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    It seems in the first match Polish backups beat Turkish ones in 4th and 5th sets. As I already expected, they perform badly and we'll have a bench problem in ECh.

    I watched the second match and in 4th set Turkey was leading like 11-3 (?) or so but after that "reception" went wild for Turkey and we lost the set. Surprise surprise :whistle:

    I got bored of those bashings about Zhu Ting. Yes Kim is the best active volleyball player(and the most complete) for most of the people at the moment. But she's not the only great player. Zhu Ting doesn't have to be a new KYK. She's already phenomenal as herself.

    Does anyone have a clue where Turkish OH Fatma Yildirim will play next season? As far as I know, she did not sign with a club yet but seems to better than similar young players such as Cansu Cetin and Damla Cakiroglu. I think she will become the MVP of European League if Turkey beats Hungary. :white:

    She will play in Halkbank like last year :)

    Why do you think that always is Alisha fault when Foluke miss spike ?? ..Sometime Foluke comes too slow or to quickly, yeah Alisha makes mistakes but Foluke is not always good when she needs to spike :whistle: ??

    I'm with you in this. Foluke misses spikes very often. Both from slide and the middle.

    probably the least interesting squad for me lately. No Bahar no Gizem Örge no Ezgi Dağdelenler nor even Meryem... The starting 6 is really good and balanced but we will have no help from bench except Güldeniz or maybe Nilay if she can be on her good day(I assume Gözde Yılmaz won't make it to ECh). I hope Ferhat can keep his good progress in NT though.

    omg its is horrible for national team junior, who will be opposite? nazli , buse ene or mislina kiliç? i can't believe :///// pelin is the best player in U20 ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    Judging by her performance in U23 WCh, Hande can contribute well as Opp :win:

    :down: :down: :down: Gizem-Güldeniz, Meliha-Polen, Neriman-Merve... There are many *best friends* in this team but only Naz-Bahar duo is a problem? Very ugly move I must say. I hope the reason is not true. Bahar is our best blocker against the European teams. The team will definitely miss her...

    Meatballs those gossips are nothing new for me too but there's no single sign for them to be true so I have to respect their statements. Also in WCh we had a lot of useless players, he could take Meliha & Neslihan to the team at the same time.

    which tv show did ferhat talk abaout Nesli? i don't remember :whistle:

    it was in TRTSpor before the first leg of Grand Prix. He was there with Güldeniz.


    Bahar? :rose:

    Yeah in one of the matches last week ( I don't remember which one) commentator Burcu Hakyemez Dal was counting the players who will join the team in August for ECh preparations, she forgot to count Bahar and Gözde Sonsırma texted her saying "you forgot Bahar!" :D

    Eda is very likely to return for ECh :win: Gözde Bahar Naz Neriman and Gizem will be there as expected. Özge wrote that she didn't get an invitation for ECh and she won't be there. Ferhat, on a TV show, said that he invited Neslihan to the team and he wants her in his team but she didn't want to return, at least not yet. So if Neslihan returns it will be a surprise.

    Ferhat has denied it in an interview, Polen was asked about it on periscope a lot of times and she denied it angrily saying that it affects Meliha very badly because she has a boyfriend for years and she doesn't want to be a part of such stupid rumours. voleyboldefteri guy accused Gözde first, then Naz & Bahar and at last he blamed Meliha :gone: he's just spreading gossips to get more popular by using his friendship with Neslihan. Also Opposites of the team were Seda & Polen and Güldeniz was the recieving opposite in WCh so they weren't even in the same position for the WCh.

    Yes, you're right. I'm not sure about the semifinals, last year Netherlands and Porto Rico played each other even after ending as first and second the group.

    host plays against 3rd qualifier, 1st and 2nd qualifiers play in the other semi final. So Bulgaria vs. Puerto Rico and Netherlands vs. Czech Republic are the pairs.