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    For germany and turkey yeah but for serbia it is much easier i think more serbia has great middles and blockers so they may beat japan even 3-0

    I think Japan didn't do their game today, far lower performance than usual. Saori struggles to spike Haruka's toss that's too short or too close to the net. Ebata also seems to experience the same. Nagaoka is an excellent spiker. But she does not do reception. So she in incompatible with Ebata. That is a big headache for Japan.

    If this issue is unsolved, Serbia will easily win the game against Japan.

    what about Sarina Koga...She's in the list of the Japan NT.. she played in Alassio really impressed with her...hope manabe will start to train her and give her more playing time...shes young and will continue to be more better i tihnk :drink:

    Sarina Koga doesn't play this world grand-prix because she now plays for her high-school team.
    Yes, she is seen as next top player. Some say she is the next Saori Kimura.

    Ok, so from left side: Yukiko Ebata, Haruka Miyashita, Saori Kimura ^^ maybe I missed the second player, but I think that noone from other players has similar hairstyle :)

    The answer is ,from left , YUkiko Ebata, Saori Kimura, and Kozue Ayuhara. Kozue Ayuhara is the main character of the well-known Japanese manga "Attack No.1" that features girl volleyball players.

    The original Attack No.1 is a serious story but " Attack No.1 Grand Championship Cup edition" that is scheduled to be released in September is a short comedy that stars Saori Kimura and Yukiko Ebata.

    Saori and YUkiko are world-top players seriously but they are recognized like next-door girls with their funny characters in Japan.

    Sorry I misremember she didn't play against Algeria

    As many as some 40 members are registered for the NT this year. So Manabe is now screening them. The members who participated in the games against Thailand and Turkey are top players of the NT that include Haruka. Manabe wants to dig up some more treasures like Yukiko Ebata discovered in 2010. The players who participated in the game against Algeria are the assumed treasures. Haruka is already seen as a top player, a discovered treasure. So she didn't play the game vs Algeria.

    I'm curious about;


    I didn't like Neli's attitude in Japan match, not only against the Japanese but also against her own teammates.

    As a Japanese NT's fan, I didn't find any problem about Neslihan. But I found the audience too noisy. :white: They emitted big noise especially when Japanese servers prepared their services that broke their concentration. :down:

    I watch almost all games of VakıfBank because I am a big fan of Saori Kimura. But I feel watching those games is a bit boring because VakıfBank is too strong. Do anybody agree ?

    In addition, VakıfBank does not seem to need Saori. This happens to Saori for the first time. Saori had been a member of Toray and Japanese NT for long before she joined VakıfBank. Saori has been a indispensable member of those teams. Actually Toray finds the difficulty to win the games this year without Saori.

    Under the circumstance, Saori seems to lack her motivation this year. She is a "for-the-team" type player. She is a quiet, honest, aw-shucks girl who never pushes someone into the background. When the team can win without her good performance, she never stands out.

    Look at the stats of Bronze Medal Match in London. Her points were as low as 11 point when Sakoda, Saori's younger team mate of Toray, stands out. On the other hands, Saori desperately played with 33 points in the Quarterfinal against the arch rival China.

    It's very difficult to predict the result of the upcoming game between Japan and Brazil. But it's no doubt we will see the greatest game we've never seen before. It would be like this two years ago.

    Japan vs Brazil in the World Champs 2010

    As a Japanese, I want Japan to win. But I really respect the Brazilian team. So I feel very lucky to be able to watch the game between the two.

    Japan did not want to take the risk. Serbia have beaten Japan before, and if Serbia did it again, Japan will fell short of Olympic. To play safe, Japan might agree to let Serbia win but only by 3-2, the only score that sent both teams to Olympic. One may easily understand the storyboard, needless to explain. Although the result may not change, it would be on record that both teams lack sporting spirits.

    IMHO, what's wrong is not Serbia nor Japan. The rule of the OQT was the only one to be blamed under which even a looser could get 1 point. Let's stop blaming Japan nor Serbia. :dance4:

    I'm from Japan.

    I have one question.

    The members of Japanese NT for both the Olympic and the Olympic Qualification tournaments have not been determined yet.
    I hear that players for the Olympic can't be changed freely from the members for the Olympic Qualification tournaments.

    Is this true ? If so, could someone give me the detailed rule that restricts players change between the Olympic Qualification tournaments and the Olympic ?

    :aww: i didnt expect that Toray Arrows are so popular in Thailand, all live audiences are crying and screaming for their team and making noise to Tianjin Bridgestone to disturb our players...and the umpire made at least two fatal judgement mistakes which were really bad influence to Chinese team. apart from those, it is a good game so far. :box:

    Tianjin Bridgestone vs Toray Arrows 1-1 (21-25, 25-18 ) at the moment...very balanced game indeed..
    i am interested in watching such a bloody perfect fight... :win:

    Could you give me some options to watch the game ?

    Maiko Kano in starting six? :white:

    Hi, vyz,

    Yes, the starters were almost perfect other than Maiko Kano.
    The stats shows Mai Yamaguchi or Risa Shin-nabe are far better than Maiko Kano as an opposite.
    However as you may know, Maiko Kano is one of best known players.
    So I believe the coach of Japan needs to convince Japanese audience that Maiko Kano isn't best option when the team goes to the Olympic this year.

    JVA considers JPN NT has not entered OG yet and will participate WOQT later next month...therefore, the friendlies is only open to the live spectators but not allowed for any Media broadcast including webstreams...
    and CVA has accepted the claim...
    so the four matches with no video but data and pix i am sure there should be quite enough later...

    About the first game of the friendly matches, I know China won 3-0.
    Japanese starters were;

    S - Yoshie Takeshita
    WS - Saori Kimura, Yukiko Ebata, Maiko Kano
    MB - Erika Araki, Kanako Hirai
    L - Yuko Sano

    However I don't know who won how much points.
    Could someone give me the stats ? :obey:

    How can I have information about results of the matches ?
    Are those matches broadcast on the web ?


    I must say that I expected more from Kano..Her team Besiktaş couldn't make it to the playoffs and they finished 9th in the league. However there is no doubt that she was the best player of the team.Her reception worked well but she had some problems at attacking.But I think she deserves a chance to be in wide roster..As far as I remember she had performed well in Monterux tournament last year. You can look Beşiktaş's stats from that link:…12&lig=1.Lig%20Bayan&eb=B

    Dear kadir_8,

    Thank you for your comment and giving stats.
    These are very helpful because it's hard for a Japanese to find them. :obey:

    Thanks again.

    If you have any question about playesr currently playing in Japan, please do not hesitate to ask me. :teach: