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    Something absurd is going on in the Italian Federation: Zaytsev may be sent home because he is using Adidas shoes (his personal sponsor) instead of Mizuno shoes (NT sponsor). And wants to keep using, as far as I understand from the news in Gazzetta.

    He is a drama queen, that's why I don't like him.

    He seems to life to be sponsored: just look at his instragram :thumbdown:

    If there's a rule, you have to respect it. :wavy:
    Next time he should think twice before signing something. :whistle:

    Picci is beautiful everywhere, anytime

    Are you guys blind or what? :white:
    "De gustibus non disputandum est", but... actually, in the pictures (90%) with Guiggi she looked like a trans. Maybe you missed Martina's IG stories :whistling:

    BTW, Tai Aguero a few years after the retirement, announced that she will play again. She will play in Italy:B1, Sassuolo. :cheesy:
    This is a great news. For sure, this one is the best news of the day.

    Now I dream to have Lindsey Berg back too :love: But she is into coaching.

    Here you can read the news --->…o-torna-campo-tay-aguero/

    Watched just the final points of Italy-France first set and Giannelli performed a couple of world-class sets. Kid is going to be one of the greatest ever. :aww:

    Actually he is playing his worst tournament ever. He used to play way better than this. He is making a lot of mistakes while setting (short balls in 2/ imprecise balls in 4 and in back row), and his serve and block are not as good as they were before and now everyone knows he like score points with the second touch, so they pay attention and so he get blocked or they easily cover his balls.


    First of all, nobody is saying these teams can't play in Superlega. They're saying they can't unless they have a 3000 seats hall.

    I know it ;)


    Molfetta has the Palaflorio, I learned from you that is close enough to Castellana too.
    The Lega decided 3 years ago this was the direction were the new born Superlega wanted to go.

    Yeah. Here we have the PalaFlorio which is for sure big enough. At PalaPoli they added more seats for this season (but it seems still not enough to reach 3000) since it's ALWAYS full and there are a lot of people cheering. Trust me, a lot.

    I have been there and being there it's simply amazing. In my opinion, there's no need to set a number of seats: it's better a full and small hall than a big one and almost empty. BTW I bealive here, in the South, even a bigger hall would be full of peaople :lol:

    I read on an article that Castellana will play for sure in A1 during the next season, they don't know where, but they will play.

    Vibo is so right!

    If Lega will really decide to do it, Vibo, Latina, Castellana and Molfetta (and maybe one team which now I don't remember) won't be able to play.

    The avenues may not be that big, but at least here it doesn't rain inside :whistle: http://www.cronachemaceratesi.…spesa-lube-latina/780598/

    It's just a shitty way to avoid avay matches far from the north. :down:

    If it will happen, I hope Molfetta and Castellana will become one team and play together in Bari. I don't know if it's even possible XD

    Where did you read this? The news isn't out yet, it seems strange that nobody wrote it...

    I read it too in an Italian FB group about volleyball (and I thought you were a member of that group too. I thought I knew who you are, but it seems I was wrong XD)

    I just don't get how a player can refuse a call in the NT. If it's true, she was just "stupid".

    Castellana's run this year was WILD. Reaching the finals after being 0-2 in the semifinals, then winning the last game that way was just too much. I'm glad they could win and even more happy for Bruno Canuto and Djalma Moreira for grabbing the title!

    Yeah, the brasillians (and also Joao Rafael in Molfetta) had an amazing season along with Cazzaniga.

    Both Castellana and Molfetta can use PalaFlorio in Bari which is very close and for sure big enough since they played there the WGP and the World Championship. Or not?

    BTW Molfetta already added some more seats during this season (although I read that it's not sure if they will play next year), but I don't really think they can add more seats in PalaGrotte (Castellana) 'cause there's just no room for them.

    I don't now where to post it.

    Next year, CASTELLANA will play again in Superlega.

    After an amazing serie with Spoleto (with two 2-3 and two 3-0 for each team), yesterday they played the 5th game.
    1-0 for Castellana.
    Then Spoleto won two sets in a row: 1-2.
    In the 4th set Spoleto was leading 17-23, but after an amazing come back (9-1) :obey: Castellana won the set and then the tie break.

    After the economical problems, they had to start again from B2. With 3 promotions in a row, they now are in A1.

    I am so happy! I love Castellana and it's very very very close to my town. :cheesy:

    Did Gözde Kırdar retired from the NT or what?

    What about Özgenur Yurtdagülen, Selime İlyasoğlu and Sinem Barut? I remember them from when Leo and Berg played in Turkey and I used to follow the championship. They were quite good when they played.

    Dind't Mazzanti said that he doesn't want to work with her wife again after this season in Conegliano?

    It's "curious" how some players such as Ortolani and Rondon were in the NT in the past and now that they are stronger and better players they are not in the National Team anymore.

    I'm so happy for Tirozzi, she deserved it and she should have been called before too.

    If Gennari's body will be "not that tired", I hope to see her with the other girls soon.

    I think this team need a leader, and the leader can be MARTINA GUIGGI. I think she is not there because she needs some rest. She had an amazing season in Bergamo, after K.S.'s injury, she was several times the best scorer for Bergamo, she jump serves again (and it can be useful) and she is the kind of played I would like as captain of this new NT. We can't only have Lucia Bosetti + a bunck of unexperienced players.

    I just want to say that I am so sorry for Ferretti. She is very unlucky because she has to play at the same time in which we have Lo Bianco. I really wish there was more "age gap" between them because they are the best italian setters of the last years and we barely had the chance to watch them playing together in the NT. I understand that she hasn't been called because our goal right now is to be ready for Rio and so Mazzanti decided to call very young players, but I wish she had a chance.

    Orro, Malinov and Cambi are talended, but they are not the next Lo Bianco.
    This new team is going to be so different from the "old good" one we had some yeast ago. [I already said it some time ago] Our strenght was the defence: we always had good liberos + we had Bosetti L, Costagrande, Del Core, Piccinini which were "defensive OH". Since Togut, we never had a real and dominant OPP.

    Now we have a lot of OPP and players that are half OH anf half OPP because they are good at hitting and not in back row.

    So reception/defense will not be as good as it used to be + now we don't have a setter as good as the one we hade before.

    The best part of this NT will be for sure having a lot of good MBs.

    I like Parrocchiale since when she played in Villa and I am happy for her.