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    "One thing we like about Kasia against Vakifbank was that she strongly
    showed how much she wanted to win. She’d scream when she’d kill the ball
    and looked fired up more than anyone else on her team. Kasia cheered
    but her 27 pts did some damage against Vakifbank but she lost gas
    halfway through the 5th set."
    What a pity that FB fans don`t recpect that !

    Hmm.. maybe Glinka will play, instead of Skowronska, in Fenerbahce. In a critical moments She is more effective than Kasia.

    I think that Glinka stay in VGSTT, because she told that she feel great there. I want to see Kasia in Muszyna or Atom next season :roll:

    We see everything after the season, I think that Neslihan is more comparable to Skowronska than Seda and Neriman, in this season Neslihan is better, but Skowronska is better and more experience than Seda and Neriman and she reached more

    because better for FB if they have 3 foregin players, Sokolova have contract for 2 years so she stay, Fofao is not good in this season and she is too old. Someone of Skowronska, Osmokrovic or Furst should go out of FB.
    She play well only in CL, in Turkish league she play not so well
    She play well, but in critical moment she makes mistakes like in semifinal CL
    For me the best in this season of all 5 foregin players (I dont written this because I like her) ,I know that in few mathes she play not so well, but in Super cup,Club World Championship,CL and Turkish league she had got better stats than Sokolova or Osmokrovic

    it`s very difficult to choose who should stay, maybe the best choice would be this that Skowronska, Nati ,Chris and Sokolova should stay for next season, and FB would have 4 foregin players, and something about Seda: in match for 3rd place she was the best, but she play bad matches, so Skowornska and Seda are complementary. Seda can play like OH or Opposite so she is great for chance, like yesterday :drink: FB is a very good team but they had`t got much time to knows they`re selfs

    We see... :drink:
    I would like to see in next season only 3 foregin players :Chris, Sokolova and Skowronska. Seda could play like OH and Naz is better option than Fofao and in next season could play only the same , but its only my opinion :P

    I don't think that Skowronska did great yesterday..Stats doesn't show which players were good.Yes that is true that Kasia got 27 points yesterday but she made some mistakes in very critical moments.I don't say that Kasia is a bad player.I just think Seda is better :drink:

    I have quite different opinion, but you can thinking whatever you want, but I think that in all career Kasia is better :thumbsup: :drink:

    I always thought that Seda is better than Skowronska and if she has a chance she would be better..Today we saw that Seda Naz substution made the difference and FBA get the medal.

    Bravo Sedaa! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :heart: :flower:

    Skowronska 33% not so bad, Seda and Naz today great!

    People, don`t write that Seda is better than Skowronska, Skowronska has got yesterday good match, Seda today, they`re both two good players
    Are you forget who yesterday play the best from FB?

    Fenerbahce is better than Vakif because has more experience Players. In the last Final Four the veteran Osmo showed the amazing power. I believe that in Sat and Sun the veteran Players like Fofao and Sokolova with Osmo will show the same amazing power. We will see not Fenerbahce but SuperFenerbahce. Furst will play good but Skowronska..I still remember Her bad play in the second important match in the Quarterfinals of the Champions League 09/10.

    What a pity that you don`t remember who was the best player on SuperCup and Clubs World Championship matches :roll:

    We will see in Saturday and Sunday, but I hope that Fener win . I know that Vakif is very strong team like Fenerbahce, so I think that winners of Final Four will be team between Fener or Vakif only

    I think FBA should diminish froeign players 5-->3. Fürst is very important. Sokolova has a 2-years-contract. Skowrosnka is end of contract and played not that well during this season. Since Nesli will not come to Fener, a new opposite should be the third foreign player.

    We will see after F4, but you have right in one, that fba should diminish froeign players 5 to 3, because every of this 5 players are not in good conditions, because they aren`t playing in every match. When Skowronska played in Pesaro she had got much better statistic than in Fenerbahce and Furst in Bergamo too, but we will see whats been in next season :drink: