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    So, one more major tournament ends with another drama. Time is running out but our team still couldn't show consistency, the same shit every time. We have to accept this team is very limited most parts of the game. It is unbelievable that Barbolini has expectations from Seda, Guldeniz etc. To get success, we need new generation. It is clear. However, sadly, no way for this with Barbolini.

    Oh yes, it will. It is a bit strange that in Men's WCH in top 12 were 6 teams from Europe and in Women's 7 teams, but at OG there are often 6 men's teams and only 4 from Europe. Of course all situation is thanks to Japan :) :) :) :rose:
    But I hardly believe, that Russian girls can get ticket to OG from World Cup. European Qualification Tournament will be very interesting - even highest ranked teams can loose their chance for OG there.

    Let's hope that tournament will take place in Ankara one more time. :)

    Save your all words to the end of wch. No need to spread such gossips just before the tournament starts. Hope all players can manage to focus on the games at best. Kubra will be key player in this championship. She has potential to cover the black hole in the middle. If she keeps emerging with support of Bahar, then we will get considerable chances against every team. Btw, I expect big upset from both teams, Italy and Russia in this tournament. I strongly doubt that turning behind will bring success. Hope the best for the tournament.

    I see a long chain of problems with changing rules every year. How come they know it will not work next year? What if Bulgaria wins the 2nd division - the team is strong enough to beat any top team as it did the last two years. What if other team gain momentum? That's the lesser problem -the lack of stability is the bigger one. No other sport makes such rule changes every year, because their management is not retarded. Why not FIVB become even more creative and start changing rules DURING competitions? How about that. I am thankful these persons are not ruling a country, just a federation in sports.

    Well, I generally agree but this change is ok. There is a level difference. It doesn't matter which team from 2nd div are. Final round would be way competitive with USA or other teams from 1st div. As I said, other things are different and agree with you.

    This GP has become great preparation for each team in the finals before Wch. Tr team especially need to stop playing in 5 and be more stable in the game. In terms of refereeing, Implementation of the Challenge system and the general performance of the referees don't fit to quality of the tournament. Hope it gets better in the next ones. Now, looking forward to seeing final game.

    Btw, is there statistical data in the FIVB page? I couldn't find anything.

    The game was in a high level, definitely higher than I expect. Congrats to both teams. So, Vakıfbank has got all the cups they participated this season which means I am beginning to get antipathy. :) I need to say some words about Costagrande. Her attack performance is not even half of Glinka's but her defense is simply impressive which makes the things easier for the team. Vakıfbank with great contribution of Costagrande has become a better defensive team than ever.

    Pool A - Halle

    06-09 Germany - Spain 3-0
    06-09 Netherlands - Turkey 1-3
    07-09 Germany - Netherlands 3-2
    07-09 Spain - Turkey 0-3
    08-09 Spain - Netherlands 0-3
    08-09 Turkey - Germany 2-3

    Pool B - Zurich

    06-09 Italy - Switzerland 3-0
    06-09 France - Belgium 1-3
    07-09 Italy - France 3-0
    07-09 Switzerland - Belgium 1-3
    08-09 France - Switzerland 3-1
    08-09 Belgium - Italy 1-3

    Pool C - Dresden

    06-09 Azerbaijan - Croatia 1-3
    06-09 Belarus - Russia 1-3
    07-09 Azerbaijan - Belarus 3-0
    07-09 Croatia - Russia 1-3
    08-09 Belarus - Croatia 1-3
    08-09 Russia - Azerbaijan 3-1

    Pool D - Schwerin

    06-09 Serbia - Bulgaria 3-2
    06-09 Czech Republic - Poland 1-3
    07-09 Serbia - Czech Republic 3-1
    07-09 Bulgaria - Poland 3-2
    08-09 Czech Republic - Bulgaria 2-3
    08-09 Poland - Serbia 1-3

    This wasn't the first time to join but the first time being at top in an inside-v prediction game for me. It was fun to play although i couldn't follow the tournament.

    Thanks for all your effort, kondzio and congrats to other lucky names at top :)

    Final Round Robin Predictions

    28-08 Serbia - China 1-3
    28-08 Brazil - United States 3-2
    28-08 Japan - Italy 3-1

    29-08 United States - Serbia 3-1
    29-08 Italy - China 1-3
    29-08 Japan - Brazil 1-3

    30-08 China - United States 2-3
    30-08 Brazil - Italy 3-1
    30-08 Serbia - Japan 2-3

    31-08 Italy - United States 0-3
    31-08 Brazil - Serbia 3-1
    31-08 Japan - China 2-3

    01-09 Serbia - Italy 3-2
    01-09 China - Brazil 2-3
    01-09 United States - Japan 3-1

    Thank you girls, you managed to screw my weekend up. Two heartbreaking downs in one game; first was undefined beginning to the game, second was after getting the chance to play tie-break again letting the opponent play. I followed Bul-Usa game more than that of It-Tr. Only thing i wanna say is big congrats to the Bulgarian team. They could make it to the finals even though the schedule was very hard.

    Now waiting for EC but not much hopefully...

    Edit: I must add Italian players Fiorin, Chirichella, Diouf, Bosetti (as always) were great. Maybe young but promising players...

    If i am not wrong, won-lost matches ratio comes first in the ranking in WGP. So, if Tr. beats It. even in 5, the qualified team should be Tr.

    Anyway, it is not that important, we are all thankful to Dom.R. Even Dominican guy seems to me very sweet today. I haven't watched any game this week so far because of busy working days. Luckily, i will have time to follow WGP Sunday games and a possible meaningless It-Tr game would be a big unfortunate for me. Now, thanks to great results of Dom. R. we can watch a real game tomorrow.

    3rd Week Predictions

    Pool K - Almaty
    61 16-Aug Cuba - Brazil 0-3
    62 16-Aug Kazakhstan - Netherlands 1-3
    63 17-Aug Brazil - Netherlands 3-0
    64 17-Aug Kazakhstan - Cuba 3-1
    65 18-Aug Cuba - Netherlands 0-3
    66 18-Aug Kazakhstan - Brazil 0-3

    Pool L - Bangkok
    67 16-Aug Thailand - Puerto Rico 3-0
    68 16-Aug Germany - Russia 2-3
    69 17-Aug Russia - Puerto Rico 3-0
    70 17-Aug Thailand - Germany 2-3
    71 18-Aug Puerto Rico - Germany 0-3
    72 18-Aug Russia - Thailand 3-1

    Pool M - Sendai
    73 16-Aug United States - Czech Republic 3-0
    74 16-Aug Japan - Bulgaria 3-0
    75 17-Aug Japan - United States 1-3
    76 17-Aug Czech Republic - Bulgaria 2-3
    77 18-Aug Japan - Czech Republic 3-0
    78 18-Aug United States - Bulgaria 3-0

    Pool N - Wuhan
    79 16-Aug Serbia - Poland 3-0
    80 16-Aug China - Argentina 3-0
    81 17-Aug Argentina - Serbia 1-3
    82 17-Aug China - Poland 3-0
    83 18-Aug Poland - Argentina 3-2
    84 18-Aug China - Serbia 3-1

    Pool O - Kaohsiung

    85 16-Aug Italy - Algeria 3-0
    86 16-Aug Turkey - Dominican Republic 3-1
    87 17-Aug Algeria - Turkey 0-3
    88 17-Aug Italy - Dominican Republic 3-2
    89 18-Aug Italy - Turkey 0-3
    90 18-Aug Dominican Republic - Algeria 3-0

    Correction! China did not play bad on reception, Turkey forced them to make mistakes via their strong serve :roll: Didn't you see how strong was Neslihan's serves :what: I really hate when people underestimate a team performance and just say you didn't succeed, just opponent played bad :down:

    Neslihan finally reached her actual performance :obey: Turkey showed a decent game, bench players also made good contribution. however it is not possible to beat such strong teams without middle attacks. They always manage to make double points against spiker since MBs rarely makes successful attacks :wall:

    Hahah, It is because of thinking in a one direction way.

    And Yes, Zhu's spikes were more than the best. Of course, Turkish blocks made her inhumanity spikes even better but still she has potential to carry China among top 2-3 in near future.