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    In Germany there also are problems with many of the US players' arrivals. Dresden even registered Madeleine Gates under her Irish passport (she has double citizenship) hoping it would make it easier for her to arrive in Germany...

    And more whining from Stuttgart: VBL decided that the Supercup match will be played by Dresden (as Cup winner) and Schwerin. Besides that, Renkema and Irion want to have VBL's decision regarding CL appointments checked by a lawyer :roll:

    In a newspaper article from Stuttgart, Lippmann declared that it's her goal to qualify for 2024 Olympics with indoor NT, so for now she is definitely not moving to beach volley.

    In the TV interview yesterday she said that often in summer she likes to play some beach, and now she was asked to replace an injured player and she said yes, but mainly to gain new experiences and learn more. Right now I can't see her seriously moving to beach volley.

    What is Schwerin's most likely starting six at this point and are they considered a top-tier team this year with a chance for the championship. Also are they in CL or CV playoffs for this year.

    Imoudu - Spelman

    Szakmary - Agost (or Alsmeier, depending on Agost's reception)

    Schölzel - Barfield


    Schwerin is surely among the top 3 teams next season together with Stuttgart and Dresden and has a chance to win titles. They're qualified for CL group stage.

    ŁKS Łódź will probably play in CL qualification as another polish team. Also, Legionovia got the invitation from CEV on Thursday, however on Friday they received another email with information it was sent by mistake :D

    According to the polish press, teams must make the decision, (whether play and which cup) until July 14.

    The article from Stuttgart says 31 July

    VBL decided, based upon some calculation, to give Schwerin Germany's regular CL spot which means they're qualified to group stage, and Stuttgart gets the additional spot which requires them to play the qualification phase. However, as expected, Stuttgart is not amused by this decision and considers playing CEV Cup instead...

    the men will have friendly matches against germany

    They could do the same for the girls

    Polish fed asked for this, but for a later date in August, and German women NT already finished their camp last week.

    So my guess about her going to Schwerin was wrong...according to Münster's press, there were problems between Keller and Buijs, so she wanted to use a clause in her contract that allowed her to leave, but according to the club the conditions to use this clause were not fulfilled, so eventually Keller and her father/manager even hired a lawyer :what: Looks like Vilsbiburg's management also found some kind of agreement with Münster in order to buy her out of the contract.

    I don't think it's a good sign when something like this happens around an 18 year old player :gone:

    IMO Stuttgart and Dresden are stronger anyway. Only id Lippmann stays they are more equal...

    Both Imoudu and Stoltenborg aren't stable setters. Imoudu has bigger potential, so she should be the starting setter. Last 2 seasons she wasn't a starter though, so for me it wouldn't be a surprise if Stoltenborg takes over the starting spot eventually.

    In Aachen she played a lot, there was no clear nr 1 among her and Divoux but I think Imoudu played more than Divoux back then. And concerning Potsdam, honestly I think the main reason why Nichol was first setter there was being Hernandez's girlfriend. Whenever Imoudu got to play I thought she did much better than Nichol...