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    So both Germany and Serbia have 5 points but Germany has two wins vs. Serbia's one. If both Serbia and Germany lose tomorrow but Serbia loses again in 5 and gains one point is it possible for them to advance over Germany even if they have more losses?

    Yes, the rules are clear. If the situation goes in that way Serbia will qualify to the next round.

    RUS- ITA game could be competitive because being top team of the group means that no match-up with USA till the final even if i see them reaching semifinal hard.

    One more thing, i believe it is a chance for the sake of Olympics that China-Korea will be the first game from Pool B on Sunday that means both teams will feel the pressure to be eliminated from the group stage and will play to take the game to the death unless there are some arrangements. Schedule for the last preliminary round games seems perfect for the excitement of volleyball.

    In Turkish voleybol forums and any sport sites in Turkey i have visited for two days i have been reading almost everyone already accepts a 5 sets game about China-Korea game. It is interesting and a real expectation for us. Because whenever we need a good result from a game apart from our team in terms of our position, it is a fact that it never happens in history so far. What make me hopeful is that even if the game ends in 5 we will still depend on our own game. It doesn't matter what happens in that game. In any case, we will make our destiny with our own performance. If Korea wins over China in 3 or 4 or China wins over Korea in 3 then taking 2 sets from USA will be enough for us to qualify. But if China wins over Korea in 4 then taking 2 sets for us maybe will not be enough because in that scenario everything will depend on points ratio which is impossible to make a comment for now on this. As it can be seen from the schedule, China-Korea game will be the first on Sunday and we will be more clear about what we need to do. But i am sure that we will do everything to go. If that game ends in 5 we will beat USA. If the game ends with another scores which makes us enough qualifying through the next round in case of taking 2 sets from USA, we will take 2 sets from USA. We, Turks, love to make our jobs finishing at the last moments and beating USA at the last game for our qualification is exactly the job what we can accomplish.

    If USA win over SRB today, they will already guarantee the 1st ranking. Any possibility that Hugh may play with subs, to make rest the starters and to test their subs in the last match?

    Yes it would be way normal. If Hugh use their sub players for the next game after beating Serbia no one would be surprised.

    To be realistic, Turkey has no chance anymore, only way that they must beat USA

    1 point is not enogh for Turkey because after last matches Brazil will be 3 - 2 Win - Lose while Turkey will 2 - 3

    China and Korea have still no guarantee to go. If their match ends with any score except 3-2, then losing team will be in danger if Turkey get 2 sets from USA. Because Turkey has good set ratio including possible results.

    Our girls showed a big character at the end of the game but they also missed a big opportunity giving the 4th set in an incredible way to Korea. The score came from 14-10 in favor of Turkey to 15-19 in favor of Korea. Anyway, everything asides winning this game was the most important for us today and we achieved it! Everything will still depend on our performance which is always way better scenario for a team.

    Effective services made everything easier for the first set. I am also glad we gave them a bucket of series at the end of the set. Because whenever we get the set we start the game badly. I hope the direction of wind will be the same.

    Congrats for the winners of today. I haven't watched any game today but the 3-2 score of Bra-Chn game was the worst score for Turkey as many of you said here. Now, everything will depend on our performance for the next matches. When it comes to the last matches for our qualification, everything can happen but we must surpass Korea first whatever the score is.

    And it will certainly make a difference in our Prediction Game :D

    Haha you know it is a different story. :)

    im surprised that u think everything seemed fine for turkey agains serbia :what: they won first and third set hardly,just serve points made the difference even against this bad serbia(u know they have the worst reception) :| ,and i think again there is a wrong thought according to GP2012,yep turkey beat korea(it was not easy too if i remember right 3 -1) but now everyhting is different.China beat turkey and right now i think korea is better than china.Sure anything can happen and turkey can beat korea but it seems hard to me,i guess korea will do everything at least take 2 sets which reduce turkey's chance to reach QF.

    You may be right but Serbia is not like Algeria or GB. So, it is normal that they gave some hard moments to their hard opponents. Reception is their weak points and our players managed to use that weakness turning to the points and solve them at the end of the sets. It was a must win game, (imagine the pressure on the players after losing the first two competitive games)and the players just did the job well, i think. I read their statements to the media. It was simply said that everyone was relaxed at last. I think the game against Serbia was played at the right time for us and as i said they got the momentum and refreshed their confidence before coming another thrilling games. Furthermore, WGP games are in the past anymore. Yeah, Turkey won Korea two times with the same score in 4 at the WGP but no doubt this will make no sense about the coming games.

    About China-Brazil game, it will be the first game on Friday and China can't risk their chance and will see that game as an at least must taking two sets game. Otherwise, if China lose against Brazil in 3 or 4 then there will be possibility that China-Korea game will be do or die game for them. So they will do everything to take at least two sets on Friday.

    On the other hand our players talking to the media much about playing China game at 9:30 just after meeting Brazil at 22.30. Captain Esra told many things about the time differences between the games affected badly many players in the team. Playing a game at 9:30 means for players waking up at 5:00 or 5:30 am. It may be normal if your every game was played at the same time but after playing the last game the day before, waiting the first game of the day for the next match will may affect the team performance badly. The same scenario waiting for Brazil now. I am curious how Brazilian players will react. One thing is sure that they have no luxury anymore whatever happens.

    Ohhhlalala! What a night with two great unforgettable games. It was actually expected many competitive games from Pool B before the tournament start but living this reality is just another feeling that could make even natural fans feel such an excitement. Big congrats for both USA and South Korea. Now, lets make some calculations;

    Friday's games will begin with China-Brazil. Firstly, Brazil lowered their chances much to go through the next round by being beaten Korea tonight. No matter what happens Brazil will play that China game for taking 3 points which will be hard for them. Even if they get 3 points from China and Serbia games it will be still no guarantee to get a QF spot for them according to other possible results. So, Brazil will have advantage if they get 6 points from their last two games but their qualification will still depend on other results.

    And then, coming Korea-Turkey game which will be hard to predict who will win but Turkey missed both Brazil and China games in a dramatic way. After that the players got a momentum and refreshed their confidence by beating Serbia. Everything seems fine for the players right now and i don't think we will lose once again even if Koreans available performance looks impressive. Another important note that Turkey will play their last game against a relaxed USA. If the things don't be seemed well for Turkey before the last matches, they will still force their chances till the last moments against USA.

    Korea made a big step to reach QF. They won Serbia and Brazil games that means they will still need one more winning game against one of Turkey and China. The same words are valid for China too. They won Serbia and Turkey games which means they will need one more game against one of Brazil and Korea.

    Overall, everything can happen in this group. Making prediction after that great games will not much sense in my opinion.

    Ehh, Serbia spoiled today our competitive game series but it was ok for us when the winning matters most. Actually there was no much difference our performance in general considering previous games. Neslihan today started to play well and managed to continue at that level till the end of the game. This is Neslihan what we wanna see. The same for Busra. She added enough strength to our limited effectives on the net. Of course when you play against Serbia some of weaknesses just get lost substantially but when it comes big games things still may be a bit harder. All in all we won an important game today and i believe we will also win Korea game in 3 or 4.

    again wrong desicion i guess ,most of turkish team fans thought that turkey could beat china according to GP2012 but its obvious that we r not in GP :whistle:
    I think turkey should avoid facing with japan otherwise japan might be more dangereous than china :thumbup:

    Yes, right. Many of us didn't expect this loss but i personally didn't expect such a well performance from Wang Y.M. Anyway, it is not important anymore. We need to focus on the next games. I also agree Japan might be dangerous so most people of us would like to see a Europen team against us at a possible quarter final match-ups.

    It is incredible that we have been doing too much f...king errors and still managing to stay close in the game. Bahar, wtf is really wrong with you? Especially her service performance was terrible as hell so far but the whole team served terrible considering their level. We did incredibly anormal service errors but the opponents almost without errors. At the net our skills are limited and way below compared to the opponents. It can be seen more clear our weakness on the net against the best teams in the world.

    I think we shouldn't expect Motta changing the players when it matters for general view. This is Motta what we have him with his personal specialities. He doesn't generally intervene the fluent of the game and make substitutions much. It is sometimes hard to believe his decisions but in general the team especially in the last two games was there in the game till the end and had a chance to win. So he probably doing something well. Problems are created mostly from the players. We lost the games against Brazil and China because of our f..king crazy unforced errors. Yes, everytime the same words like we must reduce the simple errors but i am bored and tired anymore like many of us. We are playing against the bests so it will not be easy. On the other hand, if we look from the other side, many things are in our hands to achieve something and we need to use this advantage playing against the best teams before meeting the semifinals. Those games can be really seen as significant practices which means giving the team great experience and creating well opportunities to see our weaknesses one more time.

    If we manage to advance through the quarter finals, no doubt everything will be easier but we must surpass Serbia and Korea first. Korea having Kim Y.K definitely deserves big respect and a tough game surely waiting for us. The pressure will be even heavier on the players now but they have enough capacity to do this job well.

    Btw, Wang Y.M made today the difference. She always there when it matters most for China. I am so glad to see her performance at this level again even if she was against us.

    Congratulations for both teams.

    Nothing is certain in groups right now. But if Brazil can manage to beat USA then it will be almost certain Brazil getting the first place which means a guarantee spot for semifinal. So, i will be rooting for the USA tomorrow. USA is the favorite team for sure but they are not like their basketball teams in terms of being strong favorite.

    Can't wait for tomorrow.

    The number of spectators at the end of the game was less than half of the spectators at the beginning of the game. Interesting note.

    I am especially really glad to see our team playing strong on the net, at least equal performance to Brazil's at tie-break. But simple errors carried the game to a bad end which doesn't made me feel bad right now. Ironically the game was ended with an serve error.

    We must reduce to do simple errors and keep improving the tempo even higher. Not 1st time, not 2nd time but if there will be a chance to see Brazil against us again, i believe we will beat them in the most important game. We believe in you girls.

    Big congrats for both Brazil and Turkish players...