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    Today I watched for the first time ever a volleyball match abroad, it was Madrid Chamberí - OSACC Haro Rioja Voley. I have to say that Spanish Superliga is very different from Serie A (which is the league I know better). There's a huge gap with the main European League. It was good to watch it because it ended at the tie break, but still...

    It reminded me of the matches I used to played when I was something like 15/16 years old. I mean, I would be able to play in a team here even if it has been ages since my last official match.

    The players looked very very young.

    I hope the level will be higher one day and I would also like to watch Spanish NT playing at high level in the tournaments.

    BTW, I'll be back at the hall to watch also the next matches ;)

    They posted something Sara wrote while she was in the hospital on here FB page. I translated it.…3223673650&type=3&theater

    Guys, guess how the second set just ended....

    Lanza served out! What a surprise XD

    Perugia and Civitanova look like a buch of great foreign players with random italians put into the court just because three of them must play.

    Italy's math was awful. We faced 2 strong teams (Russia and Serbia) and we lost twice.

    This team just doesn't work.
    Giannelli is too young and he ALWAYS plays bad in the most important matches. It's easy to play well when you are facing a poor opponent :whistle: but the great players come out in the match that means something.

    Lanza = do I really need to say something about him?

    Junatorena = maybe he was thinking about his newborn daughter, he wasn't with the head on the game

    Zaytsev = it looks like Serbia worked just on how to block and defend him

    The middles = with the poor reception, Giannelli couldn't use them a lot, but they scored some interesting blocks

    As I said a lot of times, our problem is that we can't play with Lanza. He is a mess. SInce we don't have Parodi or Kovar, we should play with Zaytesv as a outside hitter along with Juantorena. Nelli should play as a OPP (but I think both Sabbi or vettori would have been a better choise)

    Maruotti showed better thinks than Lanza and he should have played more IMO. I also think yesterday Bara should have come in the court way before than in the 3rd set.

    PS: Ravens, I can't watch it on TV because I'm abroad...

    OMFG! Was she serious or on drug when she said it? looool