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    Nikole is a good player. But nothing special. That's why no team in Brazil had interest in her this season. She played last season in Sport, and she had an average season.

    The Nikolle Del Rio is a good player so talented, and very smart it is complete: it has a good passing, blocking, defense and attack, one of the few players complete in Brazil. She did a beautiful season in Super League but, good scorer and the statistics of the games his team was the one that stood out. Was the Vakif, but with a coach who failed to make its potential and still failed to pay their wages. She wanted to play again in Europe so obviously not wanted to stay in Brazil, apart from low salaries offered. Cheers and congratulations to her for hiring AEK. Many joys come.<IMG onmouseover="'pointer'" title=Cup style="CURSOR: pointer" onclick="tinyMCE.insertSmiley('../wcf/images/smilies/sm165.gif', 'Cup', ':cup:');" alt="" src="" />