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    thats even worse than Novara in 2009/10-team without reception...if Dorota would be 5 years younger and still had her reception before pregnancy...but now :what: im really sorry for Maj and Saad, receiving with Opp players

    Burak You don't know why do Female Players go to Poland?
    Because here are the best Men in the World.
    If Logan plays in Poland and meets Me, She will want be My wife.

    yes Bartek and next year will come your most beloved player Kasia S. back to Poland and you will fall in love with her :lol:

    well, Magda Saad and Dorota Wilk - 2 very talented players who need to play, will probably sit on bench.. :what: big plus for Nuszel that she left Atom, hopefully she will find a team where she can play

    Lena had some injury issues in the past, but this year just did not get many chances. In one match Fernandez was rested and Lena won MVP. But it is true she has not played like "should have been on 2008 Olympic squad" Lena. She is from Gdańsk and so playing with Atom near her home. She will be 33 years old next season. It will be interesting to see what career choices she makes.

    somehow its so sad to see players like Lena or Asia Mirek playing in that way, i know that there are many factors (age, injuries etc.) but in 2007/08 i will say that such a good players will always play on the highest level and now when i see them...but they will always stay my stars no matter how theyre playing :)

    okey, but she was member of the team, so if she wasnt good and talented she wouldnt be in the roster :)

    Thats a little bit exaggeration, i remeber a bit that one match and she was on the court for like a minute (strenghtening the block under the net as far as i remember)

    Oh, I thought She has been injuried for a long time ?( then It's even worse. She was named as the best blocker in WGP 2007. I miss her form of 2007.
    Liktoras-Dziekiewicz Duo was damn amazing :sos:

    so, i dont know anything about injury, maybe she has some, but i think nothing serious...Atom had a very good MB so she was getting little chance...and she just didnt want to stay in BKS- i heard somewhere that Wagner wanted to make her OH or OPP again and she didnt want...yes Liktoras and Dziekiewicz were amazing :) but Niemczyk MBs team was just a dream team :D Skowronska, Mroz, Liktoras, Pycia :)

    It has been a quite long time since I have seen Dziekiewicz on the court. How is her injury? and I miss Lena :S

    injured? no, she was just only reserved MB in Sopot, Fernandez and Kinga were in the starting 6..but necessary to say, Lena is playing worse and worse from 2008 and she is far away from her form of 2007 NT season

    I basically agree. Kasia wants to win Champions League. OK, she will not do that in China. But could she do that in Poland? Well I am a big fan of our league so I believe Atom and Muszyna will meet in Champions League semi final next year. :D But probably most people do not find my belief rational.

    Can any team in Poland afford her? Earlier this year, Atom said they could not afford Glinka because she could get at least 250 000 euros. I am not trying to start debate over who is worth more, but I doubt clubs can match what Evergrande offered Skowrońska.

    I am also a big fan of Plusliga, I really hope that every year it become more and more attractive and there is Atom which really can bring world class players and I think they really can play in the Final Four of Champions League...but their roster this year is also very good and I thought they would dominate the league and somehow not..just see the last match - so unstable play...Kasia IMO can learn more in China than in Atom or Muszyna..but I hope that one day she will come back

    YES the cosch is only one-MR SERWINSKI :P by u see he still somehow does the trick!!! and they get better year by year. MR SERWINSKI learns the occupancy :P

    I also hope ika :lol: but yes this year Bogdan really improved, there were not so many funny words on time outs like in the past - I think that maybe because of Debby and Caroline and since his time-out coach Mirek left :lol:

    hmm...I see that Kasia has a really big "fanclub" here :lol: i read that articles too...if she said too much in them- maybe yes, but i think she was very frustrated after her leave from NT...and about plus liga-i think that if she comes back this year to Poland it will be a step liga is getting better and better but look at Muszyna and Sopot - the best 2 clubs and they are plaiyng still very unstable...and Muszyna doesnt have a coach :)

    IMO Sawicka refused to play in NT...somebody wrote that on Polish fan site that Matlak was speaking with Agata more than one time

    as far i remember after WCH there was an article about some young player saying that she is going to do everything to be not in NT this year (because of Matlak and his work)...who do you think it was? so maybe another absence?

    Can you see any proper candidate for the new coach of Polish NT? Who should it be? I see nobody special among Polish coaches right now. Abroad?... :S

    maybe Swiderek? i think he cant be worse than Matlak...