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    OPP and L are decent, both Martin and Reesink are much more than just a back-up. OH looks ok as well, but S and MB are a big downgrade compared to this season. Varela at least is a good young talent, but I'm not sold on Morrissette and Veltman.

    What about grozer? I haven't watched her yet but based on the fuss about her I wonder if it actually makes more sense to invest in her instead of a bunch of mediocre players?

    It sure makes sense investing in her like Schwerin does, but right now she's nowhere near adult international level yet. She'll get there with more years of good work I hope.

    I think he's leaving Dresden. He has been increasingly unhappy with Dresden in recent years. Especially because of the reduced budget and the Margon Arena

    I'm not so sure, for someone who is linked to the city by a family with three children, staying there would be the safer bet and I think he also might earn more in a normal season with Dresden than as NT coach where DVV probably only pays for the summer months.

    VBL also released a statement about the appointment of Waibl as NT coach and they point out very clearly, IMO even more clearly than DVV, that in the long run a double function as NT coach and Bundesliga club coach is impossible. So basically this means that after the summer, Waibl will have to decide whether he'll fulfill his contract with Dresden until 2026 or continue as NT coach.

    I wonder if Waibl decided this names or if he would make a different list.
    Also Vanjak isnt on the list. Do you she wouldn’t have chance anyway?

    It's hard to even make a list of 30 players in Germany, so I don't think Waibl would have made different choices. Maybe some of them indeed are his, it would for example explain why Lena Linke is there as she plays in Dresden.

    I think Vanjak is unhappy with DVV because she had to pay her whole rehabilitation after that horrible injury two years ago from her own pocket because DVV doesn't have an insurance for NT players, so I think she might not want to play for NT. I don't think she could be a big help anyway though.

    What is status of Orthman?

    Still recovering I think. I hope she'll be back in full strength for next club season but I don't expect to see her this summer.

    Isnt it a dick move from Heynen to let the team down just before Olympics 🤦 it is literally the worst time while this team still has chance to qualify. To be fair he made this limited German team play a very good volleyball last summer but why do you think he quit suddenly? Was it really for money?🤔

    Kozuch still needs to prove herself that she deserves a spot. She is at the age of 38. I assume she learned how to receive after playing in beach for 5 years but still it is different receiving in indoor volleyball than receiving in beach volleyball. On the other hand, Germany doesn't have a long list of good outsides anyways. It will be alsmeier, stigrot and?

    Stautz should also be there as OH (which is sad enough), but then it gets thin already. 4th spot might be between Jatzko,Timmer and Kömmling I guess. Agbortabi has had enough chances, she just won't make it on that level. Giving a chance to Kozuch certainly won't hurt under these circumstances.

    I think Heynen's decision might be in some way related to the new presidency of DVV, but most of all it's probably related to him being an actual dick.

    It would be hilarious if by any miracle the team would still qualify for Paris and Waibl could experience that instead of Heynen who prepared the team over a longer period :rolll: That would be Karma at its best.

    Anyway, good riddance :wavy:

    You can see a tiny shade of yellow on the right side of his hip which is the ball. Knowing how fast a longline spike goes, he definitely started that kick movement long before he could know where the ball goes, probably around the same moment Knollema attacked the ball, so no way he intentionally played the ball in such a short moment.

    Looks like they even found a replacement for Heynen already. Alexander Waibl will take over according to

    Best choice under the given circumstances, he knows all the players very well and IMO he's a good coach though maybe not all players like his style, such as giving very detailed instructions and not leaving much freedom tactically for players individually.

    Thank God they didn't get Ferhat :rolll: Even though he might win Turkish league with Eczacibasi this season this doesn't turn him into a high level coach all of a sudden. But then I guess Waibl was the only one who accepted the salary DVV can offer :whistle:

    And isn't it nice how well Italian sources are informed about what's going on in German volleyball when probably DVV won't make any public statement for ages? :gone:

    What are the rules for these kinds of situations? (coach interfering with play) I would have thought it was the coach's responsibility to stay away, so the other team should be awarded the point.

    Well that's the problem. For a while there was a rule that coaches had to stay at least 1m away from the sideline and it made sense IMO, because many coaches often are very close to the line which increases the danger for such situations. If the coach gets hit by a ball that would land out, it's not his responsability to jump away from the ball, but of course the coach can't reach into the court to play a ball, and the closer the coach is to the line, the more difficult this is to judge in close situations, so a video check indeed could have helped.

    OTOH it was Stuttgart's own fault to get so much excited about it that they completely lost their focus :whistle:

    According to Koslowski, he talked on the phone with Bitter and they sorted everything out :win: He also critizises the referees for refusing to check the situation by video check even though it would technically be possible, but not within the officially allowed challenges.

    According to who usually are very well-informed, it seems Heynen has quit his job and it should be made public soon. They say it might be related due to tensions after Kozuch being in the roster for VNL :what:

    Kozuch in her Insta story says she'll "probably be back at the ball on Monday" which might mean joining NT training, but I wonder how that would lead to tensions. I would be surprised if there were any players completely against her joining the team, even though I would understand if some find it unfair to include her in the roster after not even playing indoor for years. But then, it's not like she took away the place of some talented youngster, we should be glad to take any high level player we can get :whistle:

    I need a dislike button for that last sentence ;(

    As far as I remember that was definitely not the first time Koslowski did that.

    (I remember a match in Suhl)

    Koslowski for sure is a nice person but in important matches he can get really unfair.

    I'm quite sure such an action isn't done on purpose, certainly not when the score is 1:1 in 4th set.

    Short clip about 2nd match. Whatever happened during the match, Bitter refusing handshake after the match is absolutely unacceptable for me. Looks like he's exactly the right coach for Stuttgart after all :whistle:

    I know it won't matter because neither of them would get to play anyway, but Haneline in the roster is a joke. She barely got to play in Stuttgart this season whereas Tia Jimerson was one of the best MBs of the league, if anything her name should be on the wide roster.