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    We are proud to present Training Tester - Electronic Vertek,
    a new hi-tech device for high level sports.

    Produced in Italy, we aim to apply all our engineering
    knowledge to improve sports' training sessions around the world, motivating athletes
    to improve their performances and providing an high precision device to trainers.
    Training Tester is a patented product.

    Technical features:

    - Our special sensors can detect with high precision the maximum height reached by an athlete in jump action
    - A bidirectional display to see in real-time the height reached
    - The calibration of the detection zone is remote-controlled and easy to place
    - Minumum height detectable 69.7 in (177 cm)
    - Maximum height detectable 151.6 in (385 cm)
    - Easily portable in the most kind of courts

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