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    From what ı observed in the Turkish league this season(especially VGS and Telekom),big names do not mean that the team is sure to be succesful.Pesaro had good players last season too and everyone expected them to win CL but they couldn't despite the very good players they have.Of course that does not mean they will not be succesful next season too but this transfering process must be done very cleverly considering many aspects.
    btw at the end of the Eczacıbaşı-Pesaro game in İstanbul ı remember an angry Jaqueline arguing one of her teammates,Ferretti I guess

    I get your point, but knowing Pesaro, they always buy good players, which usually complete a good team. What i like about the team is that they perform as an unity usually and not just as individuals. So eventhough there are big names on the list they manage to play all together.
    This is the main difference between many italian clubs and some turkish teams.
    Last year it seemed to me that the turkish clubs invested a lot of money to get very good players but didnt think about how to involve them into a team.
    Thats why these so called 'top teams' failed in big competitions, because in the end just the team matters and not one certain player.

    As for the transfer market, i think that Jesi should play in the turkish league also because of the inability to build a great team though having the important possibilities,

    well i hope my point is clear :D

    Hypolito was among the biggest favourites to win the Olympic gold on floor last year, he was ranked #1 after the preliminaries. Unfortunately, he fell during his performance in the final, so he finished low.
    But he's a good gymnast, he's won medals at World Championships. And he's not that short for a gymnast, he's certainly taller that Fabi. :D

    oh i remember him! he was really unlucky during his performance! i remember that i rooted for him hehe :D

    Dorota is old... too old for a scorer... if she was a setter, i wouldnt mind... but she is definitely too old for her position.
    btw its a major annoyance that players quit the nt for "always" but then wanna return as soon as they have the possibility to play one last big tournament etc...

    The ECH is so important to the polish team and the polish fans, so why cant she just arrange that with her conscience... she knows herself that there are better players than her right now and she should know that she wouldnt be such a big help to the team....

    She should wish the best to her former team and that means, staying away from it and stop causing conflicts

    Who is your favorite person?
    my sister

    Who has had the greatest impact on your life?
    my sister probably

    Who, in your life, has the biggest heart?
    its me actually :D
    Iskra also :D

    Who is the most disturbed person in your life?
    a friend from poland

    Who do you dislike the most?
    there are some i dont like...

    Who was the first person that you knew of to have a crush on you?
    used to be in 2nd grade a boy called "Knut"

    Who was the last person to surprise you?

    Who was your childhood (by childhood, I mean any ages 5 thru 12) crush or sweetheart?
    Sergej :D

    What was your favorite childhood toy?

    What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
    i guess my laptop

    What is your least favorite chore?

    What did your mother "Always say"?
    Nastja, girls dont do that!

    What song reflects your current mood?
    Littlest Things

    What have you always been afraid to tell someone?
    I love you

    What one word describes you best?

    What was the last sport you played?
    badminton at school

    What is your dream vehicle?
    i dont care actually, a mini cooper would fit me best though :lol:

    What do you love most about your best friend?
    sweet and funny


    Where do want to be in five years?
    somewhere enjoying the life i chose

    Where did your first kiss take place?
    a real kiss? was at my home on the couch :D

    Where did your parents meet?
    at a military base in belarus :D
    father was a soldier, mother worked in the office :D

    Where is your ideal peaceful place?
    in my room with closed doors and some nice music...

    Where is the worst place on Earth?
    there are many options actually

    Where did you go for your last vacation?
    cracow ;)

    Where is your most favorite place in the world?
    cracow ;)

    Where do you think you'll meet your soulmate?

    Where was the last concert you went to held?
    Berlin - Katy perry :D

    Where did you last eat lunch?
    at home


    When did you first drink an alcoholic beverage?
    i guess i was 12 or so

    When was the last time you felt embarressed?
    been a while

    When did you first fall in love?
    i had my first crush at 12

    When was the last time you danced?
    saturday night at my dads birthday

    When was the last time you cried?
    yesterday but wasnt heavy crying :D

    When did your wisdom teeth grace you with their presence?
    they are still waiting :D

    When was the last time you took public transportation?
    oh, i guess 3 months ago

    When did you move out of your parents' home?
    thats going to happen in 6 months

    When was the last time you made a child smile?

    Other & Random:

    Do you ever think "what if..." in regards to someone from your past?
    yeah sure

    hahah there are some ex-bfs :lol:

    cos i enjoyed time with them and wonder sometimes, what would be now if we did things differently

    If you had a fortune, but were about to die, who would you give your fortune to?
    someone who would need it at that time

    Were you ever mean to someone because you secretly liked them?
    hmm no

    Who is the last person to make you angry?
    drunk parents :D

    What did they do?
    they were drunk and annoying

    Is their offense forgivable?
    of course hehe, now that they're sober again

    You and one other person are the last humans on earth... who is the other person with you?
    someone hot please :D

    Why did you choose this person?
    to have wonderful last years on earth

    What happened the last time you were completely speechless?
    doesnt happen so often

    Which song was the last that you heard?
    adele - hometown glory

    How many tattoos do you have?
    1 - which actually can be count as some more :D

    How many piercings do you have?
    just ears

    How many children would you ideally like to have?
    0 :lol:

    What is your worst fault?
    cant show real feelings

    What is your best quality?
    kind, helpful, positive

    Who is the one person you love with all your heart?
    my sister :)

    I was really enjoying these answers when reading them. I knew she was a great player, but judging from the answers she seems to be also a great person!
    Im really happy that i've ask her to do this little interview :lol:

    Position: Outside Hitter
    Height: 190cm
    Birth Date: May 26, 1977
    Club: Spartak Omsk

    1. Do or did you have a rolemodel?

    Yes i had some kind of role model, for example the young players who come to see the games wants to be as good as i am one day, so it is imortant to be a good example for them. In the summer i was invited to be a coach for young players and they were really excited about it!

    2. You played in so many different leagues. Which one might be the next?
    I don't know, now it is important to choose the best contract, doesn't matter where. In Italy it was very good to grow like a player and in this time the league was very strong, a lot of the best foreingers were there and i learned a lot. Now with this experience and my name i can go anywhere, that means i made good choises through the years! Next year we will see!!

    3. In your opinion, which league is the strongest in europe right now?
    I think Russian league is pretty strong because teams have more foreign players now and good ones, also the Russian players stayed in Russia! Turkey is also strong because of the same reason! Economical crisis kills a bit the levels in the countrys where before it was so strong like Italy or Spain!

    4. Can you describe what you like about playing and living in russia and what you might disklike?
    It is very different here in Russia, they are behind in their ways of playing volleyball (in female league), the coaches are old and grew up in Karpol school and they don't study better volleyball! It is hard sometimes because when you are a stranger coming from Europe then you know better then the coach here! In Omsk it is nice playing, a lot of people come to see the games!

    5. With what players are you good friends?
    Well, in our world it is hard to have good friends but when you have them it is for life. I am very good friends with Magy Glinka, Mira Golubovic, Yelena Pavlova, Bojana Dogancic because i also hear them when i am in Omsk. Then it is always nice when i go to play somewhere and there are ex-teammates playing there then i can say i see my friends back, so after the game we hang out and have long talks.

    6. If you were a coach, which 6 players would you choose to play for your team?
    I don't know exactly, good question, being here in Omsk takes me a bit out of European volley. My setter Lo Bianco, opposite Gamova, 4 players Glinka and Godina, centrals Golubovic and Gioli, libero Cardullo, these looked on the players of 'my generation' :-)

    7. What is your major goal in volleyball you want to achieve one day? Or have you achieved it already?
    Well, i think i achieved it, of course there are always more goals, for the moment i am happy, sometimes i think more about my goals in life! Having a family and a stability, opening a coffee bar, these kind of goals that have to wait because i am achieving my volleyball goals!

    8. What was the last movie you watched in cinema and how did you like it?
    Last movie in cinema was Sex in the City, (here i don't go in cinema, Russian language :-) and i liked it!

    9. Where did you spend your last holidays?
    My last holidays of course i spend in Belgium with my friends and family and also i go in Italy every summer to Novara.

    10. What kind of music do u like the most?
    I like lots of kind of music, depends of the mood, but i listen the texts always! I like to fall a sleep with relaxing music and before the game i like good pumping music :-). U2 is a group that in all my life i carry with me for example!

    11. What subjects were you good at at school? And which you didn't like at all?
    I was good in languages and i didn't like fysics or mathematics, sports i was the best :-)

    12. How many tattoos do you have?
    I have 3 tattoos and when my career is finished i want my number '9' still tattood

    13. Do/did you have any problems being tall?
    No no problems, i think i found right away my sport where being tall is good :-)

    14. Please, name three things that most people don't know about you.
    1. I am shy a lot off times, i can play for thousands of people but when i have to be on stage somewhere i feel like dying :-)
    2. i am very impulsive
    3. I am thinking about it to go back in national team...

    15. Do you have a special dream? (not concerning volleyball)?
    My dream : my dream came true, my sister became my best friend, my ant fighted her cancer, i have friends for life, and i have found my love of my life! I never stop dreaming!! If you stop dreaming you stop living!!!

    thanks to Virginie for the pictures

    are there any news about the possible new coach of the team?

    or is PZPS now just concentrating on finding a coach for the male team first? :sos:

    predict the following matches

    09.12.2008 VK Projestov - Dinamo Moscow
    09.12.2008 RC Cannes - Türk Telekom Ankara
    09.12.2008 Postar 064 Beograd - Tubillete.Com Tenerife

    10.12.2008 Metal Galati - Volley Bergamo
    10.12.2008 Zarechie Odintsovo - Colussi Sirio Perugia
    10.12.2008 Scavolini Pesaro - SVS Post Schwechat
    10.12.2008 Eczacibasi Zentiva Istanbul - ASPTT Mulhouse

    11.12.2008 DELA Martinus Amstelveen - Farmutil Pila
    11.12.2008 CAV Murcia 2005 - Rijeka KVIG
    11.12.2008 Fakro Muszynianka Muszyna - Vakifbank Günes S. Istanbul

    all results
    Asystel Volley Novara - Despar Perugia 3:2
    Lines Ecocapitanata Cesena - Famila Chieri 3:1
    Riso Scotti Pavia - Monte Schiavo Banca Marche Jesi 2:3
    Scavolini Pesaro - Minetti Vicenza 3:0
    Foppapedretti Bergamo - Unicom Starker Kerakoll Sassuolo 3:0
    Yamamay Busto Arsizio - Cgf Recycle Florens Castellana Grotte 2:3
    Tena Santeramo - Zoppas Industries Conegliano 2:3

    1. Scavolini Pesaro 23 8 0
    2. Foppapedretti Bergamo 22 8 0
    3. Monte Schiavo Banca Marche Jesi 20 7 1
    4. Yamamay Busto Arsizio 15 4 4
    5. Asystel Volley Novara 14 5 3
    6. Zoppas Industries Conegliano 13 5 3
    7. Unicom Starker Kerakoll Sassuolo 12 4 4
    8. Cgf Recycle Florens Castellana Grotte 11 4 4
    9. Despar Perugia 11 3 5
    10. Riso Scotti Pavia 7 3 5
    11. Tena Santeramo 7 2 6
    12. Lines Ecocapitanata Cesena 7 2 6
    13. Famila Chieri 3 1 7
    14. Minetti Vicenza 3 0 8 you know..for how many time will Chaine have to stay out?

    I mean..will she play for Dinamo still this season?

    lets ask her hehe
    "I really hope so! I'm working hard on my recovery.
    I need to take my time, so I can't say when I will be able to play again.

    Regards, Chaine."