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    Gennari joined Rio Olympics is a mystery, because she only served some balls.......

    After that, she got knee problems so she denied to NT activities many years.

    I see her chances to Tokyo is Zero, because her status in busto is so unprecise and unstable, her only role could challenge is lucia, who is the only player from golden generation, has the champion experience.

    but she could join VNL, which needs to shift and rest.

    Folie's situation is unclear because she has too many healthy problems which stopped her NT experiences since 2014.

    i like the way she spikes, but the way she moves and jumps makes her so easy to hurt herself again and again...

    Tokyo might be her only 1 chance to join Olympics. hard to choose.

    Ren Kaiyi (OH) from Beijing. She is unique among the Chinese players because she is (or has been -- I can't keep track) a university student in Beijing (unlike others who are in sports schools). Part of the team that won bronze at 2019 VNL finals if I'm not mistaken.

    Ren Kaiyi is the first NT player from regular university ,not like others. Her coach in the University is Yang Hao, the former excellent hitter in the china team from 2001- 2008.

    Consider the disease situation , Ren Kaiyi may not go to Bodowlani Lodz, what a shame.

    Wish everyone could make it through ASAP.

    I think PICCI and Cate and Gennari should take part in the VNL. They are not veterans now and no one knows if NT needs her.

    So everyone could see who should go to Tokyo.

    Folie has the bench chance because Alberti has little injuries in the shoulder,not because she can be better than Chrichella or Danesi.

    Pietrini is the starter just because she is promising and needs play more to grow faster, not because she is better than Sylla, especially receiving skills.

    Pietrini no doubt wins a spot in the team,but Folie isn't.

    Can a healthy Folie save Malinov's ass? No.Even Mello+Leggeri+Gioli+Paggi+Barazza+Guiggi can't.

    Italy's mess in the battle vs Turkey due to Malinov who can't set a good ball to every teammate.and Orro can't be at same level as in Busto.

    If Malinov acts smoothly, the team worked well. but it's not the day.

    anyway Miss Riceiving-Disaster Pietrini shines in the end.

    There is no dream team selection after the final, just a warm ceremony and presented a mvp selection of every team.

    MVP OF THE EDITION: Paola Egonu

    MVP OF ITA: Lucia Bosetti

    MVP OF RUS:Natalia Goncharova

    MVP OF TUR:Cansu Ozbay

    MVP OF BRA:Gabi Guimares

    MVP OF CHN:Li Lin

    MVP OF POL:Agnieszka Kakolewska

    MVP OF CAM:Stephanie Mogoung

    MVP OF SWI:Thays Deprati

    when Diouf was called in and out and in and out,i thought she has right to not respond anyone at this angry time,including gennari.of course she knew her position was changed by Bonitta and her only rival is Centoni,Bonitta admitted in the article that he chose from Diouf and Centoni.
    time will tell where their friendship goes.

    She is more useful than Centoni in NT, with no doubt. and i support Gennari goes to Rio, she will be the next Del Core in this new team.

    horrible nightmare of "4 OPP in Rio"came true.
    Hope Del core will not exhausted on the way to the 9 place......

    IN 2004, 2008 AND 2012, Italy had great receivers but failed of receiving in quarterfinals.
    This time, this"attacking makes up for receiving"plan is insane.Bonitta will be a great adventurer or a worst ass.

    Good Luck.

    if Bonitta brings Egonu, Diouf, Centoni, Ortolani together to Rio,i think his head was kicked by many wild buffalos.

    in fact, whether in 2 or 4 position, these 4 girls are opps(ortolani could receive,but not in a good level).who will brings 4 opps in olympics?

    in these 4 girls, Egonu has seized a position.Ortolani just switched to OH because Gennari's surgery,what a pity, not a same level.

    Diouf made too many unexpected errors, and Centoni could not score for a long while, both are not a high quality opp.

    i prefer bonitta brings one more backup libero or OH has good receiving and defencing skills.thus they maybe reach into quarterfinal.

    Egonu and Sylla saved the ITALY'S ASS again.

    Bonitta's best choice is bringing sylla, who is a real dynamite.Danesi is more determined than Chirichella about spiking and blocking.

    Also bonitta worst choice is bringing centoni.and starting Piccinini is always a nightmare. these two "old stars" shows nothing. they could not make mistakes, but also could not score, their best behaviors are clapping and clapping on the bench.Piccinini is far away from Del core's quality.maybe the CL final dry her out totally.

    Now italy has stepping to Rio.Congrats and it's time to thinking about justifying.

    Italy finally survived of korea thanks to Sylla and Egonu.

    They're supposed to win in 3 sets but thanks to Centoni,very bad in crucial time.i don't know she come to court for what reason.

    in 4th sets, bonitta realized centoni could not in, so he moves Egonu as OPP sub Ortolani, who is in high level but long-time-no-in-NT so she is not stable.

    If he did not want Diouf back, so ortolani and egonu should go to Rio. Centoni should stay home watching TV.

    china Tianjin Sports TV annouced that Tianjin has signed Brankica Mihajlović and resigned Nancy Carrillo for 16/17 Season.

    Shanghai has signed helena havelkova and resigned sarah pavan.

    Beijing has signed kelsey Robinson and another wold-class player but not revealed name yet.

    the richest chinese clubs had finished their transfer.

    I could not agree that it is one of the best league in the world as they are really lack of sponsors if you compare with all the teams.
    The competitiveness of the league is indeed improving year by year.
    Sponsors pay more attention to the league only when the national team wins a medal in international competitions such as the World Cup.
    Some of the teams are really poor and disorganized compared with the rich clubs.
    The clubs are more provincially associated rather than having a free transfer market to allow professional players to play for the club they prefer. I heard there is a change coming on in the next season BUT I think it won't be anything drastic IF the national team do not get good result in Rio. 98% of the players are stuck in their provincial clubs until they retire because the province governments uphold the idea that they are the one who support the players financially since Day 1 and players are obligated to pay back the province clubs with their effort, it sounds like a slave system to me. They just do not look at the bigger picture.

    it's hard to judge the system of china volleyball clubs with"slavery".

    they didn't allowed players to transfer freely because they found the talented girls when they are young, so they took them to the youth team to study, to play and paid them. (not girls' parents paid the club, but the club paid the girls.)so they must count on the girls to play for them.
    there is a china sports games every 4 years ,every club compitite in that game, if wins, the province will paid good money to the club and clubs made the girls, they will not be happy to see them to transfer to their opponents.
    if a volleyball player has chance to join in NT or wins a medal on china sports games, she will get a good job in the office when she retired. many players start to play when she was young ,and not well-educated, so it's a good way to have a better life when she retired.

    but time changed.the modern west club system has been successful in football and basketball in china, so maybe next time it's turn to volleyball.

    and the level of chinese league is high, many teams have close level just as italy league.
    because the girls trained from a little girl, and their training are much harder than the west.
    everday they trained from morning 7 am or 8, to the noon, rest 2 hours, continues to train to the supper time, sometimes in the night training again.that' s why chinese girls retired early, their body hurt much.
    they have little time to study other knowledge or entertainment.
    But nowadays something changed step by step.

    Most teams in China are able to pay much more than European clubs and for a shorter season. Fujian also has a big budget and I know Sichuan has a good budget and was paying Rachel Rourke a large amount, especially compared to Europe clubs. Based on what I know, China is the highest paying league in the world right now.

    wow,china clubs didn't as rich as you imagined.

    china volleyball clubs are not fully supported by big companies,many clubs raised by the province sports fundings.

    the rich clubs are Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing.

    Fujian's sponsor withdrew after 15/16 season, the reason the boss gave big money because of Chen Zhonghe, the former china NT coach, who is the Fujian Sports Bureau Officer.the sponsor supports volleyball, it will get something else.

    Sichuan did not have a sponsor, so the salaries of local players are so poor but foreingers got more,the money paid by the Sichuan Sports Bureau.

    The association promised that next season will have a big and fast change in the league,but until now,it's mystery.

    the Vice-champion of this season Jiangsu, Whose sporsor is Jiangsu Steel Company,even could not afford a foreigner.

    Glad to see Ortolani back though she could be here earlier...

    Centoni is powerful in league but in NT she could do anything but spike. what a shame an opp could not score.

    so diouf-though she moves so slow but she could score in front row- and ortolani will go to tokyo.

    neither malagurski nor bjelica could reach Boskovic level.
    so i prefer bring one OPP and 5 OHs.
    Mihajlovic could be second OPP, Djerisilo as well.They both could help receiving.
    Serbia has great powerfire and three wonderful blockers.Once it has good receives, it wins.

    Does the clubs in China have their own sites to share news and results? If so, could you share it with us. ^^

    china volleyball federation website:
    but i wonder you could understand it,because china has Han word system,just like korea and japan.
    but some china fellows will reported it in the section in this forum:chinese league, you could find some infos there.

    and,this website developed so slowly only better than azerbaijan, no statistics,just shows scores. and the number is not right. the stastic workers are very unprofessional.

    chinese volleyball federation isn't rich and this game is not popular in whole country despite the woman NT won brilliant history. Clubs are not professional, just raised by every province government.but good news is changing will be bigger next season.

    Honestly her choice made some surprises but reasonable.
    first,she will well paid,and the season is not long as in europe ,so she could earn another play-off contract in europe or america.
    second,chinese league is in high level, many fans in europe could not know it,but their training and playing system are different.many teams have close quality, just as italy league.
    third,Beijing is a good club,though robinson had a average achievement in 2014-2015 season.but nowadays she has grown up to a world-class receiver,and club had changed coach to Kiaatipong(Thailand NT coach).last year Kiaatipong could not reach top 4, and this year he will make a stronger roster.Robinson had a good memory in Beijing,and Beijing is very international now.

    speak of Fawcett, She played a average level in Fujian.Fujian is rich but not clever, 14/15 they signed Flier and Ocasco, 15/16 they sighed Faucette and Fawcett, you can see 2 OPPS. so Fawcett transferred into OH position, not in her best position.and Fujian just has one top chinese player Linli(Libero),when Faucette injured , Fawcett could not save the team alone.

    so they are not in a same way. some foreingers in Chinese league did a brilliant job, such as Usic, Carrillo, Costagrande and Kasia, Tom, Krsmanovic etc. You must see which team they were in and what role they played.