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    Not just because she had a bad match today, but in general I don't get the hype about Stysiak. Alright, she's still young and she's got some skills, but I don't see her turning into a world class player anytime soon, especially not as OH.

    OTOH I don't think Grajber deserves all the hate she gets. She's really not a spectacular player but she does many little things that are important for team play, and those are missing when she's off the court. Covering, delivering perfect free balls, being in position in defense, all of that are things Stysiak lacks and Medrzyk doesn't do on the same level as Grajber.

    and do you think, Grajber is doing all the job? Ok, for sure she defends some balls, have some good reception, but still its not on the level a defensive OH should have, when she has Stysiak next to her. and she is doing no progress at all. Medrzyk was sitting on bench in Chemik, playing horrible when she got chance and now she is in good form. Grajber reminds me of Rosner in her last years, when she was completely useless in attack but Milena was on another level in reception and defensive skills.

    I also love it, when volleyball is not everything, but just one simple piece of the player's life.

    Pietersen was such an interesting player as she appeared as MB, OPP and OH. At the beginning of her first career in NT, I used to want to call her "the new Caroline Wensink" or at least something similar. :D

    How cool, she studied Psychology, Beste geluk voor jou, Judith.

    well, she is Wensink´s cousine if I remember right

    Lodz is not that weak, A. Wojcik and Bociek are playing well tonight, Pluta is setting really well and their strongest point - Bidias is today probably the weakest :-D

    I dont see the info was written here before but Eva Yaneva will play in Slovakian league :rolll: :rolll: I dont know if she is so weak now or if she doesnt know where she is going

    there is a lot of matches from the 90´s uploaded on youtube, very good game is the final from WGP 97 Russia-Cuba, Cuba is playing whole match with 1 setter (Aguero) and Torres is Opp...I really enjoy watching these matches from 90´s, for me the level of volleyball is better than nowadays (I know many will not agree with me)

    dont forget the 3rd set from semifinal ECH 2003 Russia Turkey, Russia was winning 24:20 or 21 I think and lost with unbelievable unforced errors, I never saw that lot of luck in few points like there (Turkey defending the ball with head and then with shoulder and so on)

    Calling Kwiatkowska may not be that stupid, maybe she could be sth like Lena Dziekiewicz, who had her debut in NT around 35yo(?) and became the best blocker of wgp right away ;d no but seriously, Kwiatkowska playing slides with Wolosz hmmm... that could be a scoring machine, and another middle Kakolewska also can score A LOT...
    I don't know, we don't play WC this year, we can take it slow...
    As it comes to the NT's lineup, the way I see it, we need to take our most talented players (currently) on each position (S - Wolosz, Op - Smarzek, MB - Kakolewska, L - Stenzel, OH - Mędrzyk) and add some players :D
    second MB probably Efimienko, who finaly is playing a nice season, she deserves the spot like never before :DD but I like the idea of Kwaitkowska
    and OH the biggest mystery as always :D I think the other 4 should be Grajber Twardowska Murek Damaske, but no idea who would be the best to play next to Mędrzyk from these 4

    Dziekiewicz was 29 in 2007 :D but seriously, I dont know if its the best idea to call a 32 year old 181 cm MB...dont get me wrong, I like her a lot, but there are other young players who deserves to play - Alagierska, Swirad..and if we want young slider, just call Chojnacka, she is a beast this season

    this is always very subjective topic.. from players from my era (2005-now) its definitely Glinka, KYK, Logan, Mari probably...from the players which I watched on the video from the past the biggest impression is Mireya and Artamonova - for me the best players

    Who's the slider from Prostejov? Impressive spiking performance, credits to Weiss too.

    Imoco wasn't impressive at all. Way behind Dinamo-Kazan, Galatasaray and VakifBank.

    Wolosz's magic moment keeps going.

    you mean Herelova? yes, she is small but a very solid player, she almost switched to beachvolleyball 1 year ago..finally she gets chances in Prostejov, before she was only bench player