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    I think the results of draw and the club being host show without any doubt how the level of corruption CEV has. Manipulations to the draw results at countless level by matching-up the clubs from the same country and the message they have clearly given "money talks" are just big factors decreasing the value of volleyball. How is it possible to give the rights of being host to a club that has participated to the competition for the first time and got the right to be there with a questionable WC? Anyone knows when the next CEV election will be regulated?

    So, it seems everything is clear before drawing. If we consider the first ranked teams for first pot and place second ranked teams and best 3rd team into second pot, then the situation before drawing will be like this.

    First Pot

    Rabita BAKU
    Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL
    Vakifbank ISTANBUL
    Galatasaray Daikin
    Lokomotiv BAKU
    Dinamo KAZAN

    Second Pot

    Unendo Yamamay BUSTO
    Dinamo MOSCOW
    Atom Trefl SOPOT
    Azerrail BAKU

    Busto can place into first pot in case of one of current teams in pot 1 being host.

    Muszyna only has a very weak coach (frankly i think he is a mor.n) and is weak mentally when its crunch time/all or nothing situation, having weak middles (Bednarek going backwards all the time) doesnt help either.

    Whatever the situation in Muszy is, i am sorry for them. It is hard to accept eliminating from the competition like this. I hope they will do better results at Cev Cup.

    Bartek, take care of your own business. :)

    Villa goes to play offs, why do you think they played so weak without any effort - they already knew in the middle of 1st set they are through after Muszyna lost T-break.

    right, but i also thought Muszy gave up fighting after they got 2 sets. Actually i didn't watch the match but follow the live score. According to the live score i just commented the situation like this. So what a pity for Muszyna team, i really don't get what they were trying to do.

    no, even that both teams, Muszyna and Cortese have 9 points Italian team has better balance of won and lost matches

    W-L ratio is the same as it seems 3-3 for both teams. Cortese will be out from the competition. What a lucky night for Italy. Now they also have a team in CEV Cup and get the points at least as much as the other countries having a team in Challenge Round.

    TVF made a press announcement today about Motta's statements. I think there are some good points but in general sounds a bit harsh imo. Here is the link;

    Sorry, i don't have time to translate it for now, but here is it's google translate;

    Press Announcement

    Currently, the Federasyonumuzla contract, agreement until December 31, 2012 due to legal obligations against Turkey Volleyball Federation of Women's National Teams head coach Marco Aurelio Motta ongoing violation of contractual obligations, visual and written media statements to the sorrow and amazement met.

    Turkey Volleyball Federation, the world's best coaches of national teams are strong enough to save the service.

    Voleyboldaki success in Turkey, Marco Aurelio Motta started. Before that, when it comes to himself at the beginning of the national team success and the presence of professors of the public memory. In this process, first and foremost athletes, coaches and clubs to ignore the contributions can not be accepted.

    Understanding of government is not to settle with the past. Our goal is to go forward better and. What did people in the past with the Federation, but would do in the future energy consumption, and is responsible for finding the best solutions for Turkish volleyball.

    Turkey Volleyball Federation's decisions and the right to question the head coach does not rate. Federation, there is no service contract runs coaches to account. Courtesy to be working with him previously stated, after the expiry of the contract trainer goals, there was no need to discuss plans for the new term.

    Marco Aurelio Motta unlawful, courtesy of excess, and description, and to have had a non-severe surgery, were created by the negativity will affect the mood and the work should be regarded as an indicator.

    Both of these attitudes, as well as the meeting itself Turkey Volleyball Federation described the decision not to be continued past and present criminal charges related to the management of the new work, so also showed the advisability of decision.

    TVF and volleyball community is superior to the people. No one is indispensable. Volleyball community, achievements not only self-bağlayanlara, those who think themselves indispensable, too far out of line at all times reported those who cross. Will continue to report.

    Turkish Volleyball Federation

    All teams have weaknesses problem is that do you have enough quality to exploit it ?

    I don't get it exactly what you mean but if you are talking about quality to beat Bra and Usa in case of naturalizing Poljak and Furst, yes i believe Turkey would compete equally against them, maybe even beat them imo. In the games at Olympics there were obvious differences in the details, but i don't think the level difference is so much like you said. The games were almost first for our players against them in a different athmosphere like olympics so i expect other games with impatience next year. I hope everything goes well especially for our MBs. :)

    If we would neutralize someone, she must be Kim Yeon :whistle: especially by taking her problems with Korean Federation into consideration ;)

    Agree with henry75, simply no chance for Kim. She is kind of very loyal player, you can see this in her every arguments especially during the problematic process. Even if the circumstances become impossible for her to play for Korean NT, i strongly believe she wouldn't choose to play for any of NT.

    Turkey became too big for Motta anyway his tactics were poor he kept repeating same thing over and over... Turkey Nt was one of the best in that tournament but he couldn't prepare them mentally that was clear made many poor and late choices etc

    While many people share the same arguments, as i said in my previous post, i have never criticized his decisions. Because he was consistent and had his own style. For sure he tried to do the best for the team. Again thank you Motta for your contributions to Turkish Volleyball.

    “We could not play as we had planned before the game and that’s why our coach Nikolay Karpol got so angry with us” concluded Bulgarian and Uralochka spiker Strashimira Filipova.

    Filipova made this statement after losing Vakıfbank match yesterday. Please enlighten me, is there any other possibility other than Karpol getting angry whatever the result is? :lol:

    If We speak about money- when will You give money Your grandmother at least? So many days and still won't.

    I think you feel yourself guilty because of taking money from your grandma? Do you still take money from her if she lives? Stop being childish, it is normal till at a certain age group. Also, grandmothers generally need more than money. As i said stop being childish and show your loyalty and love to her. Finally again, stop being childish. :)

    She also said: When I will recover I will be better than before.
    Maybe in Scavolini after recover She went to Boss and said- I am better than before, give Me more money. He said no so She left the Club. Who knows what will be in Dinamo.

    Don't worry about Dinamo. She will play for FB next year and get the money she deserved, dear Bartek ;)