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    I don't think you can say he failed at the 2012 Olympics. The route in which Turkey qualified, through the Euro qualifier was about as tough of a road as possible for them and they were able to succeed in qualifying. All of their losses came against higher ranked, and quite frankly better teams. I also think it's unfair for the coach to solely be the object of blame. Neslihan played very poorly at times and I doubt you would blame her for the failure.

    Turkey will continue to do well regardless of who their next coach is because the strength of their domestic league. It will definitely be an interesting change. Who are the top candidates to replace Motta?

    Actually i didn't say he failed in general, what i said is that he failed at the most important tournament, 2012 Olympics. During the tournament Neslihan's performance was poor, not even close to her general performance and it might be valid for many players in the squad showing bad performances at times as well. I agree about that. But my point is Motta was the coach and that makes him first responsible for everything in my consideration. Statistics, rankings etc. don't say everything. Turkey had enough potential to go far for many people including me but simply didn't manage to qualify. Anyway, i still feel pain whenever i remember that tournament. All i can say Motta gave SOS at that tournament and caused comprising question marks in our minds. Because of that continuing without him was an expected decision.

    As already mentioned in this topic, Guidetti and Barbolini are the main candidates for this job. I don't have idea which one is better for the team but i just can't imagine Turkish NT leading by Guidetti would compete against German NT at the next EC in Germany. I think it is impossible for now to see Gui as the Turkey NT coach.

    Motta made a statement to the media today and it seems he is a bit disappointed in terms of how they part the ways. Actually it is not a surprise for me, as StarNight said, it was an expected decision. Thank you for everything Motta. I have always supported him and respect his decisions during 2 years. He has great contributions on Turkish Women Volleyball's rising momentum for sure, but he failed at the most important competition, 2012 Olympics. No matter how the group was difficult, he must find a way through the next round but he failed and 2012 Olympics took a place in our minds as a complete failure even though getting a part there was first for us. To sum up, I am ok about the decision. This is life, there will be always new managements and new faces. Good luck in your life, Motta.

    İmho Turkey is better team than Russia especially with Sokolova and Gamova gone. As for Bra and Us they are on different level i believe they will bring their B teams just to be fair to oponents :lol:

    In other words, Bra and Usa teams have almost no weakness at any position that makes them very hard to beat. Current Turkish MBs level are really low compared to those top team's MBs. So, Turkey must naturalize Poljak and Furst and then we will witness really competitive games against them. :)

    Turkish teams are dominating this year wonder if we will have any suprise in f6 :whistle:

    Well, Turkey actually took this role from Italy two years ago if we are talking about domination. In the recent 3 years only Vakıfbank was eliminated in the CL by a team apart from Turkey. That team, you know, was Cannes last year. To be honest there is no need to talk about it because of the results saying everything. I am just proud of seeing the level of the teams and their struggles. I think Kazan will be host this year and waiting for their opponents after the group stages which will make the competition more exciting. Rabita can also be a serious candidate but you know everything will depend on the DOL. In terms of Turkieh teams I would love to see GsD as second in the group that would probably be resulted by matching one of other two Turkish teams before f4 which would provide a chance to see both Ecz and Vakıf in f4 but now, it seems that everything will depend on the luckiness or in other words CEV manipulation again. I just expect from CEV a FAIR DOL, not behind the doors but open to the media.

    Finally meaningless preparation games period came to the end. I wish good luck for every player and every team in the new season. I also wish not to see Eczacıbaşı and Vakıfbank playing against each other till f4 games.

    Enjoy :thumbup:

    It must be very stressful to manage Russian divas egos but committing suicide after the failure? This is so shocking :what:
    Terrible news ;(

    Definitely shocking news. Russian divas egos leading by Liuba could make the job harder for a coach but all in all it was just one of the obstacles in the team sports for a coach to adjust. If there was success for Russian team which was very possible then everything would come with the same players and coach. Anyway no much word to say.

    R.I.P Ovchinnikov...

    It is very good news for Turkish Volleyball to see also our young men through the semi finals after the success of young girls. Turkey lost Spain and Bulgaria games which were both very close and painful in 5. It made feel us like letting the games go away without doing nothing and just watching the opponents victories. But today Spain Bulgaria match changed everything and gave them a second chance that become the first i have ever remembered. Fortunately our young men didn't miss this opportunity and managed to take a place at semi finals. Now the same excitement before the last games is also valid for pool 1 which is not clear which teams will advance to the next round. All i can say is the struggles between the teams for reaching the top 2 of the groups look great even tough i don't follow the games.

    To be honest, i am not interested in following the young age group tournaments much. The other side, this young generation of Turkey have been doing excellent job which nobody can't ignore. Playing at home all the tournaments they won was a big chance for these girls to reach the aim in an easier way. But you know, you can't win anything without having power. Yesterday, Turkey swept Serbia in any moment of the game as managing to combine with the players and the supporters.

    For me, having the players who believe to reach the achievements and correspondingly have a strong self-confidence is very important at this age group. This will probably make the players easier taking place to the A team. But it is sure that any young players from Serbia and Turkey will have to work even harder.

    Congratulations young sultans and the teams winning medals.

    Imagine if Korea beat USA in the semifinal :super:

    I would prefer a Japan vs USA final, because USA has serious trouble with them (WCH10 and WC11)

    The thing is this Usa team is more determined and focused on reaching the success. It is always very hard to beat teams having almost no ups and downs but stable.

    Still, Korea team gives me some hope to see even more competitive game than the first meeting.

    There is no European team on the semifinals.
    Do you still want more spots for them at the Olympics? Second time in a row that there are only Asians and Americans...

    :super: :super: :super: :super:

    Yeah, this question definitely makes sense after this tournament and i am not sure anymore i will still support my idea wishing more spots for European teams.

    We are not living in the past. Italian volleyball has been decreasing, sadly but true and this game was a good example for this. I missed the first set but from beginning to finish it was too obvious Korea would take this game. If they played till the morning there was no chance for Italy.

    I am sad for Russia and their fans. There was a very thin line who would get the sf ticket. Brazil team showed one more time clearly how much the experience is important for reaching the success. They were always the following team behind Russia and turned 6 match points which deserves great respect.

    In general, i am a bit less sad for my team after seeing the results of today. 3 of them at least showed their quality and proved themselves how they are strong. On the other hand, today's games showed clearly how hard to beat USA. But i have expectations witnessing a great game between Korea-Usa and Japan-Brazil matches.

    Russians and Italians, now, you can understand better how we felt after not qualifying even the quarter finals. You managed to play at least one more game from us.

    Congrats for the winners.

    Starting the game well was important for us and they did but again they get caught and gave it away. Neslihan got blocked at several important moments.

    Keep on!

    The funny thing is how often when a special result is needed, it also became reality. Not only in volleyball, but in general also. I remember a match between Denmark and Sweden in Euro 2004. There was one way for both team too advance from the group, and it was 2 play the result 2-2. What happend? ofc the result ended 2-2, and Italy was eliminated because of that. They are convinced the match was fixed, but in Sweden nobady thought so, and said like u now "how patethic from their fans 2 belive somethin´ like that" :lol:

    Yes, that is exactly what i mean saying the world goes around. Not only in sport games but every areas.

    It's always the team that didn't take care of business on their own end and try to place the blame on other teams. Thai fans did the same a few months ago and now it's Turkey's turn. If Turkey would have played better against Brazil and Korea they wouldn't be in this situation. You can whine and complain all you want about match-fixing and such but at the end of the day if they don't qualify they have no one else to blame but themselves,

    definitely agree with you. But you are missing something that we still depend on our own last game. It is not crying to expect a 5-set game from China-Korea. I wrote yesterday every sport sites in Turkey people expected this result but we will still have a chance by own performance against USA. Whenever you need a good result from a different game you never get it. So, everything is going well so far considering how the world goes around.

    Lol dont get me wrong i just ask it for fun :thumbsup: if usa beat turkey will u turn ur avatar 'No we couldnt' :D ?

    I don't know what i will do in that situation but we believe in this team even if the road seems harder than it should be. So, supporting to the team will continue till the game ends. :)