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    but in WGP 96 match against USA, she substituted Artamonova on her position, so I thought she was wingspiker at that time, too. I didnt watch any other match where she played in 96 or 97..That 1998 rotation I didnt even notice, I will watch it..thanks for info :win:

    I would like to know too, if Sokolova was originally MB.. I remember her playing only this receiving Opp position, in which she spiked from the middle and slides..before it was Batoukhtina´s and later Plotnikova´s position.

    only pity that she didnt decided to play abroad in her best years, she was really good in her prime time, too good for Polish league

    well for me she is a legend in terms of having a peak of her career in her 33-34 years, which is really rare..I will miss her, she was one of my favourites..on the FIVB page on FB there was posted one of the matches of her team in Japan league from this year, she was still very powerful even in this age

    I cant understand why she is on bench.. Vanzurova is not in form from the beginning of the season, Rapacz is weak player for now and she would be better than Krzywicka, who is an overrated player and probably will never leave starting 6..

    congrats to Turkey, of course I am sad, that only 1 ball and Poland could go to Tokyo, but Turkey just just fought their way back in that 4 was not about luck like in that 2003 ECH semifinal against Russia :whistle:

    that means, there is no experienced player on bench at Opp, OH, MB and libero...good work Nawrocki :down: there should be Zaroslinska, Maj, one of Efimienko/Tokarska/Witkowska/Polanska, on OH hard to say but for sure not Fedusio or Gorecka (just one of them)..the girls from Palac dont even play champions league or some european cup, they will be lost on this level for now

    well, I think there is a big gape between LSK and 1. league and second thing LKS wants to play for medals, she is definitely not better than Lazovic, Wojcik or Szczyrba. I think she could be a good player for a team like Wisla or Wroclaw, but we will see :whistle:

    Erika Salanciova will maybe join LKS :what: LKS is now on a week trip playing in Bydgoszcz on friday and now in Chimik Youzhny, so she spent a week in Slovakian league but then she will join again for tests..but she is not a player that they need, it will be a waste of money :whistle: