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    I cant understand why she is on bench.. Vanzurova is not in form from the beginning of the season, Rapacz is weak player for now and she would be better than Krzywicka, who is an overrated player and probably will never leave starting 6..

    congrats to Turkey, of course I am sad, that only 1 ball and Poland could go to Tokyo, but Turkey just just fought their way back in that 4 was not about luck like in that 2003 ECH semifinal against Russia :whistle:

    that means, there is no experienced player on bench at Opp, OH, MB and libero...good work Nawrocki :down: there should be Zaroslinska, Maj, one of Efimienko/Tokarska/Witkowska/Polanska, on OH hard to say but for sure not Fedusio or Gorecka (just one of them)..the girls from Palac dont even play champions league or some european cup, they will be lost on this level for now

    well, I think there is a big gape between LSK and 1. league and second thing LKS wants to play for medals, she is definitely not better than Lazovic, Wojcik or Szczyrba. I think she could be a good player for a team like Wisla or Wroclaw, but we will see :whistle:

    Erika Salanciova will maybe join LKS :what: LKS is now on a week trip playing in Bydgoszcz on friday and now in Chimik Youzhny, so she spent a week in Slovakian league but then she will join again for tests..but she is not a player that they need, it will be a waste of money :whistle:

    Yea I mean't Ramirez sorry, got the names confused in the heat of the moment.

    thats ok, I was just curious when did you see her screaming, because she was probably the least aggresive from the whole Cuban squad and very introvert :)

    I'd think it'd be funny and cool and would fire up the match, for me it'd be disrespectful if Ebrar after match was rude to Stysiak but this is an on-court thing, so 0 personal. Like I supported the screaming of Robin, Yanelis Santos, Salas, Rahimova in the past. Trying to ridicule me to get away with this :lol:

    Lonneke Sloetjes: ''It's really weird, I feel sometimes like I'm someone completely else on court. A beast unleashes.''

    It's called passion in sports,

    Which is why Lonneke always supported Ebrar, simply that's how she deals with this energy.

    I would like to know when did you see Yanelis Santos screaming into oponent´s face? :whistle: