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    I wish, but I also now that it will be hard to play against Kazan, they still have really good Libero, Gamova is still there, Larson is also good in reception, of course she is not Kosheleva but she is good player. MB from Kazan are better than one from Volero, it will be hard to beat Kazan, but in Zurich you never know.
    Sopot is loosen cannon, they can be really good or they can suck big time, we will see, but I believe in Volero and they team.

    Also, I think that Rabita will win CL for 2001/12 season.

    Agree, 1.Rabita 2.Dinamo Kazan 3.FB 4.Azerrail

    If it's the case - F4 already given to Azerrail Baku - it's a disgrace to CEV, and shows indeeed the only important thing for CEV is money :mad:

    F4 is given to Baku :) no one told that this club is Azerrail or Rabita.
    Why do every talk about money when subject is hoster of F4. Russia, Turkey, Italy, France.. more other countries had done this. Why we do not deserve this, and what advantages do Poland have that we don't. Next year will be Poland's turn, then all will talk that one of Cev sponsors is Polish company, this theme will never end. :wall:
    Come to Baku F4 and see that CEV was wright choosing us.
    My prediction: CEV gave F4 to Azerrail, If they cant pass group stage then hoster team will be Rabita :read:

    Muszynianka has got the Chance. If Muszynianka pays 150 thousand euro to CEV, will be the Host of the Final Four ^^

    Why.?? If everything depends on money then azeri and turkish teams can pay much more. But U are right. I think this F4 will be hosted by Poland(40%) or Azerbaijan(55%). as voleyball is developing in this countries.

    I have a question..Is there any club that won both Cup1, Cup2 and Cup3 like Vakıfbank :D Vakıfbank has CL Cup, Top Teams Cup(2nd) and Challenge Cup(3rd) :D :super:

    Vakif is the first team who did that. there is no team wich could do it. Now only world Clubs Cup left for Vakif :cup:

    I think you didn't follow Eczacıbaşı previous season because it was the worst season of Eczacı's in last 10 years.Bad managment from Cuccarini who was trying to make reception Francia :whistle: Also Bordakova played first time abroad from Russia and she did nothing previous season local players were better than her :whistle: Therefore it is meanless to compare Eczacıbaşı with only one season they were always strong in Europe :win:

    Yes, but in 2009/2010 season eczaci lost to Rabita (who was not as strong as today, but good enough), I think CEV (as UEFA) wants not all of strongest teams to compete in CL, because they want to make popular CEV cup. This year CEV cup will be very interesting with Eczaci, GAlatasaray, Polish, Azeri and Russian teams+ clubs from CL who cant reach F12. Also this rules make more interesting national championships.

    nice. but only 13 teams. +3 from Italy. what about other 4 teams.

    It`d me great for them to give this place to Azerrail ;)

    Azerrail is not strong enough to compete in CL. So i think teams who will get wild cards are-Rabita, Eczacibashi, Volero and maybe Prostejov. Azerrail will participate in Cev cup like Iqtisadchi, and Lokomotiv will fight for Challenge Cup

    Prostejov, Rabita, Volero and one of three turkish teams. now CEV has a little problem with choise. If all Crotian, Romanian, Dutch and German teams will participate in cup, thenCEV should increase number of teams to 24 :read:

    I think you don'twant to understand what I say...

    Bergamo 7 champions league 1 coppa cev
    Perugia 2 champions legue 3 coppa cev
    and more and more....:whistle:

    When U get this cups U have money We had some good players, Know U have players Turkish and Azeri teams have money. So :drink: :cup:

    First set showed very clearly which team plays to win and which team plays only because they must. Sokolova and Fofao, I have great respect for their careers, but right now they are truly pathetic. I never liked Skowronska and today she confirms my opinion. The only one of Fenerbahce who plays with passion is Osmokrovic, but she can't do much alone. Fenerbahce's performance in first set is an insult for their fans and sponsors :thumbdown:
    On the other side Pesaro shows that for them also 3rd rank would be a success. Saccomani is doing very well so far.

    EDIT: Very good decision to start with Naz and Seda. I hope they use their chance well.

    agree. FBA's players were ready only for final match, they even did not imagine that FBA will play for yhird place. Pesaro has a great chance to finish fener morally and get medal.
    Saccomani is best player of Pesaro during F4. I think she will be one of best players in the world after a few years

    I don't agree with you.

    I can't remember a clubteam in recent history, with so many worldclass-players. In my opinion Fofao is best setter worldwide, Fürst best MB worldwide, Sokolova and Nati are best OH worldwide. Also very good players like Eda and Skowronska in the team! Only weaker point might be the libero. If FBA plays like a team and they are in good shape, no one can stop them!

    Ofcourse, surprises are always possible, but normally FBA will win the IECL.

    This DREAM-TEAM lost to Vakif. :whistling: