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    Hi everyone, even if I don’t post here as much as I used to do in the past, I always read what you write and I’m still here.

    I just want to tell you that here in Italy right now there’s a MESS. You guys can’t understand what’s happening here. I live very far from the red zones, but here too it’s a mess so I can’t even imagine what’s going on there.

    Press is going crazy.

    People on TV speak 24/7 about the coronavirus.

    There are a lot of fake news.

    A lot of people are breaking the rules and that’s why the situation is getting worse and worse every single day.

    Maybe right now volleyball is not the most important thing to think about for us.

    I think playing without the audience is just a joke since there are still the players, the staff, the speaker, the little girls on the field (their parents who drove them to the hall) , people that works in the hall, the drivers of team’s bus, people that works for the TV service, etc… involved. It’s not just about the audience.

    I know it can sound crazy stop sports a few months before the OG, but if we [not Italians, I mean everyone] don’t do something right now, we could have to postpone or even to cancel the Olympics, and that would be the worst thing that could happen to sport.

    We all must do our best in order to not spread the virus, and if stop volleyball for a while is one of those things, we should do it.

    Today I watched for the first time ever a volleyball match abroad, it was Madrid Chamberí - OSACC Haro Rioja Voley. I have to say that Spanish Superliga is very different from Serie A (which is the league I know better). There's a huge gap with the main European League. It was good to watch it because it ended at the tie break, but still...

    It reminded me of the matches I used to played when I was something like 15/16 years old. I mean, I would be able to play in a team here even if it has been ages since my last official match.

    The players looked very very young.

    I hope the level will be higher one day and I would also like to watch Spanish NT playing at high level in the tournaments.

    BTW, I'll be back at the hall to watch also the next matches ;)

    They posted something Sara wrote while she was in the hospital on here FB page. I translated it.…3223673650&type=3&theater