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    we will see...but i will be not surprised if Bamber and Belcik will refuse to play...last year Matlak didnt give them chance and now he thinks they will come as nothing matters...and now i read an article about Zaroslinska being still injured (knee) and Konieczna (ankle) too...i really would like to see setter Dorota Wilk to get a chance to be in NT...i saw 2 matches of Stal this year and she made a big impresion on me...good game, fight and team spirit :win:

    i only hope that this year a lot of young girls will get a chance...and the biggest problem i think is the OPP position

    for me the best setter with attack is Feng Kun (when we are talking only about 5-1 system)..and i remember very good attacks of Guliyeva-Parkhomenko - when she was in the front line and Korkmaz was setting

    in today's news - Poland will be in this season without big names - Skowronska and Skorupa because of their conflict with Matlak, Glinka want to have a rest, the same Zenik (and because there was a lot of critics on her game at WCH), Kaczor and Gajgal are injured and are going to heal injuries...another girls want to have baby (probably Jagielo and some other) it will be very interesting :what:

    European All-Stars

    S: Lo Bianco
    OH1: Costagrande
    OH2: Sokolova
    MB1: Gioli
    MB2: Ravva
    OPP: Gamova
    Lib: Cardullo

    S: Naz
    OH1: Osmokrovic
    OH2: Glinka
    MB1: Poljak
    MB2: Furst
    OPP: Neslihan
    Lib: Gulden

    Rest of the World All-Stars
    S: Fofao
    OH1: Paula
    OH2: Calderon
    MB1: Xue Ming
    MB2: Fabiana
    OPP: Sheilla
    Lib: Sano

    S: Kun Feng
    OH1: Hao Yang
    OH2: Logan Tom
    MB1: Scott-Arruda
    MB2: Thaisa
    OPP: Wang Yimei
    Lib: Sykora