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    Yees, Turkey starting to show their real game with the contribution of Neslihan.

    It is clear that Turkey must get every point with its own talents because of Brazil players doing almost no simple mistakes.

    A set coming from 18-16 to 24-16 in favor of Brazil. There were also many ups and downs. Ok girls, theater is over. Now, it is time to wake up and start playing volleyball game!

    Congrats for the winner teams.

    WTF with the organization, just 2 hours between the last two games! Time is 24.12 now in Turkey and the starting time of the match will be even later. :mad:

    Edit: Funny side is olympic games holding in Europe. Really interesting...

    2012 Women's Volleyball Olympic Game Predictions

    Preliminary Round

    Pool A


    Algeria - Japan 0:3
    United Kingdom - Russia 0:3
    Italy - Dominican Republic 3:1


    Dominican Republic - Russia 0:3
    Italy - Japan 3:2
    United Kingdom - Algeria 3:1


    Dominican Republic - Japan 1:3
    Algeria - Russia 0:3
    United Kingdom - Italy 0:3


    Japan - Russia 1:3
    United Kingdom - Dominican Republic 1:3
    Algeria - Italy 0:3


    Algeria - Dominican Republic 0:3
    United Kingdom - Japan 0:3
    Italy - Russia 2:3

    Pool B


    China - Serbia 3:1
    United States - South Korea 3:0
    Brazil - Turkey 3:2


    China - Turkey 1:3
    Serbia - South Korea 2:3
    United States - Brazil 3:2


    Serbia - Turkey 0:3
    United States - China 3:1
    Brazil - South Korea 3:0


    Brazil - China 3:1
    Turkey - South Korea 3:1
    United States - Serbia 3:0


    China - South Korea 3:1
    United States - Turkey 2:3
    Brazil - Serbia 3:0

    reaching semi final means catching the chance to get a medal as well.

    I know but there is a small difference. In your words there is still a probability as being fourth without medal. I cannot say the tournament would be great for us without medal.

    Kondzio :drink:

    I see many interested ^^, there could be only one problem - probably I'll go on holiday in August. Now I'm not sure if I will be able to count all game ;( . I'll count as much as possible,

    What a shame for you. You are planning to go holiday while the Olympic games being played. :thumbdown: I just came home from holiday. 8)

    time is getting closer and closer.we are in a tough pool.its hart to predict the results. i dont know what we will do against usa,bra but the other teams' power is similiar and we can beat the others,and its also likely for the others to beat us as well if we dont play with highest consantrastion.our first aim is to be in top 4 at first phase then further projections may be made.a semi final would be great for us..

    If we consider the group composition and possible quarter final match-ups, for reaching semi-final i would say it is an expected achievement. But reaching medal would be great for us.

    :cup: :cup:
    Thank you kondzio

    Congrats to all the winners. Cocobol, you are well talented at prediction games. Congrats you again :thumbup:

    StarNight, i remember you posted your predictions just after me and when i saw it i already thought then a bad finish would come with you. Just screwed up man. :D

    Edit: Ooops, Bartek don't suppose i forget about you. Special congrats to you ;)

    Edit2: Ok, after edit1 i felt myself bad. Loca Inside having some experience and Latvian as newbie did good job during one month. Lastly, Kuraf_veiga as the only man from Brazil in top 5 saved his continent's honor. :D Congrats to you as well. ;)

    Canter i think we should be happy with two individual awards. I am surprised actually seeing the Gulden's name among the best names.

    For European teams being in the best five teams in the world ranking with current rules is really hard. You must be very strong and eventually get the top places at European Tournaments every year not to miss international competitions.

    Congratulations to the Usa team. Getting the title without losing in any way is a remarkable success. :thumbup:

    It was a great tournament for us as well. I am really glad to see our team playing against Bra and Usa. It was definitely a precious experience. We started both of the game horrible and tried to change something in the games after 1st or 2nd set. Our players were out of their performance and felt the pressure before the games but later they saw they could handle both of them. I read Motta's opinion about the tournament, he is generally happy except ups and downs in the team and hopeful about the OG as we are.

    Our team made the history again with getting bronze medal at the WGP. Congratulations to all of you again. :thumbup:

    I didn't watch none of the matches today. But all the games resulted with the expected scores as many of people here predicted.

    I will watch TUR-CHN game later on Laola, probably after TUR-BRA game. All i wanna say to them is "many thanks for this great tournament and the medal". Tomorrow i just wanna see one more competitive game against Brazil and if you can manage of course seeing you getting the silver. We are proud of you. :thumbup:

    Serdar, i have nothing against any player in the roster. I just wanna see some strength whoever can provide on the net. Obviously we can't expect such a satisfied performance from Ergül considering her current limits but with other players we will have at least some hopes, you accept or not :drink: