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    Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure why but I'm getting better quality now all of a sudden/ I'm uploading Bulgaira vs Poland from WL 2006.

    I have so many tapes, I have no idea what's on them. I have a couple of NL vs Cuba World Leagues games where Portuando and Cala were young, that I can remember. That fragment is all I have of that game though.

    Hello All. I haven't been here for a while, but I'm working on digitising my volleyball tapes again. I bought an easyCap device and this is the quality i'm getting:

    I'm bit dissappointed with and wondering if this quality if worth uploading at all?

    Keep in mind that the wuality of VHS isn't that great to begin with. THis is the kind of quality I would get when using a DVD recorder:

    Alright triple update:

    We keep on winning! Played the club I used to play for, which completely murdered us last time (4-0, with one set ending at 25-14). We beat them 3-1! Could've been 4-0, but we lost the last one 27-25 after leading. I had worked on my technique the last couple of weeks and it finally paid off. I had lots of height in my attack. Didn't make many angles, but the height was enough to consistently hit the top of the block and score most of my attacks. Was pretty easy to score a bunch of tips as they were all in the back of the court expecting another ball to be deflected off of the block.

    Had a couple of good serve runs. I like to take a lot of time for my serves (5 seconds) and just find a passer I'm going to serve at and stare at them for the 5 seconds before I serve. This gives them lots of time to think (which generally is not a good thing in sports.... e.g. why Time Outs work to end service runs). Anyway, the opposing team didn't serve at me at all, as they apparently thought my reception was really good (really hasn't been that good this season).

    Pick up quite a lot of balls in defense and had one jump serve ace.

    Of course it couldn't be a great match, so at the end of the set I hit two balls wide and one into the block after which I substituted, but oh well.

    Anyway; next match; have an event from work which leaves me feeling like a zombie. I play the first set and it's okay, until I hit 3 balls wide in a row and am substituted again. Don't return to play except for a short half rotation for passing. We win the match 3-2! We lost against these guys 4-0 last time as well and they even had better players this time. I really wasn't happy about not playing... yesterdays practice session I spiked away all the frustration though.

    Anyway, we're steadily climbing ranks now the we've won our last 6 matches in a row. In my 20 year volleyball career I've never seen anything like this. First we lose 11 matches in a row and now we've won 6 in a row. For a large part it has to do with the fact that we saw ourselves as favorites before (as we were relegated from a higher league) and now we regard ourselves as the underdog :)

    We won our last match 4-0! So that's our second win this season. Nice to finally win a couple of matches. Everyone in the team played quite well.

    For me it wasn't quite the great game I was expecting.. it wasn't bad either though.

    Reception was very shaky, defence was great, block was too and float servo got us a couple of points.. jump serve wasn't too good with two errors our of three.

    Attack had lots of ups and downs. Sometimes my arm would relax and I got some great spikes in. Two very powerful diagonal spikes especially come to mind. Especially the second one felt like a load fell off my shoulders as it has been so long since I hit such a clean hit with good height, top spin and power. I'd follow that up with spikes into the net though and I knew it was because there was tension in my arm, but I just couldn't relax.. obviously the more you try to relax, the more you don't. It's very weird, you line up the spike perfectly, but then your arm is just late and you just watch the ball drop.

    It'll be good to have some time away from the game with X-mas and all.


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    So Ter Horst really is getting better then? I remember seeing him in our youth team and he seemed pretty promising back then. Ngapeth also played in that tournament and to be honest ter Horst was not that impressive compared to him back then, but Dutch players seem to mature late in general.

    Awesome to see this thread is still going.

    Anyway, last season we finished last and I really didn't play well. It is really different playing with lesser players. There are matches when you only one or two good sets and it is really hard to have a good game. I still had the occasional great spike or jump serve series though. Anyway as we finished last we're playing in a lower league this season. We only train once a week, which suites my availability fine (lots of work these days).

    Two players left our team so we're even weaker and which is shown by the fact that we're ranked last in this league as well! We've only won one game this entire season.

    The first three matches of the season I played really well; good reception, defense and scored most of my attacks (not super powerful, but powerful enough).. didn't help the outcomes of the matches much. Anyway had a string of bad matches lately, even though my level of play at practice was really good. I think i finally figured out that it was due to just to much tension in my body. I've been letting go of the tension and just relaxing and it seems to be working a treat. *next bit is best read while listening to epic music* I feel like I'm currently at about 90% of my best level..; can't wait to face some of the teams that humiliated us earlier on in the season.. back then I was at about 40% of my best level.. so it's basically pay back time 8o as childish as that is... that is how volleyball seems to work though; a lot of times it's just not your day.. but then sometimes it is and right now.. the day is mine.. and all that is left to do is to hang back as I watch how my body lays waste to the feeble defenses it faces in this league.. this may be the last time for me as I'm no longer the youthful player I once was.. but it matters not.. as today is today and tomorrow is mystery. In fact today is not today.. today is everything and there will never be not today... there will be defeat, misery and suffering.. but it will always be today... and as I've endured enough suffering it is now time for the the universe to balance itself and that just happens to mean success.

    So yeah, very much looking forward to the rest of the season; will keep you posted.

    Season after the one I described was decent, but not as good. My team was made up out of mainly people I did not like. I did produce the most powerful spikes out of my career this season, but only two games with really good stats. Finished 3rd in the league

    Season after that I moved clubs again, due to disliking my team. Team was better, but really didn't like the sets of my new setter, still played a decent season and scored more pipe attacks than in the rest of my 18 year long career! Also some combination attacks, so that was an advantage of this setters game. Finished 3rd in the league

    Current season: in a team with a lot of young players and a lot of reall bad players, hence we are ranked last.

    Two best macthes (for balance's sake) of this season:

    - Played my team from the year before. We lost very badly, but I played a great game. Scored almost all my attacks and all in pretty impressive fashion, also a few good role shots. One particular cross court spike was among the best I've ever produced (lots of height, power and a very sharp angle). Also played well from the right side. Serving was good, both jump serve and floater. Reception was pretty poor, but that was due to one of their players having a pretty ridiculous floater.

    - Played a team from a lower league in the cup match. Finally scored a few good series with my jump serve again. This has not happened often since the season I describe in this thread. Spiking was basolutely top notch. Tons of height and power. At the end of the game the opponent was finally able to block me and they all went nuts (because I'm so amazing and they were happy they could stop such an amazing player as myself...) Reception was decent, so was defence and didn't get to block much due to their game consisting of mainly off speed attacks and tips.

    I'm stil with my girlfriend that I got back together with after game two of this thread :P We have a house, two dogs, two cats, 4 mice, a car and 8 remote control cars (my other new hobby).

    Wow what an awesome match. I was so rooting for Sergei especially as I remember how he cried when Russia lost the gold in Sydney 2000. Can't believe he is still playing so well and to win the gold now and in this fashion! wow, that must be crazy for him.

    And yes Alekno pulled an awefully bold move and by doing so won the olympics together with Muserskiy! No words for that guy... to be unstoppable for some many sets and at some many points is unheard of. For such a tall player he moves so well and is so athletic. And man those back row spikes down the line... what the hell.

    But don't forget about Mikhaylov, also very important I found. I didn't know he could receive so well :)

    Brazil was amazing too, especially the first two sets of course. Sidao and Wallace were unstoppable.

    Great final ;at the edge of my seat throughout the whole match.

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    Thanx for translating