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    Zurich 25 - 23 Eczacıbaşı. Score 2 - 1. And now it is certain that Eczacıbaşı lost first point in this competition. They will might lose the game as first time :) If they want to be champion there must be stronger resistance. We will see what will happen.

    I think the most people, including me - are watching Bergamo - Fenerbahce... I think I will watch Volero - Eczacibasi later..

    Yeah you are probably right. i strongly recommend to watch this game. Zurich made me surprise a lot. They had 12 points and i understand now why that happened. i congratulate them whatever the score is.

    don't miss the game of Zurich - Eczacıbaşı. Very quality match so far. i think there are some suspicious decisions by the ref. but it doesn't matter. Zurich seemed very strong on defence and offence in the first set. Nothing is clear right now.

    Wow! What a game.

    i actually need some energy nowadays and this game carried me to the crazy mood. Oh, thanks girls all of them.

    FBA is already a very strong team and they also have huge fan advantage over their opponents. Especially that support made everything difficult to beat them. Also, i didnt want that FBA gets the first place every competition they participated. Shortly, i am so glad about the score.

    Good luck for the next games to both sides

    Well, probably you'll find at least one, for the semi or the finals. JustinTV, UStream,, atdhe, bet365, soccertvlive... You'll probably find in one of these sites. If not, I don't know what's wrong with the world.. :lol:

    The matches streams at, a betting site. Hopefully livescorehunter/fromsport will give a livestream link to. Remember that if u want to see the match at betathome, you need to start a account there if u dont have it.

    Actually i often visit -livescorehunter- to follow matches in all sports. And today when i see the number of links for this game i was surprised. Because there was just one choice that was betathome. if the game was on JustinTV, UStream, or etc. i actually would expect these channels visible on the livescorehunter list. Anyway, i decided to register to betathome and after spending several minutes this time i learned that they don't provide any broadcasting for this game to Turkey. i don't know maybe for all games. Shortly, it was bad morning for me :mad: :D

    i hope there will be no problem once more about 9 hours later. :obey: :)

    Oh God. What a game... FB Acıbadem played this game like a champion. Besides playing a great match as a team, God, what a serve performance from Eda and Skowronska. Actually i don't agree Dinamo played too bad. FB forced them into the hard positions and made them looking so bad. When i saw some rallies in this game, i directly remembered Japan - Brazil game at the last WC.

    Anyway, FB showed the real performance with Nati at last. Let's see what will happen at the next games.