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    Thank you all for the congratulations! =)
    We, belgians are really proud and happy with our girl's performance!
    Hopefully it will make a good publicity for our sport so we can get more media attention and more young children who wants to play the game =)
    Now it is time for our men to follow the steps of our yellow tigers! :p

    I'm truly sorry you thought that way. I didn't mean to underestimate Belgium team, at first I think Germany has many advantages , experience , home crowd and maybe line referees that's why I'm a bit surprised with this game. Again I'm sorry man.

    No problem, I'm not angry or anything ;-) I just want to see the same respect for my team than for other european powerhouses like Germany,Russia,Serbia or Italy because even if we are not quite a the best level yet, we are still producing some interesting results and growing up very fast on the international level.
    Germany of course has all the advantages you just mention but a game is never won before being played...

    It is quite funny and maybe a little bit irritating sometimes how most of you guys, still see Belgium as a "weak" team...

    I've read a lot of "Germany will be destroyed by Russia" and other lines like that but hey...It is not because you don't know our team that it is weak...We already have beaten Germany two times this year and lost 2-3 against them in the EL final without two starting players, we have beaten Italy convincingly.Now we are leading 2-0 in a european semi-final against the former finalist and host team.What do you want to show some respect for our team?

    Pool D was extremly hard...

    I also would like to point out that apart from weak Estonia which qualified because of a very easy pool, all europeans teams dominate and qualify for semis with the exception of Serbia who was beaten by yet an other european team but they could also have qualified for the semis if all the best teams weren't drawn into the same pool...

    Totally disagree with you concerning Tuerlinckx!How can you even dare saying he is dissapointing AS ALWAYS while he was without a doubt the best player in Belgium this year...
    He received really bad sets by Depestele who wasn't playing at his best level.Most of his sets were too low or really close to the net but Tuerlinckx managed to make the most out of it with his great speed and technique
    Van Den Dries played really well in the decisive moments yesterday and was our true savior in my opinion so he deserve to be the starting opposite for now though.
    I think our team didn't show her potential yesterday and they probably underestimated the greeks after the easy victory in the first set.I'm sure they can improve and do something at the upcoming ECH!

    Yop, and it happened tonight. Belgium, after doing 50% of their work last weekend, was close to letting it all go. A Golden set sent Belgium in Pool A along with Italy, Denmark and Belarus, whereas Slovenia joins Pool C and the likes of Serbia, The Netherlands and Finland.

    I believe our team can take the second place in this pool A and Slovenia is certainly capable of beating teams like The Netherlands and Finland.

    American roster for this weekend
    S: Kawika Shoji, Brian Thornton
    MB: David Lee, David Smith, Matt Rawson
    OH: Matt Anderson, Paul Lotman, Garrett Muagututia, Tony Ciarelli
    OP: Carson Clark, Murphy Troy
    L: Erik Shoji

    Where are Holt and Priddy?

    Belgium trashed Greece today 0-3 (21-25,14-25,19-25).Very good team perfomance from us but Greece was surprisingly weak.Petreas was the only valuable player.Djuric was regularly stopped by the belgian block.
    If we can repeat this performance at home next week, qualification would be in the pocket =)

    1 Osmany Juantorena because he is still the best player I've ever seen!
    2 Murilo Endres because he's amazing, MVP in the olympics, brilliant despite his height.
    3 Mikhaylov-Kaziyski-Kurek and Tethyukin could all be third but since Kurek was injured in the late of 2012,Kaziyski stopped playing with NT and Tethyukin didn't achieve anything with his club I will give the third place to Mikhaylov who won the two most prestigious competitions in the world: CL and OG (and won russian league witch isn't bad either :p )
    Coach: Alekno for the same reasons as Mikhaylov

    Spain-Belgium 3-1...Our boys were in front all the time except the last set but couldn't close it, spanish team is really strong and this result sounds logical for me,Villena is amazing :o
    Tomorrow third place match against the turks,it will be a real battle but GO Belgium! :p

    Hey,there is an user in our Turkish forum and he is writing like you, he says that in 3 years, with these young players ,Turkish men's volleyball team will be amonsgt top teams, though i have some doubts about the time he projected : in 3 years... :thumbsup:

    Maybe he and I are the same user...xD I also doubt your NT will improve so fast but they will keep improving and that's what matters the most ;-)

    They are all very good players, but I don't see new Wijsmans coming. You need 1-2 players of his scale to be competative for medals with MEN NT

    Keep an eye on Deroo, he can be the new Wijsmans ;-)
    Maybe the others won't devellop that far but they will motivate the younger to an higher goal and with time we will build a strong team, believe me we just need time because we already have talent ;-)

    Better leagues, better federations, better senior national teams, popularity of volleyball in each country, money. I didn't want to say it must be like most of this young and very nice Belgian players will disappear. But this is very possible. And maybe just one, two players can grow up into the volleyball stars (I wish you to have more such a personalities in your volleyball).
    And I'm saying it after what I see in volleyball world.

    I won't talk about turkish case because I don't know it very well but concerning Belgium I can say this:
    I think you don't know belgian league and federation very well...our league is definitely stronger than the serbain one, we are ranked 5th ( just after Poland and with Greece ahead which is way way overrated) in europe if I remember well..Our federation as I said earlier works on a project called topvolley to form more yougers and later get a place in the top of the world or at least in europe.I think these players won't disappear don't be so pessimistic they are extremly talented and hard workers, they will soon take place in the best teams of our country (some are already playing for Roeselare or Lennik) and then if they continue to devellop so quick they will take a place in our senior NT or go playing in better foreign leagues like italian...
    See where are Van Den Dries,Van Walle,Deroo,Verhees,Van de Voorde,Klinkenberg etc...They all play in great teams and in our NT and they are so young...This generation will follow their steps I'm sure ;-)

    The truth is that young players from Serbia, Russia, Poland have more chances for better volleyball future than Belgian, Turkish, for which winning junior ECH can be the last success in their lifes. We must admit that. And I'm not saying it because I'm angry we didn't qualify into the semifinal but that's how it looks like.

    Can you explain why?
    I think Belgium and Turkey are countries where volleyball is develloping very fast and results in senior NT will soon come...
    Morever Belgian and turkish young players have height and good basic technique so everything to become the best...what does polish,serbs or russians have to become better in the future?