose skill and talent for talent outshines all the
    players. About Tischer, we can safely say that he passer very high level
    of Tihacheka did I can not say, because we see the result of his work
    with Stelian Mokulesku that can both house trained player, that his
    parents did not know.
    The course of the season, the German club
    seemed, though weakened, but still very worthy. It was defeated Dynamo
    Moscow, in a game of German club defeated "Sisley". In all games
    Tihachek looked very dignified and a cut above their counterparts. He
    takes the ball high enough passes sharply and quickly, although this
    still feels some strained, as if he makes it a little on the orders, not
    on what feels the courage for such solutions. Smoothly played with the
    first rate equal loading and Bendinni, and Jose. He has a lot to give in
    Pampelyu very quickly played with the Brazilian doigrovschikom Go. Come
    With just perfectly played the pipe. With Diviš played about twice as
    In the games for the national team, many say, its interaction
    with Jiri Popelkou. There Tihachek plays more with a bias in the
    reliability and less variability. Its positive side - the absolute
    unpredictability, it is very well masked their actions, hesitates Paz,
    hoping for the last movement of powerful hands.
    Tihachek physically
    strong enough player. Often, attacks itself, so in the first match
    against Sisley has implemented three attack from 4-way. Like its
    predecessor, the Tihacheka very strong accented delivery. Aggressive
    flow, in many ways, predetermined course of the first meeting
    "Friedrichshafen" with Moscow Dynamo.

    25. Another player born in
    1980 gets in our rating. This Bulgarian relations Andrey Zhekov. I think
    about the last points of our roster would be appropriate to make the
    following observation: these pasuyuschie were either very weak in the
    elements do not reflect their skill pasuyuschego, or their talent is as
    yet inconclusive polished binder or one-sided.
    Setter Bulgarian team -
    a figure quite strange. He played in our league, but many of our ties
    play above his head, in the sense of mastery. Even for the middle of our
    championship, while not yet a star, he was average. In his team, he
    remains one of the weakest points, ie the relative level of other
    players their place among the other players of the same line of
    business, of course, higher. In many respects, it is predictable
    transfer Zhekova were the cause of many unexplained failures of the
    Bulgarian squad for international competitions. But lately he has
    started more or less gain in skill. And the Bulgarian team clearly took
    its place in the top four men's teams.
    First on his skills
    pasuyuschego. Zhekov unrealistically high jumps, so that despite its
    modest growth in 190 cm, he shoots the ball at approximately the same
    height and Pujol. Pass quickly he gets a bit strained. The more it is
    corrupted by such high-class strikers, Nicole, Kaziyski, Jordan. High
    transfer it gives quite stable. However Zhekov amazingly predictable, it
    forwards all the time playing on an organized unit. His actions are
    readable, ie, the characteristic slope of brushes can be easily
    interpreted as a transfer forward, elbows pressed against widely, most
    likely, we promise to transfer back. Despite his high jump, he did not
    always mesh well with balls. Another problem Zhekova: A game with the
    first rate. He often gives slightly off the pace. Sometimes it takes the
    ball seemed to be high, but then still underestimates the transfer,
    thereby disrupting the normal attack. However Zhekov perfect player for
    the designated goals, ie He never lazy to run a large part of the site
    and give the transfer again at any place. So I will forever be
    remembered his top pass back from outside the area on the opposite
    sideline. So the ball flew 10 meters and took a normal attack. This is
    largely due to his strong hands. Andrew is a good pipe, which is not
    surprising from such players as Kaziyski. But loading the second
    doigrovschika, whether or Alexiev Konstantinov much less, why play the
    Bulgarians is more readable.
    Filing a Zhekova most common, but lately
    it became very hot to play on the block. Almost better than anyone else
    in my team. Of course, this is not the fact on the ML-2007 Pujol was
    the second final of the blocking, but here Zhekov third. But part of the
    World League Intercontinental in something more authentic and speaks as
    a player. In some games Zhekov managed to put as much on the 5 blocks
    that, in fact, the result of grand master.

    20. Kevin Hansen - Mighty passer from the U.S., staying long in the
    shadow of the Grand Ball. At ML-2007 for the first time he had the
    chance to show itself in all its glory, and he was not disgraced, citing
    U.S. team to a reasonably good third place. In the match for third
    place of the Americans defeated the Poles and then Hansen looked no
    worse caressed the attention of the public Zagumny volleyball. In the
    latest round of matches of Inter-ML-2008 it is absolutely outplayed
    Zhekova masts in the Bulgarians at home.
    Than the typical game of
    Hansen. He played very well, smoothly and reliably. Does not play very
    quickly, although its growth has at 1,96 m tall decent pickup. Plays
    well with the edges, especially with Gardner and Wayne Rooney. Sometimes
    opponents begin to read his transfer back and then attacking it becomes
    difficult. Knows how to play well with a 1-ymi pace, but from him in
    this case, not much required, because All American central locking have
    excellent jump. Not bad playing pipe, though, the Bulgarian-blocking
    read, and it sometimes. Much worse starts to play downed admission, but
    for the U.S. team is a rarity.
    Almost all Americans have a dangerous
    pitch, in his case it is force. Not a hole in the panel box. Hansen does
    not hesitate to attack itself, but does it not very often. The result
    of this - the level of good quality communications team, without any
    special frills and flaws.

    21. Next volleyball is much less known
    to the general public, if only because that has not yet played for the
    national team of his country, which, however, do not hesitate to use the
    services of naturalized foreigners. And in his club, he does not play
    the first binder. It is about a young Italian ties Davide Saitta, who
    plays for "Sisley" Treviso.
    A lot about him will not work because I
    watched the match with only 4 of his occasional participation. On the
    two games I already said: there were meetings, "Sisley" with
    "Friedrichshafen. In the first match, in my opinion, Suitt has played
    just more reliable than the much-vaunted I Pujol. Pujol was then not in
    the mood. But in the second match when the winner was the Italian club,
    Pierre spent most of his time on the court. These two young tie
    completely different picture game. Suitt adept solid game, it gives
    accurate transmission in the region. David played a little combination.
    Rarely played, even the pipe. He is not after a transfer speed of the
    ball and shoots are not usually very high. It does not spoil the first
    rate, although in the second match he played with Huebner, and with
    Gustavo so plainly and started playing. First rate play or did not like,
    whether it makes very in Russian when this item is made with an
    emphasis not on speed but at the height of the pickup forward. Suitt
    played especially well with Feem, found it, Paz and back and forth, but
    it was Fey with his passes failed finals for 3 rd place against the
    Polish "hidden". Suitt very carefully reaches the poor adopted goals.
    David belongs to a class of mobile with good hands, that it is similar
    to Angel Perez. He is definitely a very well regarded team encourages
    everyone there with a genuine Italian temperament, and even play simple,
    but quite successfully. His play in the main club of Italy looks more
    reasonable than playing him as one Egyptian nugget, which we still
    remember. And I honestly do not understand why the team is involved
    Travitsa, not the hero of the narrative. Travitsa compared to him looks
    like Arshavin against Torres or Ronaldo.
    David, like most Italian
    school tie is not a high-spirited skipjack and has an impressive growth,
    however, he can competently compete on the grid. On the block it is not
    very strong. In the match against Friedrichshafen "managed to lodge
    right through that for him is unusual. Knows how to cheat. All
    volleyball skills at his average level, the weaknesses and strengths as
    virtually none.

    22. Abdalla Ahmed - a young passer (1983) Egypt's
    national team, last season was second in pasuyuschim "Sisley". Now
    playing for the team «Gabeca». The main problem in his assessment stems
    from the fact that he never distinguished himself as part of a strong
    team and has not played in their strength for the team high. For
    "Sisley" he in fact and not played well, it ran the Vermilion River. For
    Gabekoy difficult to follow. Egypt's national team only recently
    declared himself as any significant team. By the way, in the course of
    the World League, they look very nice at first and even led the way in
    his group of outsiders. "
    His play for the national team of Egypt
    recalled the situation Depestelya in his team (and completely opposite
    position Zhekova in the national team of Bulgaria): the same total
    advantage in skill over all the other players. Although, of course,
    Abdullah is still very far from the level of Frank. In addition, it is
    difficult to diversify his game, because the team is one good striker
    and he goes through most of the attacks, I'm talking about Abdel Hire.
    Nevertheless, the Egyptians get a great deal. He has a fantastic
    anthropometric data: height 198 cm, weight 72 kg. In addition, he has a
    very tall jump, shooting the ball at a height of 3.52 meters. The ball
    takes to pass, he is also very high and passes very quickly. In this
    case, it sometimes so keen on a quick game that forgets about his
    physical advantage over other players, and they do not have time to
    begin the transfer. Sometimes he went so far that it pass, rather, not
    even horizontally, from top to bottom! He dared variativen, but plays a
    bit loose. He plays well and pipe, and a zone, but the interaction with
    the first rate until at altitude. So far, only lack of practice does not
    allow it to rise much higher, ahead of the same Zhekova.
    Abdullah was able also to extraneous elements. So he has one of the best
    innings in volleyball. It's unbelievable, but so far he flies deeper
    into the site and so bitingly wraps at the end of the brush that is
    terrible to imagine how fast starts flying corporate shell from Mikasa.
    Incidentally, he became the second successful pitcher in the World Cup
    2007. He knows how to throw off quite sharply. Soon it may become one of
    the best pasuyuschih in the world, overtaking, for example, and

    23. Rough and enlarged copy of the Egyptian relations
    is a young Cuban volleyball player Oriol Camejo. Many, probably a
    surprise to his participation in our ranking. But first, he is still
    ahead, and secondly, pasuyuschego such data simply does not exist
    anywhere in the world. With the growth of 2.07 meters, he shoots the
    ball at a great height. And almost any technique, flying through the
    3-meter line will be such a pasuyuschim considered positive. With such
    high removal (attack - 3,54 meter block - 3,26 m) it is able to pass
    very quickly, than not, however, abused and folds, generally more stable
    than the previous issue of ranking. Effectively than Abdullah, he
    played and first rate. In his performance this comes out very naturally
    and aggressively. The ball is passed literally from hand to hand. Nice
    play with the edges, find their flock, and in front of and behind the
    back. However, sometimes it starts to fail and he devotes too far from
    the grid diagonal. Pipe Cubans in general, are rare. Minor problems
    arise from Camejo when reception is poor, run up, he arrives at,
    however, receive high passes, inaccurate and totally readable.
    It can
    be conditionally regarded as rankings of foreign elements. He
    brilliantly and throws off attacks, it is not surprising: last season he
    played in the attack diagonally. At his height, he blocks well - he was
    third on this indicator in their national team after the central
    locking and Dominique Simon Odelvisa. In the course of Intercontinental
    Round in the World League last season he became the general fifth
    blocking, this season he is still at the 9th position! Besides those
    already listed, he gives thumbs up power supply, aggressively firing
    back line. As a result: a strong middle peasant, has a phenomenal data
    for his age this should be enough to head as well - there is room to

    16. Drawing games at Tischer something like Russian ties Pavel Zaitsev.
    How many matches I watched him in the MSTU! Many people will look
    askance at me for what I dragged into the rating of pets, not really
    appreciating their opportunities. But technically there is no need to
    quibble. It just so happens that Paul is almost the most titled domestic
    passer! That won them the titles, judge for yourself:
    - Russian Champion (2001, 2006)
    - Bronze medalist Russia (2008)
    - Champions League (2008)
    - Cup of Russia (2007)
    - Silver medalist Russia (2002, 2005).
    someone would start to demand justice from me and say that 2001 was the
    principal interface Arkhipov, I agree, but then you have the courage to
    admit that over the years he spent in Moscow "Dynamo" as he once was
    the strongest binder. He fold safer Makarova, he's played more stable
    Ushakov. When he came out instead Makarova game became more thoughtful
    and that its outputs have been crucial time. And who's to blame, what
    with the thick-headed stubborn Sidel'nikov give him playing time, a
    disproportionately smaller than Ball. Although it was obvious that Ball
    needs rest, not bad for a while to change the image game. Again, I
    sincerely believe that you have to burn Sidelnikov, Gayichu, Patrushev
    and others like them in volleyball hell.
    Paul gives in a surprisingly
    soft and just right in hand. He had no athletic style of play, as, for
    example, Arkhipova, Ball, Pujol. The game he comes surprisingly easily.
    He passes an old-fashioned high, takes the ball is relatively low,
    although how you look at it a decent height - 1.93 meters. He did not
    support a fast game and it is not so that would be very bad. At times,
    players have to give the exact transmission, then they themselves will
    deal with the bloc. At times, it's his advantage over the Ball exactly
    in contact with the attacker in the rate was so distinct, that I must be
    absolutely hopeless nerd, so do not let Zaitseva on the site. For
    example, it is better Boll interacts with the first ramp and back-row
    player, and he began to occasionally play a much more confident Ball and
    his team-mate Stanley. But we should not delude ourselves: there is
    again the height of pickup and speed.
    It is time to reveal the card:
    Paul, among other things - the best offensive player among pasuyuschih,
    with its sharp attack with his left hand puzzled many teams of the
    Champions League, when Paul was still playing in the MSTU. And it is not
    surprising, because attack foreign hand relative to the grid, and the
    blocker is already reflexive not expect attacks from pasuyuschego if he
    stands with his right hand to the grid. Especially once they assume,
    rather than left-handed if he ...
    Paul is very long and successful
    playing beach volleyball, so he was so confident and tenacious attacking
    plays defense. And, in my opinion, started this season where he was
    confident his team-mate and my neighbor, Karasev.
    Oh, do not let me
    in any way fantastic dreams of youth of those times when there will be a
    team to play Zaitsev and Arkhipov, and Ushakov, Makarov, Grankin and
    Samsonychev will begrudgingly watch their game from the stands! In the
    role of Tofoli they will help Vadim Hamuttskih. Well, the bench waiting
    in the wings will be, for example, Butko or Lesik ...

    17. Rafael
    Redwitz - a host of high-level Brazilian ties, but by a strange
    coincidence, the little noticed Bernardo Rezende. As the saying goes, "a
    blat - sestla. At least it folds clearly better son of head coach of
    Brazil. This year he was voted MVP Cup in France. He now plays for the
    "Paris Volley", which appeared in the Champions League directly. We were
    shown only French club match with Dynamo Moscow in the Moscow match
    they even beat Dinamo 3:1. Redvitts low nimble player who some time ago,
    squinting under Pujol, when he went to play in Italy. However, it is
    not so high jumps and generally somewhat less strong physically.
    Redvitts prefers a variety of quick game. Excessively often plays first
    rate. With compatriot Hargreaves he gets to play at a decent level. And
    behind him, and the area (with small blots). Time to still have time to
    pass the first ramp is squats, then it must be catching. In general,
    Rafael is quite masterly. Played a very nice entrance to the zone
    doigrovschika. The same element, however, much better than doing Esko.
    Brazilian ties are very good moves on the court.
    A small increase allows him to play well in defense. Submission is not particularly dangerous - a simple entry into the game.

    Manuel Coscione - Italian ties, contemporary Roman Arkhipov. Was
    involved in the Italian national team at Anastasia, but was soon ousted
    from there returned Vermilion and methanol. However, the composition
    showed a very nice game for the qualifying tournament for the Olympic
    Games in Izmir. Another thing they could not then selected for the
    Olympic Games, but this wine is not only Koskione. Together with Tofoli
    folds in "Romeo", before playing for Cuneo. As part of AS Roma this year
    won the CEV Cup, playing in the semifinals Novy "Torch".
    This is a
    short (1,88 m) player, the ball takes off quite low, although sometimes
    it can get net balls. Due to its compactness Koskione easily goes under
    the farthest balls and gives out the transfer. Koskione vivid,
    emotional, sociable player during the game all the cheers. In this
    sense, it can be very useful to the team. Manuel Koskione playing well
    in the protection and safety net. More than once he managed to cling
    even attack first rate. Submits that a cross between a glider and
    tactical serving on the front line. And, for example, the Spanish
    national team players do not always take a pitch, giving directly on the
    side of the Italians. Unfortunately, on the block Koskione - the most
    attractive place for the attackers and in trying to attack quite often.
    matches for the national team, he quickly and seamlessly played pipe
    from the mathematical Chernichem. Not bad interacted with Chizolloy as a
    diagonal. Found him behind his back and front. He played often with
    Zlatanov pipe and in front of and behind their backs. Sometimes held a
    strange combination of pipe behind his back and then attacked Zlatanov
    almost like a diagonal line from the back, because he Koskione already
    shifted towards the center of the grid. Rare, but nevertheless, without
    any problems Manuel passes on the game first rate. In addition, one of
    the central - Mastrangelo, they play together in "Romeo." Very nice to
    dump faster than Paz's four Zlatanov without power. But at the same
    time, he played "the entrance to the zone" Chizolly of the two, although
    he played a diagonal. Frankly, this I have rarely seen.
    The result is: Koskione - Mighty tie, playing steadily in a fairly tempo football.

    Angel Perez - passer team of Puerto Rico and in the last season of
    French club Cannes. Close-knit team of Puerto Rico brought a lot of
    surprises in the World Cup 2007. But there's skill Perez is not fully
    manifested itself, for the first fiddle out there all the time played a
    brilliant diagonal Hector Soto. Doigrovschiki Rivera brothers are a
    little more humility, and really first rate there is waning, and
    therefore variation of it was hard to wait then. "Cannes" looked bad
    even against Dinamo-TTG. In many ways, it was a merit is the 19th number
    of our rating.
    Angel is very happy and briefly played with the first
    fast pace. But sometimes with their compatriots he leaves it somewhat
    casually. A drawing game with something like this Hamuttskih, although
    it is not so variativen (or has options for less?). But clearly passes
    from the distant ball, running is no small distance. Transmission starts
    is not very high, but folds into the edges fairly quickly. For all its
    desire to increase the pace of the game with a fresh mind
    doigrovschikami preserves and passes gives the normal distance from the
    grid. Pass it turns out quite unexpected, and predict its transmission
    can be difficult. Puerto Rico willingly donated to his head, in the
    national team a little mastered the pipe. But he knows how to find the
    diagonal Paz anywhere in the site and it is also helpful. Do not
    remember a pipe, but it was played with Hector Soto, started when a
    specific game with a deliquescent roles a la Zlatanov in "Piacenza" or
    Chizolla the team. Although the club played excellent Angel pipe even
    with mediocre player Trommel. Take place at times in his performance and
    more fun tricks, such as prokidyvanie ball before the first pace to the
    game doigrovschiku. It is clear that this combination should be played
    very quickly. And that's what I still have a strange association came up
    with: Angel is not high jumping player, but he moves well and shape
    more like a basketball or handball player moves over the area, not
    finely mince going under the ball, and it really runs.
    Angel has a
    nasty fed either planned, or simply a well-stuffed under the back line.
    Since Yuri Berezhko acceptance of its filing problems arose.

    12. Pierre Pujol - a young passer against France and Treviso, whose best
    games are probably ahead. I Pujol is a minor technical flaws, otherwise
    he would have finished much higher place. The undisputed leader rating
    on unconnected with his skill as a skill pasuyuschego. So he has a very
    aggressive, dangerous pitch, though he recently began to submit
    accurate. He has one of the best units of all pasuyuschih. Suffice it to
    recall an episode when he blocked a one-handed Gardner, stretching out
    his hand in a horizontal direction. Blocks, mainly due to his incredible
    jump, so the attackers, who decided to beat in the direction of the
    lowest player's turn to block a very unexpected. He has a pretty short
    arms compared to, say, central locking, so he gets a very strong blow on
    the ball (I somehow made it clear that time alone in the article is
    about Pujol), and no coincidence that Pierre Pujol is considered the
    most offensive players among binders (there really only one candidate of
    our reytiga, which attacks more often and more aggressively). The
    network goes when he knocks the ball rolling straight through the hands
    of Gustavo. Pierre Pujol - a sample of athleticism and power of sports,
    think like a man with such a leap can be mass 90 kg with an increase in
    Begins to transfer it to a very great height, folds easily and
    unpredictably, the truth is often not very careful playing with a
    winger. Folds are not always quickly, then he has to continue to grow at
    high jump. Nice playing with the first rate, but it seems to be in the
    blood of Frenchmen. A bit strange playing with a diagonal, such as
    Tinker Bell in "Treviso", placing the ball too far from the grid. In his
    club, surprisingly, he does not play very fast and does not securely
    However, last season he was named the best player in the Italian
    Serie A, it is most valuable, whether the best pasuyuschim not remember
    Generally, the result of the World League in 2006 with his
    participation was a revelation to me. Rather, even a major revelation
    for me then become more confident playing the French in the finals, so
    we are confident with the Brazilians in recent years did not play. But
    by this confidence has disappeared after leaving a diagonal French team
    Ruetta of this great sport. So as to speak confidently about the talent
    of French pasuyuschego difficult.

    13. Mikko Esko - Setter of the
    Finnish national team, clearly manifested itself in the European
    Championship, but did not dobivsheysya there significant results. Nice
    Finnish team looked at the qualifying tournament in Izmir, but there are
    not complied with the only major problem. Now, having decided to do
    without their captain Sammelvuo, they famously fly past the finals of
    the World League, but a group of them got no gift: USA, Bulgaria, Spain
    and Suomi, of course. Esko, in fact, the brightest team player in
    addition to jumping diagonal Oivanena. What he did is remarkable. He has
    decent height and a good jump, and he enjoys them the most prudent
    manner. Playing the new Finnish national team is fast enough, with the
    active involvement of the first rate. Olli Kunnari and Thomas Sammelvuo
    eagerly attacked the pipe. Do not overload especially Esko its diagonal,
    and only connect in the most convenient moments, keeping the players in
    good form. Elements of virtuosity with him: first the pace of the head,
    backache dashing through the entire site.
    Mikko Esko very bad
    attack. He is a good idea takes off. Sometimes likes to make fun of
    rival players, as was the case with our team at the European
    Championship. Esko then threw the ball with two hands in the middle of
    the area. Attacking a little weird, is not it, as do the real attackers
    and Pujol, and for some reason, the bent arm, but the fruit it brings.
    Try to attack through its unit - lesson tozhe6 relatively meaningless, since guy he is tall and bouncy.
    now note: Esko has one of the most difficult planning innings in
    volleyball. It's just unbelievable how unpredictable and inconvenient
    for its trajectory. Approximately 50% of practices such filing does not
    relate to the positive. True, in most cases he submits it along the
    The next few pasuyuschih not much inferior skill Mikko Esko,
    and they are generally difficult to compare with each other, estimating
    the visual impressions, or win the title since they are not yet fully
    able to open for one reason or another. Among them.

    14. Roman
    Arkhipov - our with your fellow countryman, miraculously the little
    noticed coach in conditions of severe shortage of skilled players of
    this particular role. Supraliminal level game, he showed last season,
    playing in a Moscow Iskra. No problem, he replaced the shows good game
    Samsonycheva. At that time, showed the fastest game in Russia, combined
    with an acceptable transmission quality! In the season better than he
    played in Russia, only Lloyd Ball and then only because it was
    surrounded with such skillful attackers. It was a peculiar triumph of
    the Russian school pasuyuschih, in fact, it meant that we in no way
    inferior to Western counterparts and are in step with the times. In a
    great display of his own Roman attack on the team that bought blocking
    opponent. Virtually no gaps in interactions with all the other players.
    was once considered the most athletic player in the Champions League.
    Perhaps it was when the spark was the silver medalist of the prestigious
    club tournament. Therefore, it acts on the site a bit clunky. In this
    season due to lack of practice, he began to look a bit worse than
    before. And not very stuck it to play the role of errand boy for
    Grankina. And expose Arkhipova solely with primitive diagonal Kruglov
    ... And I do not need, b% $ * b, say, Grankin supplanted by Roman in the
    competition, because it requires more passes! No shit like that,
    probably, Bagnoli still pay extra, so he built from Sergei anything
    decent as Mokulesku brought to mind Tihacheka.
    Arkhipov is widely
    recognized as volleyball players with the most powerful in the world
    feed, which also adds to his dividends, as a player.
    As has been
    written on the same site, with an increase in 1.94 meters, he has an
    impressive height of 3.55 meter removal. Indeed, the novel is able to
    attack. But does this not very often, so as not to damage the overall
    picture games. And very sorry that he serve in the "Ray", the "Dinamo",
    catering to the aspirations of ridiculous "Sparks" to rejuvenate ...
    the match of the Champions League Dinamo - Paris Volley Arkhipov played
    much better than Sergei and another position in our rating Rafael
    Redvittsa. Particularly well given him fraudulent tricks with a leap
    forward, how to transfer the direction and with a sharp jump in this
    case Paz ago.
    In the match of the Champions League Dinamo - Paris
    Volley Arkhipov played much better than Sergei and another position in
    our rating Rafael Redvittsa. Particularly well given him fraudulent
    tricks with a leap forward, how to transfer the direction and with a
    sharp jump in this case Paz ago.
    You may recall that Arkhipov was considered at the final 4-Champions League in Belgorod best pasuyuschim.
    In 2001 he became the Russian champion in the legendary Moscow State Technical University.

    Simon Tischer - last passer German club Friedrichshafen, now protects
    the club colors "Iraklis", continues to play for Germany. The main
    achievement of his life so far - winning the Champions League in the
    06/07 "Friedrichshafen. In addition, he had already become the champion
    of Greece with Iraklis, who defeated surprise star of Panathinaikos. In
    the same year the German team quite unexpectedly selected for the
    Olympics and I do not know and guessing: they are very rapidly
    I was at both games, "Friedrichshafen in Moscow on
    Khodynka. And then catches the eye is not a game Shops, namely, game
    middleware German club. Tischer better in the Final Four only to fold De
    Kergre. But the game De Kergre had quite a different picture. German
    passer seemed typical accuracy of their gear from any position,
    including at the designated balls. He has very strong hands, he easily
    threw the entire site to find a diagonal.
    He is a very good make, and
    quality high-level players. But Tischer almost did not play fast with
    the edges, because It was not very necessary Shops, and the Diviš and
    Hupku in those matches went to bed load is much smaller than the
    diagonal. Tischer's a great game with a 1-ymi pace, although he took the
    ball at medium altitude. Bendinni and Jose played very fast and seemed
    merely elusive.
    Tischer also has a very strong pitch, though inferior
    in this component of the previous pasuyuschemu in our ranking. Submits
    his left hand with an unusual spin on the diagonal.

    7. Marco Meoni - seasoned Italian ties, which in the late 90's was a
    major pasuyuschim Italian team, and then for a time gave way to the
    caged squad Vermilion. He won the Champions League in the "Macerata",
    and last season dramatically stepped up, "Piacenza". The game is
    characterized by constant use of methanol pipe, it is this combination
    very often and dvolno quickly, ie thus it is actively introduced into
    the game back a line about such threats must always remember blocking an
    opponent. In the last season of active use of the back line was
    certainly connected with such a unique player as Hristo Zlatanov. Only
    in my memory that a player who regularly plays the pipe behind your head
    ... And from the whole area inside the 3-metrvooy line, so we can
    conclude his brilliant play of intuition, a sense of platforms and
    players. Actively uses the first tempo, not allowing players to breathe
    easy opponent. The ball he shoots at PACE is not very high, sometimes,
    leads to a block, but the transfer are quite convenient and accurate. In
    principle, does not always give in to their attacking tempo, do not
    succumb, as they say in his hand, but carefully weighed before them and
    allows you to look around. With poor reception dramatically simplifies
    the game starts to send a low, inaccurate ...
    Stable supplies the
    glider on the front line. Marco Meon not very fast, but good chooses a
    place of protection. Knows how bad block.

    8. Falasca Miguel Angel
    - permanent passer Spanish team hails from Argentina. The leader of his
    team. Merit in the clubs he's not much, for example, it was the second
    pasuyuschim in Modena, in 2003 when she lost the Champions League final
    "Belogorye. Who knows, maybe if Falaschi out not only to supply the
    Italian club and won "Belogorye, and fate smiled to us.
    He passer
    with virtually no weak spots: the ball enough, not lower than Lloyd's
    Ball, passes quickly enough. Playing quickly, at a good pace with the
    edges. From anywhere in the site can be donated to the diagonal. In
    general, their addition to the Ball Modena combines a lot. Falaschi also
    locked up the game with a diagonal, as his brother Guillermo Falaschi
    hardly anything inferior Clayton Stanley. And Falaschi brilliantly
    renders the transfer from the first rate at the edges, it is not even a
    wave, blocking an opponent is just opening his mouth in amazement.
    Falaschi was voted pasuyuschim World Cup 2007, as such it can be
    considered at the European Championship in 2007, turning into a fiasco
    for us native walls Olympics.
    One of the best blockers among
    pasuyuschih players in their team it is usually the second after Molty.
    And then it's probably even harder Ball will be. Upon successful
    submission, he is second only to his brother in his team. Generally,
    Falaschi is an amazing combination of experience and excellent physical

    9. Paweł Zagumny - passer Polish national team, so clearly
    manifested itself in the 2006 World Cup. There he was relatively
    deservedly recognized as the best pasuyuschim. In addition, the Polish
    team performed badly in the World League 2007, taking it fourth place
    and just barely managed to take away the Poles to the Olympics. It is
    difficult, however, to evaluate the game pasuyuschego, who noted only in
    the team, and it is in the national team he is surrounded by very
    strong players, and the team is strong, above all, his team play. At
    times, however, this 2-meter Polish ties is simply a virtuoso. Zagumny
    very confident playing with the first rate, even from the depths of the
    site. These and many other Poles are like the Brazil team, whose model
    of the game they probably borrowed. Using their data with growth Zagumny
    takes the ball high enough and prefers to play quickly. In the same
    lies and his small drawback, as he tried to speed up the game, and
    sometimes begins to granulate, cautious and acts pretty awkward.
    Zagumny pretty good at blocking a personal, well manifest itself in the
    struggle on the grid, very clever tricks. To my dear reader is not
    confused towards the end I will list, in my opinion, the best on the
    block and on the pitch among pasuyuschih, it will be quite interesting!
    Paul serves hearty mix of gliders and tactical supply that runs on high, but terminating the trajectory.
    Quite often practiced deception under the rear line than baffled, without exception, all the defenders of peace.
    those used tactics Zagumny because doigrovschiki Polish team a much
    higher class than the diagonal. Therefore, it does not focus on the game
    with Vlazhly or returning from oblivion Shemanski, and with brilliant
    Vinyarski and Swiderski.

    About this place ranking is the border,
    beyond which are pasuyuschie not related entirely to an elite group of
    players for different reasons. In one case, a team in which they appear
    not qualified to play at the appropriate level, ie there exists a
    paradoxical situation wherein passer is forced to simplify his game to
    his team knew, or in case of a decent teamwork, the whole team play
    based on the ingenuity of the binder. It's like the players, whose level
    is not comparable with the level of the other players on the team, in
    this case, all transfers have to correct the shortcomings experienced
    doigrovschiki or diagonal high readout. Here I took the promising young
    pasuyuschih and some of our players. In this case I mean that young
    players are still able to make his game more diverse and stable,
    although no doubt as to their highest level should not be.

    Frank Depestel could easily located and higher in our ranking. But the
    Belgian team for him this one-man show. By the way, at the European
    Championship in Moscow, they beat their modest compound such eminent
    team, as team of Bulgaria and Poland. In "Belogorye his talent and could
    not emerge in full force. Or is it Frank did not find approaches to
    youth, whether Krasikov Danilov not able to play fast football, the
    proposed Depestelem. One thing is for sure, in principle, Frank is able
    to create tremendous window of opportunity for our players. He perfectly
    combines the speed and direction of a surprise. Frank this season a
    great game with the first rate, although it may be a novelty to play at
    such a height. With a leap Krasikova or Daniel, he confidently and
    quickly played the pipe. Potentially even more talented Depestel
    Ricardo, as is more sighted.
    Of course, sometimes he does not play
    into their doigrovschikam pace, and he takes the ball at mid-height, but
    the former is correctable, and the second uncritically. He still lacks
    the authority and leadership qualities, but when Fortune smiles on the
    team, he still plays with great skill.
    Individual deserves the praise
    of his famous pitch, though, in fact, several of them: a shortened
    tactical and power knocked out. He brilliantly varied flow direction.
    Perhaps, in the kind of puzzle it is taking share, it is even more
    dangerous Kosarev with its alternation of shortened and power.

    Marcelo Elgarten - forced to perform are not grateful and not very
    pleasant for the role because he must always bear comparison with
    Ricardo Garcia. Despite the unremarkable exterior of his style, he is
    not too bad to perform its duties, at least, to win the World Cup they
    have already, tattered our team with a score of 3:0. When it became a
    team looking much weaker, because has lost its trump card - the speed
    and brilliant improvisational play, but the safety margin, the
    accumulated players of this composition allows the team to stay afloat.
    well enough runs under the ball without thinking runs through the
    entire site. The ball takes a not very high because small enough growth
    to pasuyuschego 183 centimeters. Marcelino rarely plays a pipe, but it
    often plays with a first rate, easy to play first rate per head. Trying
    to play fast, but as quickly as Ricardo could not play physically. In
    order to pass the ball to the other side of the site he has to pick up
    the ball so high, that are attached to the attacker is already blocking.
    Folds in general with no apparent flaws and accurately. This is the
    passer, which stood for a long time inner circle team and could be a
    substitute for such a talented player like Ricardo. And from it is not
    even required to copy the style of his predecessor, because, by and
    large, the account is not impossible, it was required not to break the
    relationship within the team and continue to play a skeleton team, he
    chose the safest path - a clear, but a faceless game in Europe style. By
    the way, in Panathinaikos, he does not shine and he lost a duel yet
    pasuyuschih Championship Greece has one candidate getting into our
    Marcelino does everything well: good ball enters the game a
    little stronger than Ricardo, but without the glider. In any other
    elements, in general, not good ...

    2. Ricardo Garcia - his presence in the top five pasuyuschih unlikely
    that anyone will doubt. For his achievements in the national team - he's
    the best passer of the past four years. Brazil squad has won everything
    you can, starting with the 2002 World Cup, and almost without major
    injuries. But the trouble is that club achieve Ricardo incomparably more
    modestly of his contribution to the team. A team of Brazil such a thing
    ... They can win any compound, for the main thing - it's the team and
    team spirit. And I have a suspicion that the game Ricardo too specific
    to any European club teams. The fact is (and it's not a secret) that
    Ricardo adept high-speed game, and today it is undoubtedly the fastest
    passer in the world, ie at an optimal speed / quality. And not everyone
    is ready to play as fast as the proposes pasyuschy. It should be noted
    that the game Ricardo - a very emotional and improvisational, it is
    extremely fast selects the necessary decision, a decision that often
    puts the block into a dead end. Ricardo game - a direct result of
    playing the whole team, their spirit to fight, their understanding of
    the carnival games. He calmly folds first rate because of a three-meter
    line, he played brilliantly with the zone as it is completely organic in
    the course of a drawing change passes the first rate of transmission
    from forward to reverse gears! It is great playing with his pipe
    doigrovschikami. Ricardo virtually knows no doubt, playing with
    nedovedennogo reception, probably all remember this wild moment when,
    after a desperate rescue the ball in the protection of Ricardo somewhere
    with a seventh-meter platform gave speedy transfer back Andre, who
    scored through a block. Such a situation is perfectly characterizes the
    style of Ricardo and the style of Brazilian national team as a whole.
    He gives thumbs up glider, feed him rather unpleasant, although superficially simple.
    to assess the real level of the wizard, because it is surrounded by so
    many talented strikers. I sometimes confuse it nedovedennye transfer, so
    that doigrovschikam have much to go deep into the ground, it is
    sometimes dangerous, because we all remember the game of Brazil against
    the Bulgarians, which are just running around with their hands along the
    net, do not even have time to really jump, and still They fished block
    of South Americans.

    3. Valerio Vermiglio - version averaged
    pasuyuschego, pasuyuschego almost without flaws. It optimally combines
    the speed and accuracy. Rarely at risk. One of its interesting qualities
    podmechennyh Italian amateur volleyball - it's impossible for the
    movement of hands and body position to guess where to go transmission.
    And he either specially or unconsciously, makes several different
    directions hits and absolutely confusing blocking. Remarkably
    symmetrical leads the game, ie equally easy to giving passes back and
    forth. Transfer gives a little late, when it starts to fall, so she gets
    quite difficult to block, but sometimes it does not give a bit of pace
    to their attackers. First rate, he gives too high send and piled high
    with a little left, sometimes it is difficult to get them even
    outstretched hand.
    On the other hand, for our high players it would be simple expanse of ...
    Vermilion very quick feet, he quickly comes under the ball and has time
    to inspect the battlefield before issuing a pass. Able to combine
    different players prostrelnye rapid transmission and high parabola to
    the diagonal.
    Entire career Vermilion - confirmation of his high
    level. Very much he sought with the national team and even more with the
    native "Treviso". But clicking the "Macerata", managed to bring them
    victory in the Cup, that a huge compliment in his favor.
    From the
    technical features: it is interesting dovorachivat body when given the
    transfer, I think, to mislead the block, in addition, it gives a very
    good transfer with some brushes, that allows you to postpone the moment
    of transfer, or contrary to fold completely straight arms. However,
    other non-volleyball skills he has not up to par. He gives a modest
    glider and does not differ particularly strong unit.

    4. Lloyd
    Ball - from pasuyuschih world level has the most impressive physique.
    Amazing pickup height at PACE allows him to handle almost any balls
    coming from the host, including high on the grid. Is, through their
    experience, something of a player-coach. Folds are very stable, although
    sometimes is somewhat razboltannost, ie may be wrong by half a meter in
    both directions, with nothing to help him excellent winger,
    traditionally played with him in the team. Ball - the original version
    pasuyuschego stabilizing the game. It provides version of the game when
    downed admission because from almost any situation can give her the
    permanent diagonal pass. As some have already noted, it begins to pass,
    when the ball is directly above him and his hands never shows in
    advance, which will transfer. Setter American team on top has hidden
    reserves to speed up the game, because straight arms he can give all the
    horizontal transmission going at an acceptable height. By his own
    admission pass for the present he had learned in Japan, where he had to
    bring a weak Japanese striker transfer literally on a silver platter, so
    they were not mistaken. And now in the TSH, he enjoyed playing with
    such strong players, who do everything themselves.
    Sometimes Ball
    offend some inaccuracy in the game with a 1-ymi pace. But the most weak
    in his place - playing the pipe. With our forwards had this element is
    clearly limping, but it's like that spot in the sun for the talent of
    this magnitude.
    Among other things - he's one of the leaders of our
    ranking among pasuyuschih on other skills. He has a pronounced power
    supply from twisting.
    He is remarkably good at blocking and
    protective actions. Deserve a separate chapter and his leadership
    qualities, ability to lead any team, but that some other time.

    Vadim Hamuttskih - the best passer Russian, whom many say is
    meaningless, because of him and so we all know. In addition to
    leadership skills and the ability to go to the site and reduce the
    backlog of the enemy, he has some technical features that are different
    from most of their foreign counterparts. Its transfer does not differ in
    rate compared with neighbors in the ranking, but in Russia it is one of
    the fastest (if you take high-level players, of course) faster than
    him, perhaps, only Roman Arkhipov. And he often gives up standing, or
    not without a particularly high jump, so at the same time he has to give
    a pass at a high arc, which of course is not always good.
    he has a such a quality that is fully redeems above archaic - a
    phenomenal vision for the site, non-standard thinking, improvisational
    nature of the game, and the ability to quickly make the only right
    decision. About his startling vision of the site no longer speak a
    little, probably he best knows how to bring a player without a block or a
    single unit. Semen Poltava directly blossoms when he plays with his
    gear. Vadim ideally distributes the load between the wing, attack first
    rate and the players from the back line. He seemed to have the third eye
    on the side or back of the head, he had a flair for blocking, sometimes
    it is specially so underestimates the point to send the ball that
    simply locking themselves scatter in all directions (if anyone remembers
    something like prodelylval and the great Brazilian setter Mauricio
    Lima, ). Vadim's richest technical arsenal: he plays the pipe very
    organically, superbly played by the zone, the first rate with
    podshagivaniem (Morita), very fast and in the hand is first rate for the
    head. He remembers how to play the cross very nicely pulls the blocking
    There he and some of the shortcomings, he sometimes flirts one player to give him gain confidence.
    addition, the best quality Vadim occur only with a good reception on
    his balls nedovedennyh game losing Raman loses prudence, totality. In
    the sense that it drastically reduces the number of them to calculate
    capacity. It becomes predictable, that with its high gears disastrous
    for the attackers ...
    In any case, the distribution of seats within the leading group of players suspended, depending on the preference of the author
    Nikola Grbic - one of the most exciting volleyball centenarians in the
    world. Of the last of his achievements we must mention the selection of
    Serbia at the Olympics and win, "Trento" in the Italian championship.
    Serbian passer - the player the highest level, belongs to a group of
    elite pasuyuschih. Proves his class in the presentations for the
    national team and for the club, which stands for. Their professionalism,
    as a player, recalled Boll. Significantly progressed over time, so in
    recent years started to play pretty quickly. However, the rapid
    transmission even though he had obtained a good idea, but are somewhat
    strained. At the reception is poor and does not try to play fast, and
    gives higher transmission.
    Nikola Grbic - the player is very
    strong-willed and interacts well with the team. One may recall the case
    with the same selection on the Olympics, when he was based in fact only
    the first rate, very carefully included in the game Miljkovic, and then
    pulled up and doigrovschikov.
    A strange feature - Grbic somehow
    displaying diagonal ball often relegated him to a 3-meter line,
    apparently, again to speed up the game. By the way, it would be very
    pleased Nikolai Pavlov!
    His head is slightly worse than forward.
    first rate - not his strong suit (whether these passes are easy to read
    blocking an opponent, whether he's playing slightly off the pace in
    their players), it is ideal for distributing winger. This, of course,
    only relative to other pasuyuschih from the top ranking.
    In addition to all the above is very tolerable blocks and is not afraid to play the balls go over.

    This is my post translated from russian to english I dont speak english well enough and text is very long so I used Google Translator Hope you will like it because is interesting :drink:

    Before the main start of four years there is a natural desire to bring a
    total of times past. There comes a time to talk about witness what we
    did have and somehow compile it, lead to a common denominator, and since
    these positions to look at the birth of new stars at the Olympics, the
    emergence of new leaders, or the overthrow of the seemingly immutable
    volleyball authority. In the following topics:
    We discussed the balance of power among the Russian doigrovschikov.
    In this topic, we summed up the year:
    we did nothing and did not mention the most important people on the
    volleyball court. And it's not the boys who wipe the floor after a fall.
    I propose to talk about a kind of generalized ranking pasuyuschih for
    the past 4 years. Be objective, for each of the rating if it exists, it
    looks differently, but some similarities to different ratings will slip,
    and this can be considered true in some approximation.

    Those who
    are not going to read written below, I will ask just to name a top
    five, in their opinion, pasuyuschih over the past 4 years. Possibly with
    brief explanations. Or, as I suggested below, exposing the assessment
    on a 10-point scale for each element of the game.

    Before we
    proceed to rankings, I wanted to say this about anything. Pasuyuschego
    game, as I once wrote you can, like any other game player, valued at
    three indicators: the achievements of his team, according to statistics
    of its games and using visual assessment of how he performs the required

    But often a good passer played in a team with
    absolutely zero-hitters, this is the case, for example, in the national
    team of Belgium. In contrast, powerful hitters show good results and
    with the primitive pasuyuschim, as is the case with the national team of
    On the other hand, the game statistics pasuyuschego thing
    is not very reliable and can be treated differently. Someone looks at
    the number of errors, someone on the number of cast gears, but it is
    very poorly reflects the actual skill of him as a player. Perhaps the
    number is donated would be a good indicator, but there must be taken not
    to exclude balls with big passes to set off with bad reception. Somehow
    take into account his teamwork with players, ease of transmission for
    each player. Does he have a chance to take attacker without power or
    driven it to the sideline. All this makes the current statistical
    estimates are extremely unreliable and controversial.
    In this regard,
    the most complete assessment pasuyuschego will be an assessment by
    visual observation of his game. Denote the most faithful and the optimal
    algorithm that assessment.

    Approximately 60% of game quality
    pasuyuschego just with his ability to make the transfer, which, in
    general, it is logical. But this skill, one of the toughest in
    volleyball, is complex and requires an assessment on several factors:
    The stability / fidelity. One of the most important indicators.
    However, not having them in the proper degree, the players can be stars
    of first magnitude. For example, Lloyd Ball often suffers allotted
    transfers, or on the contrary induced on the grid. And Pavel Zaitsev
    folds much more precisely the American volleyball players. Another thing
    is that the negative effect of such transfers is fully compensated by
    his experience, speed transmissions, high removal. That's why probably
    most appreciate Boll higher than Zaitsev. In the same paragraph, we can
    talk about teamwork with his colleagues on the team, and so important as
    how to play the tempo, the ability to give a hand in the transfer of
    striker first rate. This implies a sense of the tempo of another player,
    an understanding of what he expects.
    2) The height of pickup ball
    with PACE - can give a very fast transmission without loss of speed and
    stability. The presence of this quality at pasuyuschego - a definite
    plus, but his absence is not a particular disadvantage, although now
    many young pasuyuschie are sometimes up to 2 meters: Ivan Zaitsev,
    Shulgin, Camejo.
    3) Speed pass - a competing measure to the
    stability, because stable transmission is much easier to give a high
    parabola than prostrelnoy trajectory. And that, in general, determines
    the existence of two basic paradigms volleyball strategy: our speed and
    Brazil. Again, neither one nor the other extreme cases are not bad, good
    that the type of game that brings a winning team, he was elected,
    that's all.
    4) Vision site / variability of transmission - the
    ability to reflect pasuyuschego keep your player without a block or a
    torn box. And, it should be noted that dignity is not entirely related
    to the rate of transmission, because Some of our young talent issue
    their prostrelnye understated transfer directly to the double block of
    the enemy. But this skill is undoubtedly correlated with Raman and
    improvisation games the team as a whole.
    5) Ability to play the
    downed hiring and exit velocity for the ball - can be very helpful when
    the enemy desperately at risk for filing and receiving the ball barely
    cling to the reception, or just knock it up. Then all the confidence to
    solve the issue pasuyuschim transmission over the entire area to its
    6) Experience / authority / leadership quality player - he
    can give their best in games with strong opponents. Ie to take the game
    thread in their hands and not lose his head in difficult situations,
    when the opponent begins to prevail. The best quality of the player
    beginning to emerge in the most crucial matches of the season, that's
    when he hits all his virtuosity, coolness, improvisational component of
    the game ...

    The remaining 40%, relatively speaking, assess skills not related to his role. It is easy to guess that we are talking about:
    7) feed
    8) block
    9) protection at a time when the passer is on the back of the line
    10) own offensive actions.

    under each item to give to 10% quality. It is rather conventional, it
    is about pasuyuschem as simply a neutral field players. Due to the fact
    that it is very difficult to make an accurate assessment of each player
    on a ten scale, I'm in my ranking will evaluate only the strengths and
    weaknesses pasuyuschih without conducting an assessment of their fine is
    not too pronounced skills (but are on very good level)


    1. My personal sympathies on the side of the player,
    which I pretty not only for its human qualities, but that just struck me
    as a volleyball player when I thought I'd be surprised is there is
    nothing. His victory - a first victory in his club. Only once the French
    team when it won third place at World Championship 2002. It is a Luke
    de Kergre or more formally - THIEBAUT DE KERGRET, Loïc. He is a true
    leader in any team, which plays. He pulls his team is literally a force
    to victory. Suffice it to recall the Champions League final game 06-07,
    when he certainly deserved MVP. But too much effort gave the command to
    fight an incredibly powerful part of the Moscow Dynamo. So I still can
    not understand how there was that victory, as it has been possible in
    principle, a purely mathematical basis of probability theory. How they
    won in the 2004-2005 season with 1 / 8 finals of the first brilliant
    "Piacenza" with Grbic to PACE, a jumpy Marshall, the young Anderson,
    Hristo Zlatanov, Bovolentoy and Bott on the blocks and libero Sergio?
    Then drove the Russians from Paris-Volley, and ripped into the final
    Greek giants of Thessaloniki ... Game De Kergre distinguished primarily
    by speed, although it is not supernatural, but as part of European
    tradition. He is not trying to take too high. Playing is almost always
    in the tempo and the players are almost never underestimates. Accurately
    enough, although sometimes devotes far from the grid, but only for
    those who are not critical, such as Nikolova. One of the most brilliant
    of his features - the ability to give a decent transfer with any
    admission. Although curled over the net, though creeping along the
    ground. Especially characteristic of his understated style to give
    reference to a completely unpredictable direction when literally no way
    out for the free transfer of the unit. One of the manifestations of its
    phenomenal integration into the team game - a great game in defense,
    probably the best among all other pasuyuschih. He brilliantly hedging
    his unit. Has good coordination and therefore sometimes lack the balls
    on the run, catching them with one hand, it was in the final Champions
    League 04.05. He has middling hard block. I remember how he blocked
    three Zlatanov match with Piacenza. He has a sharp, tactical delivery,
    sometimes he shortens suddenly. Rarely goes after the match without the
    two goals scored in their own attack. Also incredibly together and
    quickly played with the first rate at any reception.