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    someone mentioned caracuta...god saves me!

    i think rondon is in her period and i believed she will be in the roster but not sure if she could stay in 12 line-up.

    leo and gioli,i wish they could show up in ech.

    young generation must gain experience in grand prix and some friendly matches.

    and to be honest, ferretti and guiggi are not young,expecially MB, italy has pisani,folie, and arrighetti.

    Galatasaray played against TED Kolejliler and TED is playing in CEV Cup. Fenerbahçe played against İlbank with 3 foreigners. İlbank finished the season 6th and they participated in Balkan Cup. There's an extra spot in Challenge Cup for Balkan Cup winner, and İlbank got that spot. That's why Turkey is being represented with 6 teams in 3 European Cups. It was the same last year too.

    well done,thanx.

    in the second round, paula,mari and kim in the court at the same time, as well as leo,gioli and rosir .

    the first page has told the foreigner limit rules(2+1,but 3 remains between the clubs joining in the european games)but turkey has more than 5 teams in the european club games,isn't it?

    i remembered every country has no more than 5 teams in the three compititions,am i right?

    i think if piccinini could show the same playing level as her fame,nobody will jealousy of her.

    i recalled 2008-2012,she played good just one game - 2010 WCH vs USA.

    ok,maybe i could add the several fatal balls in the london vs JAPAN!

    what she has done to the team? SHOW THE FAME AND CRITICISM.

    wish the next NT coach and young girls will love her,a great player.

    The jealous part - Picci said some of her playmates didn't support young players because they felt endangered.. you get the point. They are young and have time to improve... 30+ and overrated

    i'm sorry to say that gioli and leo and del core have no need to be jealousy because your 'young girls ' have another lower level. and some 'young girls' in fact not young. young turn old, it's mean italy NT will be better in london if there are not these three ladies?everyone watching volleyball will be laughing out loud.

    piccinini is most famous so what she said is true???? what a fan! respectful!!!

    everyone in the team has different opinion, not to mention outsiders.

    piccinini could interview,others could respond!

    i found a funny sentence:GIOLI LEO AND DEL CORE are jealous of young imaginary! They need to be jealousy when piccinini is the protector of the young girls? Is it a kindergarden?

    gioli js jealousy of guiggi?del core is jealousy of barcellini? because they are younger ? what a joke.

    i have the only excuse for piccinini:

    she wants to stay in NT maybe until Rio,but she don't want to see other veterans and barbolini anymore.

    anyway wish her wish come true and wish she could got the missing medal.

    piccinini said the system is wrong from WCH 2010.i want to ask:is it different from 2007 when they were the winner?

    if they won,everything is ok, but they failed,so the system is wrong,how ridiculous!

    arrigheti to me was most consistent i like her intensity on the court, gioli was the best perfomer all throughout the tournament unfortunately in the qf she played below her usual level

    the disaster begins from the horrible receives of three wing spikers.

    and dell core did not perform well also so she should be also out among the veterans :call:

    actually in london just gioli , arrighetti , l.bosetti did their jobs.

    and rondon, though many peopel dislike her, i saw her progress.

    it's a interested topic because i love azzurre.

    first,i think picci has the right to express her opinion,and barbolini and del core and leo as well.different personality,and obviously barbo loves leo ,gioli and del core,every coach has his sweethearts.

    about italy's future,nobody doubts it will have young players

    but if there are some veterans will still remain,i will say, not piccinini.

    Did she perform well in london?Gosh.Nothins special.Others are not good,she was in the same status.

    so she complains about the team is old,as if she is a girl around 25.actually she complains about the others,they are friends,she excludes.

    we know she is the most famous and popular lady in volleyball of italy,so i understands her unhappiness.but as the performance,she is not good.THAT'S THE TRUTH LONDON SAW.

    PS:somebody said gioli did not want guiggi in the team because the competition. i can't stop laughing:

    as a big fan of gioli,i beg everyone answer the question:guiggi could competite with gioli?

    it's a most sucking rumor i've ever saw.

    i am really angry with neslihan's behavior. when the game vs USA is over and it's time to shake hands, she turns her head to another direction ,showing rudeness and unpoliteness and bad personality. this was happened when turkey lost to china.

    i think she is not a role model or FIVB HERO.she is totally a disgusting loser.she deserved this.see her poor performance today.

    but other sulitans are so kind.good luck for your future,but no goo wishes for neslihan.i'm so disappointed and hurt,considering she was a favor for me,but not anymore.

    I see, sorry I missunderstood your post. ;)

    I think Picci and Del Core get alone very well.. I think Picci is out for Barbolini's choice....maybe cause she didnt go to WC, witch is stuburn from him, since everyone knows she didnt go for a health problem....but since I dont understand Barbolini sometimes...we never know...hehehe

    i think barbolini chose piccinini.because there is no another choice.this case did not like ortolani-c.bosetti case.everyone knows picci's health problem before last WC,of course includes is not so stupid...and no one can instead of piccinini right now.

    and i think the team get along well.

    after grand prix,i have the same mind as you and some guys:piccinini will be the starter in the olympics. and i can't understand c.bosetti can replace ortolani so fast.every coach's choice is a risk,and we can tell the good or bad just in the end.

    but when olympic is in process,and i saw all the games of azzurre,i somehow understand barbolini's choice. Italy is not a team with powerful spikes,even picci and he want use the MB well and keep the receives good and the digs alive,create the chances of fight-back.i think the system is going well.

    i know some italy fans did not like barbolini because of ferretti affair.i think this kind of comflict happens in every country,i see it usual.but i see ferretti's back in 2011 is not impressive.and i think rondon is the proper sub. i know many fans of pesaro loves ferretti,but i don't think her level is as good as several years ago.

    every coach can't satisfy everyone.we'll see the result.if italy can't handle a medal,barbolini will leave ,if any good result happens,he maybe stay in spite of signing with galatasary.but i must say i trust him and i think he is the one for this position.

    someone said:he just can't make young girls grow up! because italy has the best old ladies group in the world.and young girls is not good enough in A1.but old ladies will take a bow soon.let's salute.

    i said crazy fans not you,obviously. i means who said del core don't like picci,and barbo don't want picci. what you said is discussion and i accepted,but someone else make noise out of control.

    i think del core make the team more balanced,she and croce received almost 80% and i think picci can't do this.and del core's digs very impressive so far in olympics.italy rely on the MBs so the receive is the most important.i think picci is better in spike not in receiving.

    After dinner I'll answer you. But quiet, I don't know why a chinese guy can know more than italians.

    And sincerely, personally I'm not a stupid fan of Piccinini like you have written before.Rather, Piccinini is not one of my favourite players indeed. And then I cheer Serbia so for me it doesn't matter.

    I simply say true things that almost all in Italy know but above all without preferences.

    there's a word in chinese means: if you're close to sb or sth,you may not see it clearly.

    in chinese forum,many rumors discussed about chinese national team,but big parts of the rumors are crazy and out of control. there are so many insane talks in internet,as usual,in every country.

    why a chinese know italian things?because he loves azzurre. that's the answer.

    i watched azzurre perfomance as possible as i can,nomatter in which compitition.

    i focus on the game,but someone obviously not. in the game you can see the tactic,the technic,the passion.

    a team is like a company,full of all kinds relationships,nothing serious than the game and the game shows everythin and don't lie.

    i believe what i watched. i've watched all the azzurre games in london,so i felt the team energic and close.that's all.

    FIPAV denied the prisident CARLO MAGRI has any statement about the azzurre choice of london olympic. He never interviewed with any media about the olympic.

    so i just felt funny and crazy that this is obviously a rumor but someone talk about it out of control,such as "gioli is the real boss","leo gioli & del core did not want piccinini in the team""del core don't like piccinini because she wanna be the starter"……

    please use the brain:if barbolini did not want piccinini,who else will be his prefer instead of francesca? the answer is :none.

    as picci and del core who is the better starter? i must say,piccinini is the good sub of costagrande,but not del core,because del core is the main defender and receiver, but picci is stronger in the attack,so she's position as same as costagrande.i think picci did a good job as so far.…?s=118&n=48418&l=0&s2=118

    every coach has his favor or not his taste,it's normal.i don't think it's a big deal.the perfomance says it. every team did not satisfy everyone,because everyone has his can see natalia,kosheleva, scott,yamaguchi,they are the favor even if they are not better than others right now.

    though i thought barazza is not on her best shape ,but she is the are a italian but i feel so strange you don't know guiggi has injury when she' s in the training so she can't join any game,as garzaro,she is not in the training,so if you has another example as ferretti, i must say save it.they are not here in london since beginning of the national season!so don't say something meaningless.

    magri says he keeps piccinini means what?means he is marvelous?means barbolini is a bastard?

    when olympic is in tense process,coach and players think about the game,he said it or hint it to a reporter,i don't know if the president should do it.i feel ashamed.

    when barbolini did not want piccinini?from the begining or in the yelsin cup ? i think the president is the real bastard. what i saw is piccinini is here with teamates,and they get along well. it's enough because she is in london and fighing for a good result.

    i don't think piccinini is not starter because barbolini didn't like her. del core has a better dig and receive than piccinni,i saw the three games,i think it's important for the team,so i support it.

    if they got something good at last,piccinini i don' t understand the noise carlo magri made.i don't like him at all.if he didn't like barbolini,so please try another better coach after olympic.i did not want see magri's face instead.

    What was the role of Monica de Gennaro? I missed the match but statistics say that she replaced Barazza. Did She play insted of Croce in backrow ?

    no,she stays with croce in the back row meanwhile lucia is out.

    today ita's receive is not good so it's the first time de gennaro shows.

    i really admire the fans crazy imagination!

    why del core is the starter? it's simple-because she can receive and defend more and better than's important in the system of ita.

    it's the tactic,not because who like who or who wants to be starter !

    i think piccinini could do her job just as the battle with japan nomatter if she is starter!

    it's really matters if the team wins?

    i see the team as a close family,not someone's thoughts of "bosses and jealousy and so on "!

    WHAT THE F**K WITH fipav?They are the mess and make the fans crazy.