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    Pool A
    06.08 Japan - Korea 3-0
    06.08 Brazil - Cameroon 3-0
    07.08 Russia - Argentina 3-0

    08.08 Japan - Cameroon 3-0
    09.08 Russia - Korea 3-0
    09.08 Brazil - Argentina 3-0

    10.08 Russia - Cameroon 3-0
    11.08 Korea - Argentina 3-1
    11.08 Brazil - Japan 3-2

    12.08 Argentina - Cameroon 3-1
    13.08 Russia - Japan 1-3
    13.08 Brazil - Korea 3-0

    14.08 Korea - Cameroon 3-1
    15.08 Japan - Argentina 3-0
    15.08 Brazil - Russia 3-1

    Pool B
    06.08 China - Netherlands 3-1
    06.08 USA - Puerto Rico 3-0
    07.08 Serbia - Italy 1-3

    08.08 China - Italy 2-3
    08.08 USA - Netherlands 3-1
    08.08 Serbia - Puerto Rico 3-0

    10.08 China - Puerto Rico 3-0
    10.08 Italy - Netherlands 3-1
    10.08 USA - Serbia 3-1

    12.08 China - Serbia 3-1
    12.08 USA - Italy 2-3
    12.08 Netherlands - Puerto Rico 3-1

    14.08 Serbia - Netherlands 3-2
    14.08 Italy - Puerto Rico 3-0
    14.08 USA - China 3-2


    1. kolejka: 07-08-2016
    - - -
    07-08-2016 14:30 Italy France 3-2
    07-08-2016 16:35 Brazil Mexico 3-0
    07-08-2016 22:05 USA Canada 3-1
    2. kolejka: 09-08-2016
    - - -
    09-08-2016 16:35 France Mexico 3-0
    09-08-2016 20:00 Italy USA 3-1
    10-08-2016 03:35 Brazil Canada 3-0
    3. kolejka: 11-08-2016
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    11-08-2016 22:05 Canada France 0-3
    12-08-2016 01:30 Italy Mexico 3-0
    12-08-2016 03:35 Brazil USA 3-1
    4. kolejka: 13-08-2016
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    13-08-2016 22:05 USA France 2-3
    14-08-2016 01:30 Canada Mexico 3-1
    14-08-2016 03:35 Brazil Italy 2-3
    5. kolejka: 15-08-2016
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    15-08-2016 16:35 USA Mexico 3-0
    16-08-2016 01:30 Italy Canada 3-0
    16-08-2016 03:35 Brazil France 3-2


    1. kolejka: 07-08-2016
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    07-08-2016 20:00 Poland Egypt 3-1
    08-08-2016 01:30 Russia Cuba 3-1
    08-08-2016 03:35 Argentina Iran 3-2
    2. kolejka: 09-08-2016
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    09-08-2016 14:30 Russia Argentina 2-3
    09-08-2016 22:05 Poland Iran 3-1
    10-08-2016 01:30 Cuba Egypt 3-1
    3. kolejka: 11-08-2016
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    11-08-2016 14:30 Iran Cuba 3-1
    11-08-2016 16:35 Russia Egypt 3-0
    11-08-2016 20:00 Poland Argentina 1-3
    4. kolejka: 13-08-2016
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    13-08-2016 14:30 Iran Egypt 3-1
    13-08-2016 16:35 Argentina Cuba 3-1
    13-08-2016 20:00 Poland Russia 2-3
    5. kolejka: 15-08-2016
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    15-08-2016 14:30 Argentina Egypt 3-1
    15-08-2016 20:00 Russia Iran 3-1
    15-08-2016 22:05 Poland Cuba 3-2

    For a lot of years, we used to be a "defensive-team" and our problem was put down the ball. I mean when we had Del Core, Bosetti L, Costagrande, Piccinini together (more or less together). Yeah, we USED TO... Now we have the opposite problem and it makes me laugh (well, actually cry).
    For us this team is kinda crazy.

    Injuries are not by our side (Arrighetti [still not at her best], Gennari, Spirito). I think the missing player is Tirozzi [instead of Diouf]. IMO she deserved to be in the NT.

    Del Core in her last tournament ever ;( will almost work more than in her whole career. I hope she will be fine during the whole tournament.
    As DH would say, KHIOP!

    Lo Bianco, Guiggi, Del Core and Centoni (4/12) are our most experienced players. I expect a lot from them in this tournament.

    Orro instead of Malinov is a good choice.

    Since :
    - we have TOO MANY OPPs
    - Bonitta can't even choose a starting 6+1 (so a starting OPP)
    - Leo is not used to play that much
    I think we may see A LOT of double-subs.

    I would love a team with Centoni as staring OPP.

    Leggeri retired.

    Cardullo started working, I don't remember exactly where. She posted a picture on Facebook. I really hope it doesn't mean she will not play anymore. Are there news about her?

    Yeah, I like this topic. As you can see, in the last period I don't post often here. I read the posts, but I don't write that much anymore.

    TPAM can speak Italian very well.

    According to volley.IT, Lo bianco will come back to NT and play at the Olympics. Is that true? Is she going to replace Malinov or Orro? ?(

    Next week the team will start to train again and Lo Bianco is back. :heart: It basically means (99,9%) that she will go to Rio. :cheesy:
    I knew it, I knew since when she didn't play in the tournament for the OG qualification and in the WC that she would have been called again. It was predictable. (I think) She wasn't called before, because Bonitta decided to prevent injury in order to play with the best team in Rio. In fact, he never let players play 2 matches in a row to give them some rest. This may have been his best choice.

    I think she will replace Malinov since Orro now walks and she has been working on her ankle from a long time now, she said that she is ok. So I think she will go to Rio, and let's be honest, she is better than Malinov. Malinov is taller and maybe sometimes she serves better than Orro, but Orro sets better. I said it since day one.

    I think out best line-up for Rio is
    Lo Bianco-Centoni
    Del Core - Sylla(?)
    De Gennaro
    (with Egonu-Orro used A LOT during our classic double substitution when Leo is in 1st row)

    Our problems will be that:
    - we don't have a great MB (except Guiggi) since Arrighetti is half injured and Gioli is not in the NT anymore;
    - we don't have an OH able to recive well except Del Core (I don't know if Gennari is ok and she will be able to go to Rio) [Tirozzi may be VERY, V-E-R-Y useful];
    - Bonitta may do strange things such as playing with Diouf (when we have Centoni and Egonu), let Ortolani and Egonu playing not in their role.

    BTW, I as still sorry for Ferretti. Leo and Francy are our best setter since a lot of time and playing such an important tournament with young and unexperienced setters is way too dangerous. My dream was to watch again and for the last time, Lo Bianco and Ferretti together in the NT. :(

    I'm in Bari. This blackout is boring, but the players of both teams are making it less boring than the 1st set. There's a problem in the whole area of the city. Fortunalety it happened now and not right before, during Russia-Holland. I already imagine the faces of Russian players XD it's been more than 1 hour now.

    L'ultima tappa della qualificazione olimpica in Giappone, mi ha fatto capire che le scelte dell'allenatore, che rispetto ma non condivido, non corrispondono alle mie aspettative e a quanto penso di rappresentare.

    Trying to translate: "The last step of OG qualification made me understand that the coach's choices, which I respect but don't share, don't correspond with my expectations and with what I intend to represent."

    Basically it means: I don't want to play anymore in the NT because I am a bench player. :whistle:

    Finally she is OUT! And, by the way, she wasn't even in the list for the WGP. I don't know what happen before, her decision or Bonitta's one.

    She isn't anymore the player she used to be. I think maybe since the year after the scudetto in Bergamo, she is getting worse and worse. During the WCH she was a disaster when she was called in. I think in the last years she only played well during the Champions League with Casalmaggiore. She wasn't even always a starter in the club.