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    OMFG! Was she serious or on drug when she said it? looool

    Preliminary round

    Day 1

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Hungary - Azerbaijan 0-3
    Poland - Germany 2-3

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Italy - Georgia 3-0
    Croatia - Belarus 3-1

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Ukraine - Russia 0-3

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Serbia - Czech Republic 3-1
    The Netherlands - Belgium 3-2

    Day 2

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Poland - Hungary 3-1

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Georgia - Croatia 1-3
    Italy - Belarus 3-0

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Bulgaria - Ukraine 3-1
    Turkey - Russia 1-3

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Czech Republic - Belgium 1-3
    The Netherlands - Serbia 1-3

    Day 3

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Azerbaijan - Poland 2-3
    Germany - Hungary 3-1

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Georgia - Belarus 2-3
    Croatia - Italy 0-3

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Bulgaria - Turkey 1-3

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Belgium - Serbia 1-3
    Czech Republic - The Netherlands 1-3

    Day 4

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Germany - Azerbaijan 2-3

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Russia - Bulgaria 3-0
    Turkey - Ukraine 3-0

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)


    Ok I still don`t know what does Yavbou means?…nommes-le-team-yavbou.php


    Un soir de novembre 2013, l'équipe de France se baptisait ainsi après avoir estoqué la Seleção en quatre sets. «Des potes m'avaient dit avant le match que les grands Brésiliens, il fallait les bouillave», déclarait Earvin Ngapeth après coup. Ce terme, «Yavbou», du verlan «bouillave», est issu du romani (langue parlée par les tziganes) et signifie en réalité «battre à plate couture» ou «avoir un rapport sexuel viril», selon la signification que vous souhaitez lui donner.

    In november 2013, France won against Brasil in 4 sets. The word «Yavbou» comes from the "verlan" (slang words created in most cases by changing the order of the syllables) «bouillave» which means "to devastate", which was what they did that time to Brasil. That's it.

    I don't understand people which are defending Zaytsev :S National team is national team and there isn't space for personal interests. If you want to play for the NT you should obey rules that apply to everyone. Full support for Italian Federation :obey:

    I agree! :drink:

    Something absurd is going on in the Italian Federation: Zaytsev may be sent home because he is using Adidas shoes (his personal sponsor) instead of Mizuno shoes (NT sponsor). And wants to keep using, as far as I understand from the news in Gazzetta.

    He is a drama queen, that's why I don't like him.

    He seems to life to be sponsored: just look at his instragram :thumbdown:

    If there's a rule, you have to respect it. :wavy:
    Next time he should think twice before signing something. :whistle:

    Picci is beautiful everywhere, anytime

    Are you guys blind or what? :white:
    "De gustibus non disputandum est", but... actually, in the pictures (90%) with Guiggi she looked like a trans. Maybe you missed Martina's IG stories :whistling:

    BTW, Tai Aguero a few years after the retirement, announced that she will play again. She will play in Italy:B1, Sassuolo. :cheesy:
    This is a great news. For sure, this one is the best news of the day.

    Now I dream to have Lindsey Berg back too :love: But she is into coaching.

    Here you can read the news --->…o-torna-campo-tay-aguero/

    Watched just the final points of Italy-France first set and Giannelli performed a couple of world-class sets. Kid is going to be one of the greatest ever. :aww:

    Actually he is playing his worst tournament ever. He used to play way better than this. He is making a lot of mistakes while setting (short balls in 2/ imprecise balls in 4 and in back row), and his serve and block are not as good as they were before and now everyone knows he like score points with the second touch, so they pay attention and so he get blocked or they easily cover his balls.