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    Ups and downs for both teams at times decreased a bit the level of the game but still it was a game to watch. I have to say some words about Naz. She is the best one among Turkish setters but if she wants to be one of the top setters in the world she will definitely need to add more dynamism to her style. She gave SOS today. About Neslihan, she reminded us of her old days against China with very strong - effective serves and getting every points in a separate esthetic way. This one point will give big advantage to get into the finals and in general i am glad from the team performance overall. Congrats to both teams for this volley festival.

    Btw, i have made perfect prediction for Pool I thanks to big luck this time, 12 points in 6 games. :drink:

    Any opinions about the team of Bulgaria? Can they get to the finals?

    There are 3 very tough games in front of Bulgaria against Brazil, Usa and Japan. You have to get at least 6 points from these games with counting 6 points against Czech and Dominic R. if you get a chance for Bulgaria. So, i would say no chance.

    Today while i was watching Cze-Tur game i was about to cry after seeing general block performance of the team even though many of them weren't made by blockers. Thank you Russia one more time for the yesterday's result. Now, everything is in our hands to get the ticket for finals. Beat Italy, get the ticket.

    2nd Week Predictions

    Pool F - Belgrad
    31 09-08 Serbia - Netherlands 3-1
    32 09-08 Algeria - United States 0-3
    33 10-08 Algeria - Serbia 0-3
    34 10-08 United States - Netherlands 3-0
    35 11-08 Netherlands - Algeria 3-0
    36 11-08 Serbia - United States 2-3

    Pool G - Mayaguez
    37 09-08 Dominican Republic - Brazil 0-3
    38 10-08 Puerto Rico - Bulgaria 1-3
    39 10-08 Brazil - Bulgaria 3-0
    40 11-08 Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico 3-2
    41 11-08 Bulgaria - Dominican Republic 2-3
    42 11-08 Puerto Rico - Brazil 0-3

    Pool H - Płock
    43 09-08 Germany - Japan 1-3
    44 09-08 Poland - Kazakhstan 3-0
    45 10-08 Japan - Kazakhstan 3-0
    46 10-08 Poland - Germany 3-2
    47 11-08 Kazakhstan - Germany 0-3
    48 11-08 Poland - Japan 1-3

    Pool I - Hong Kong
    49 09-08 Turkey - Argentina 3-1
    50 09-08 China - Czech Republic 3-0
    51 10-08 Turkey - Czech Republic 3-0
    52 10-08 China - Argentina 3-0
    53 11-08 Argentina - Czech Republic 1-3
    54 11-08 China - Turkey 3-2

    Pool J - Yekaterinburg
    55 09-08 Italy - Russia 3-2
    56 09-08 Cuba - Thailand 0-3
    57 10-08 Thailand - Russia 2-3
    58 10-08 Cuba - Italy 0-3
    59 11-08 Russia - Cuba 3-0
    60 11-08 Italy - Thailand 3-1


    After playing some other prediction games, i can make a suggestion for the wgp prediction games before its beginning. You know, whenever tournaments come near to its end, the rankings look always so stable and seem close to the changes which could give much more excitement. So, my advice is when you predict the wrong team you should get -1 point. What do you think?

    Day 1
    Pool A - Campinas
    1 02-08 Russia - United States 1-3
    2 03-08 Brazil - Poland 3-1
    3 03-08 Brazil - Russia 3-2
    4 03-08 United States - Poland 3-1
    5 04-08 Brazil - United States 3-1
    6 04-08 Russia - Poland 3-2

    Pool B - Santo Domingo
    7 02-08 Puerto Rico - Czech Republic 2-3
    8 03-08 Dominican Republic - Serbia 1-3
    9 03-08 Serbia - Czech Republic 3-1
    10 03-08 Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico 3-2
    11 04-08 Serbia - Puerto Rico 3-0
    12 04-08 Dominican Republic - Czech Republic 3-1

    Pool C - Ankara
    13 02-08 Turkey - Algeria 3-0
    14 02-08 Thailand - Japan 2-3
    15 03-08 Algeria - Japan 0-3
    16 03-08 Turkey - Thailand 3-1
    17 04-08 Thailand - Algeria 3-0
    18 04-08 Turkey - Japan 3-1

    Pool D - Makau
    19 02-08 Cuba - Netherlands 2-3
    20 02-08 China - Bulgaria 3-0
    21 03-08 Bulgaria - Netherlands 3-1
    22 03-08 China - Cuba 3-0
    23 04-08 Bulgaria - Cuba 3-1
    24 04-08 China - Netherlands 3-0

    Pool E - Montichiari
    25 02-08 Germany - Kazakhstan 3-0
    26 02-08 Italy - Argentina 3-0
    27 03-08 Germany - Argentina 3-1
    28 03-08 Italy - Kazakhstan 3-0
    29 04-08 Argentina - Kazakhstan 3-0
    30 04-08 Italy - Germany 3-1

    Turkey should invest heavily in training turkish coaches. Almost all successful nations have their own coaches: Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA and so forth (I don't know who was the coach of Cuba in the 90's). This is very important. More important than we could imagine and you have money to do it. When you have a foreign coach, you depend on him. If he leaves, it's hard to manage it. When you have a strong volleyball school in your own country, you almost always can handle it and you can be strong for a long time. :win:

    Definitely right. :thumbup: To be honest, italian coach domination in the Turkish teams concerns me a lot. Need to find an effective way to train domestic coaches :!:

    It totally was :wall: Only logical substitution over Motta would be Guidetti :whistle: Except him, there was no need to replace Motta since he had already proved with many successful tournament. He is indeed the one who contribute most to our golden generation (1994-1995)

    Good point. :thumbup:

    I think new federation members made a quick decision about bringing Barbolini while there is a better option like Guidetti. If they could wait till the end of Euro Championship, then there would be really good chance to bring him here as a Turkish NT coach.

    Who else would you prefer instead of Micelli? It is very rare to find a good coach nowadays :roll:

    Nalan as a coach would complete the chemistry of team. :cheesy: Don't remember her name but there is a woman coach had worked for Zurich and (if she is still there) has been currently working for Moscow could be an option. Actually i am not interested in searching other options. So, no idea generally about who will be coach of Ecz but please don't come with asking "is there any alternative for Micelli" question.

    You are talking like Micelli was the only problem previous season in team :whistle: Ozge came to team with lots of expectations but played terrible season,Sokolova slept over the money and team's age average was too much high which bring many problems to team.Now they have fixed many problems and they transfered really good players.Micelli is two times CL winner so i believe he is capable to win CL with this roster,but of course contribution of OHs will decide everything like previous season :aww:

    Micelli is the main factor. Ecz had great rosters during years but main goal was never achieved, not even qualify to f4 because of Vakif. I can understand if you lose one time against your opponent. Then second time you lose there might appear some question marks about his coaching, but three times in a row you lose against the same opponent means that he used all the credits for me and it was time for new faces. His bright past with italian teams played big role why he was selected for coaching of Ecz. However, the matter is what he has done for Ecz untill now. I think there might be problems about the connection between him and the team. Apparently something is not going well in the team and i am already bored to expect success from this team leading by Micelli. I also don't see any difference between the transfers in this year and the ones in the past.

    Pool E is sooo tough :wacko: Seems like CEV wants to kick out an Italian team after the 1st phase :wall:

    I think you should be happy if only one italian team gets eliminated from the first round.

    My expectations from Eczacıbaşı has decreased very much this season because of the decision continuing with Micelli. I don't see any logical reason to keep him still in the team after unsuccesfull consecutive years. They trying to create a trend and to make stability for reaching success with hiding behind patience role? No, hope for what? Another dissapointing season coming for Eczacı!

    Rabita performed very well during the season and got all the games they played this year in CL till the final game. BUT somehow i have never gotten rid of thinking they got swept to Sollys two times at WCC before CL started. In addition to that, they had never played against any Turkish team this year, again till the final in CL. So, i have some indescribable feelings about Rabita. Surely they are one of the best teams in Europe but i am also very glad that a team got swept against Sollys didn't get the most prestigious cup in Europe. Very well deserved victory for VakifBank. Now people can understand the situation of Eczacıbaşı more precisely before talking about other things. VakifBank is such a team that lock the other teams out in all elements and make them less valuable in appearance. I hope that the players and coach will stay in the club next year/s except the situation of Glinka.

    For MVP award i got four candidates; Naz, Furst, Gozde and Brakocevic. Feel sorry for Furst and Gozde who didn't get individual awards. In opposite of that, i am very glad Sano get the award, totally deserved award. She has rocked during the tournament unlike her teammates did.

    that ball was in what kinda system is this lol whatever everybody bitched about referees in Cev cup final seems nobody talks about them now :whistle: Poor reception and Leo's absence killed Gs

    The ball was in, some part of the ball was on the line. If the case was implemented like this Gs would lead the first part of tie-break with 8-5. Interesting thing, there was really strange atmosphere. People were simply shocked and gave all expressions they had because of GS's poor performance during the game and i think all of fans were psychologically too tired to talk about that position. :)

    Gs played last part of the game with trying only Calderon from attacking zone. That was big mistake of Gamze passing to Calderon all the time. It is not surprise GS lost this game with this style.

    The team giving much more effort, willingness and awesome defence got the game. Congrats to Busto for Bronze medal. I followed match reports of the players from both teams just after the game. It was the first time for me to follow Brinker's live interview and surely very nice to hear her lovely style of speaking, very nice girl really. And yes, both teams should be thankful to the CEV's primitive system. I think with possible Round Robin system including 8 best teams the competition would surely be more competitive- more real and no one would argue about impartial of the system.

    I think it is not the right time talking about which of teams don't deserve to play f4.

    I couldn't imagine that Gs would end f4 dream without getting any single set at home. Now, things may be different after winning at least one set.

    It is interesting to see a user shitting around crappy words since spending time here nearly 10 days. Erol, please just listen and consider about this. Do you think it is respectable that someone suddenly appears and explains always his opinions in a negative and provocative way? How can you expect from people to respect you? You talking about biasing etc but even in your examples it isn't hard to see your obsessions. You said that in big 3 clubs games in Turkey there was always happening such things and added that never happened such things in Vakıf games. Why didn't you add Eczacı name beside Vakıf? Have you ever witnessed bad events in an Eczacı game? Man, your obsessions are not only about Fener or Eczacı or Turkish forum you mentioned but almost everything. I have to admit that there are some parts of your messages i agree with you but even for them, the way you expressed them makes everything really hard. Also, what is the point carrying the subject happening in Turkish forum to here unless you are the man got banned?