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    saturday's results
    Monte Schiavo Jesi - Castellana Grotte 3-1 (25-20 21-25 25-16 25-16)
    Foppapedretti Bergamo - Asystel Volley Novara 3-2 (25-16 13-25 19-25 25-23 18-16)

    puh :D luckily foppa was able to turn the match after 2 lost sets eheh
    the positive fact about the match is that foppa was able to win this important match without piccinini (maybe because Del Core plays again ;) )and that anna podolec scored 19pts for novara :)
    seems that she adjusted well there. I really hope that she will stay that stable and that she'll help the polish nt to get some nice titles hehe

    Position: Middle Blocker
    Height: 186cm
    Birth Date: 16.03.1986
    Club: Despar Perugia

    1.Do or did you have a rolemodel for your middleblocker position?
    no,i haven't...but i try to learn from those best ones...

    2.If you could go to a foreign league, which would you choose and why?
    if I wanted to earn many money I would go in Turkey or Russia.. but if I wanted to go in a beautiful place I would choose Spain.

    3.In your opinion, which league is the strongest in europe right now?
    always the Italian League...

    4.Perugia started pretty slow into the new season, what do you think are the main reasons for that?
    the team is completely new,the stronger players have gone away...we have only need of time because we're a good team.

    5.With what players are you good friends?
    Giulia Decordi,Serena Ortolani,Valentina Fiorin,Nadia Centoni, Ilaria Garzaro and many others...

    6.If you were a coach, which 6 players would you choose to play for your team?
    Bown-Gioli,Fofao-Skowronska,Francia-Costagrande.libero Cardullo

    7.What is your major goal in volleyball you want to achieve one day? Or have you achieved it already?
    my major goals are the champions league in Cannes and in Murcia.

    8.What was the last movie you watched in cinema and how did you like it?
    p.s. I love you because I'm a romantic person.

    9.What kind of music do u like the most?
    I listen to all the types of music except heavy metal and hard rock.

    10.What subjects were you good at at school? And which you didn't like at all?
    i was good in maths,italian but i didn't like philosophy.

    11.Do/did you have any problems being tall?
    no i think it's a fortune.

    12.Please, name three things that most people don't know about you.
    likeable,sociable,and i love sleep.

    13.Do you have a special dream? (not necessary concerning volleyball)
    it's a dream...i can't tell you because i have fear that it doesn't become truth.

    photo credits: & Lucia Crisanti

    hi nice interview :thumbsup: but what about Lena's interview (I remamber you ask people to send you quastions) :thumbsup:

    lena seems to be one of the slow ones hehe

    Anyway, the interview is really cute. And that girl has taste! i mean she recommends cracow and wroclaw, cant be better ehheehe

    I've read in a spanish forum that Priscilla is at hospital, serbians players (Eric, Basic and Mladenovic) haven't visa to fly to Russia and Tasha Holness hasn't CEV licence. Murcia has played with Pitu as OH, second setter as MB.

    This is a joke... How can a team like that be allowed to play in the Championsleague at all.
    Is it so hard to get the visas early enough? or to get a license? och, what a shitty management.

    Im not pissed or anything cos at least Bergamo lost to a polish team i actually like somehow eheheh
    But what worries me is the fact that Bergamo is not the same team without Piccinini.... Unfortunatly other reliable players as Grün and Poljak left.
    Och why couldnt they get another great spiker...

    i think ill get drunk also :D
    so, na zdrowie :drink:

    Matches to predict
    11.11.2008 18:00 Farmutil PILA - Zarechie ODINTSOVO
    11.11.2008 20:30 Volley BERGAMO - Fakro Muszynianka MUSZYNA

    12.11.2008 19:00 ASPTT MULHOUSE - Scavolini PESARO
    12.11.2008 17:00 Eczacibasi Zentiva ISTANBUL - SVS Post SCHWECHAT
    12.11.2008 19:00 Metal GALATI - Vakifbank Günes S. ISTANBUL
    12.11.2008 20:00 Tubillete.Com TENERIFE - RC CANNES
    12.11.2008 18:00 Postar 064 BEOGRAD - Türk Telekom ANKARA
    12.11.2008 17:30 VK PROSTEJOV - RIJEKA KVIG

    13.11.2008 19:30 DELA Martinus AMSTELVEEN - Colussi Sirio PERUGIA
    13.11.2008 19:00 Dinamo MOSCOW - CAV MURCIA 2005

    Results of the 5th Playround
    Monte Schiavo Banca Marche Jesi - Asystel Volley Novara 3:1 (25:23 22:25 25:20 25:22)
    Scavolini Pesaro - Unicom Starker Kerakoll Sassuolo 3:0 (25:14 25:16 25:13)
    Foppapedretti Bergamo - Yamamay Busto Arsizio 3:1 (25:22 25:22 19:25 26:24)
    Riso Scotti Pavia - Despar Perugia 0:3 (21:25 22:25 20:25)
    Tena Santeramo - Lines Ecocapitanata Cesena 3:0 (25:20 25:23 25:21)
    Minetti Vicenza - Famila Chieri 2:3 (25:23 22:25 19:25 25:23 9:15) (*finally :win: )
    Zoppas Industries Conegliano - Cgf Recycle Florens Castellana Grotte 3:1 (25:19 25:16 21:25 25:22)