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    Slovakia looked pretty solid, I guess they should reach 3rd place in their pool if they keep this up. OTOH I'm disappointed with Finland, they seemed on a good way in the last years but today their performance was really weak.

    I will not overrate this win, still SVK had 4 experienced players in starting 6, Finland was also disappointing for me, to throw twice leading in first 2 sets

    Slovakia roster:

    setters: Barbora Koseková ,Lenka Ovečková

    OH: Karin Palgutová, Mária Žernovič, Karolína Fričová, Zuzana Šepeľová

    MB: Michaela Abrhámová, Nina Herelová, Tereza Hrušecká , Katarína Körmendyová

    OPP: Karin Šunderlíková, Diana Návratová

    Libero: Michaela Pállová, Ema Magdinová

    Czech team with Havelkova and Havlickova in their best form will be not enough for medal, how on earth they could win medal with Orvosova or Mlejnkova :whistle:

    1.match SVK: Koseková 1, Palgutová 6, Körmendyová 6, Šunderlíková 19, Žernovič 9, Herelová 2, liberky Magdinová a S. Jančová (Abrhámová 1, Ovečková 1, Šepeľová 9)

    2. match SVK: Žernovič 10, Abrhámová 3, Koseková 2, Šepeľová 11, Körmendyová 7, Šunderlíková 15, liberky Pállová a Magdinová (Palgutová 2, Ovečková 0, K. Fričová 4, Návratová 0, Herelová 2)

    2 friendly matches between Belgium and Slovakia this weekend:

    1.match BEL-SVK 3:1 (-23, 12 ,22,17)

    2.match BEL-SVK 0:3 (-23,-18,-22), 4. set -19

    I think with the old scoring system it was kind of easier to have so many swings because matches could last much longer. Probably most of Karpol's OHs had appx 100 attempts in the 90s, and watching the 88 OG final I would guess that Smirnova and Sidorenko both must have at least 80 attacks in that match as well, probably more.

    yes, I get it that in old scoring system it was easy to spike more times but 100 attempts looked too much for me...but it seems it was true

    I remember a looooong time ago in the old forum there were topics with the highest scorers of the world from all kinds of leagues, maybe someone needs to make a list of the most attack attempts :lol: Herbots certainly would be a contender for 1st place, but I'm sure Barbara Jelic also had matches with that many attacks :/

    I don´t know if it´s true or which match that was (but I suppose final of WGP 97) there was written Artamonova had over 100 attack attempts - is that possible?

    edit- yes, it´s there, somebody uploaded that match again on YT some 2 months ago and wrote that in comments, that she had 100 hit per game...stats are still somewhere?

    it was looking for 4:0 but the reception in the fourth was really horrible..but Malwina looks far from her shape which was probably easy to predict :(

    well probably she was seen to play in starting 6 and she was at the beginning of the previous season..but honestly, Kalandadze started to play better and she is world class player material, only her reception is so shaky