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    Was Lara Berger with the team during the preparations? I never saw her on any photos...

    I think I saw her somewhere in the background but I can't find it right now :/ Anyway, she had shoulder problems towards the end of the season in Dresden, so I guess she is one of the injured players Heynen mentioned.

    Saddest thing about the roster: except for Emonts and maybe Straube, this is the best we can do right now :white:

    No, you have 15secs after whistle to go to service line and serve. So you have 7secs to get to the service line.

    So this means there is no extra whistle anymore for serve, you simply have 15 seconds after the end of the previous rally? What if the court is wet and has to be wiped or if the kids are slow at giving the server the ball? :aww:

    Marie Hänle to Suhl

    Considering they already have Lena Kindermann as OPP, it looks like Hänle is supposed to be starter.

    :what: Wow...on the one hand I like it, but then it's a major downgrade from Harbin to Hänle :white: Maybe playing Challenge Cup last season caused them financial trouble so they can't afford expensive transfers?

    Sina Fuchs signed with Erfurt for 2nd league pro.

    I saw Ivana Vanjak in some Insta stories of the team's media day (photo shooting), so I guess she'll join the team later in summer once she has fully recovered from her injury.

    Given the trouble at OPP position I wonder if Heynen considers Lena Große Scharmann, IMO she's closer to international level than Rica Maase and just one year older.

    I think all three players will get a fair amount of playing time because all of them are capable of attacking both in front of and behind the setter. In the important matches whoever is in the best shape at that moment will get to start.

    Unfortunately I'm not very surprised. Professional sports requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice, and with the changing values in society, many young people aren't willing to put sports above everything else for the whole year. So many talented young players have retired early or quit NT in the last years, it's really sad :( I can understand their point of view, but it's definitely not good for volleyball and I have the impression that this does not happen that often in other countries as in Germany. On the top of my head I can name Janiska, Lippmann, Kemmsies, Imoudu, Silge, Cyris, Dreblow, Leweling (and I probably forgot some names) who quit professional (indoor) volleyball or at least NT quite early, Weitzel also almost quit when she was just 18 or so but after some time off she found her passion again luckily.

    1. I'm comparing both players based on their performance at the most important game of season. I won't compare Boskovic's performance against PTT of course🤦 this was not the only game she was bad. She played badly during playoff finals too😉

    2. I watched quite a lot of games of eczacıbasi if not all. Boskovic is not using jump serve for almost a year because she is just inconsistent server, it is not because she is injured. And there's no specific injury preventing someone to use jump serve but allowing her to attack. If a player can attack from backrow, physically she is capable of doing jump serve too. So I don't think injury could be an excuse here. All top players have minor injuries here and there anyways. And Boskovic is Princess of club, noone could force her play with a serious injury. Fabris played quite a few games to give her rest. What else do you want? Should Eczacıbaşı hire Haak as back up for next time?😂

    It was clearly visible yesterday that Boskovic has physical issues, either due to injury or exhaustion. She was far less dynamic and explosive than she can be, which resulted in an overall rather poor performance for her standards.

    Second, of course injury/tiredness is a reason to abandon jump serve! In fact it's rather common, it's the element where players can save energy in the easiest way, sometimes it's even a reason to use a serving substitute.

    GER-UKR 2:3 (20:25 21:25 25:20 25:15 8:15)

    MVP: Lena Stigrot / Oleksandra Milenko

    GER: Kästner, Maase, Stautz, Stigrot, Weitzel, Strubbe, Cesar (L) and Glaab, Alsmeier, Agbortabi, Van Clewe, Pogany (L).