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    I really don't get the comparison of the leagues but there are some weird words here. For example Kyla Richey and Rita Liliom were starters in a team which was lead by its Turkish players.About Milos -I really don't like her- I remember how everyone was positive about her performance last year and every were thinking she's a very underrated MB including many Italian fans. I agree, Italian local players are better and Italian league has better coaches and the league is way more balanced than Turkish League but for example Bursa won challenge cup over the Italian league finalist and GS finished higher than Conegliano in CEV Cup so it clearly shows they are not so bad teams.(I'm not saying that Bursa is better than Novara, I hope everyone understands me well.)

    5-8 matches

    Nilüfer Belediyesi 2 - 3 İdman Ocağı

    Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyesi 2 - 3 Sarıyer Belediyesi

    as expected very big fight there. I wish we could watch some matches :(

    Today's matches are
    Sarıyer - Nilüfer(sets 1-1, Nilüfer leads 11-16 in 3rd set)
    İdman Ocağı - Bursa BB

    If this some of this rumors are true and if Fabris leave Modena she will leave Italy Seria A,..But where She can go ? Brasil, Turkey and Russian league are stronger league than Italian but all stroger Turk. clubs have Opp but I don't know that She wants go to Brasil or Russia :huh:
    Any rumors about her ?

    I have seen some rumors about Fenerbahçe and Fabris. I don't know how serious they are though.

    I really don't know what Guidetti is doing... He's gone crazy lately... Vakıfbank has been like Japan in defence for many years but now the team is like Japan in attack as well :S And with "technical" players the team made 29 mistakes. We could not reduce the numbers of errors since the beginning of the season but that's just too much.

    any stats of the match?


    Well in Vakıfbank's game system, Vasileva is the only player to hit the ball in awful moments as Gözde was not in a good shape this year. Whenever the reception is good the ball goes to the middles or Sheilla or as a third option to Gözde/Costa. Also Vasileva needs to get some balls to sneak into the match and this is not Vakıfbank's style this year. At last she was much better than expected in reception.

    Well congratulations to Eczacıbaşı and Yamamay. Yamamay won last three games in CL 3-0 and people still say they don't deserve being there? Volero and Fenerbahçe were good teams too but still Yamamay got what they deserved. I'm so happy for them.

    About Vakıfbank; It's clear that before and after the match, Guidetti was too nervous. And 3rd time this year, he failed against Eczacıbaşı tactically. I think that's why he was in tears after yesterday's match. He didn't even try to use Ceren to stop Larson, blocking was the only good thing Ceren did well this year. Also he was always too late to call the timeouts and to make the subtitutions. He could never give the fresh air to the team yesterday except the second set where Costa replaced Vasi. Anyway life goes on, Now we have to beat Chemik to get some motivation before Turkish league playoffs. Good luck girls.

    There will be strong fight for Naz this year i heard she had lot of proposals even if she stays in Vb they will have to bleed some serious money thats for sure

    She's already very expensive player and no other club was able to play her salary than Vakıfbank for this season. Dunno if anyone can be interested in such expensive player. I think only Dinamo Kazan, Eczacıbaşı or Chemik can pay for her or maybe Fenerbahçe if they do not decrease the budget.

    probably this was the most tipped derby match lately :lol: Eczacı won the last set clear because Caprara was better tactically. Best game of Neslihan in a while. I don't want to see Sheilla again in league matches. Ceren seemed ok today. She should get a chance first and foreigners would be Vasileva-Rasic-Robin. If it doesn't work, we should play with Costa-Vasileva-Rasiç trio.

    Jelena Alajbeg 39 points. Good day for Croatian players I guess.