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    I really like it when some mediocre team has some good results at last and the fans start telling how weak the other teams really are :). This does not last long usually and it hurts in the end.

    Georgi Bratoev in Trento rumors say. They still need two setters, just I'm not sure how he will feel as a backup of an 18 years old kid.
    How many OH's does Asseco Resovia have now? Penchev stays, now Lyneel coming as well?

    In pool E 15 points means qualify . 13 pts. means not qualify and 14 - depends . In poll F Bulgaria will smash Germany , hope they won`t screw it up after that .

    I'm really not sure if we will manage to smash Germany that easy. We have problems playing with them for some time and now after the miserable game yesterday I think we will start with -10 Morale. Just I don't have explanation for Konstantinov substitutions and lack of. Sokolov had to be out in the fist set and why the did he take out Penchev and bring in Alexiev at the end of the third set?!? Alexiev got blocked, got an ace on him...., wtf?

    Please tell me how many athletes do you know that are not listening chalga? Sure, there are exceptions but their mentality is very different than a physicist for example. Volleyball is not soccer for sure, but you don't need an PhD to be a good player. And to be honest I know some PhD's that listen mostly to chalga and are definitely not stupid. Don't get me wrong, I really hate this music and the world would be a better place without it. Just those are professional sports people and their mentality is very, very different than the average person. When I see a volleyball player on a metal concert I will tell you, promise :).
    Otherwise I really hope that I will be able to watch the Bulgarian game today at work :). Canada is a hard team recently and our guys are capable of doing stupid mistakes even with weaker teams.

    I have the same feeling, Federation as it's best again :(. He is not my favorite player, but he plays in Russian league for some time now and definitely better than the other options. And at some point we had 3-4 very good opposites.

    Opposites situation is very bad, why is not Uchikov even in the expanded team? Alexiev can play as OPP, he did that for Urga at some point, don't remember if he was good though. What is happening with Ananiev? He is in Iran as far as I remember and should be recovered from the injury he had.

    Djurich in Halbank also according to One of the foreign players will be on the bench for Turkish league.
    Edit: Jani Jeliazkov in Ravenna, when did this happen? I don't think he was good enough for Bulgarian League, no to mention Italian A1.

    How's the condition of Metodi Ananiev? In Bulgaria, he's a relatively balanced OH, but seldom got a chance to play in major tournaments perhaps because of injury?

    He hasn't played more or less for 2 years now even on club level. I don't even know where will he play from next season, but nevertheless he is not in shape for the NT now.
    P.S. Ananiev will pay in Rennes in France next year.

    Bulgarian squad:

    setters: Georgi Bratoev, Dobromir Dimitrov, Georgi Manchev
    receivers: Todor Aleksiev, Todor Skrimov, Nikolay Penchev, Valentin Bratoev, Aleksandar Simeonov
    middles: Teodor Todorov, Nikolay Nikolov, Viktor Yosifov, Svetoslav Gotsev
    diagonals: Tsvetan Sokolov, Danail Milushev
    liberos: Teodor Salparov, Martin Bozhilov

    MB line looks very solid now. But receivers are again shaky at best :(. Hope that Sokolov finds his serve now, he had enough training during the last competition.

    According to someone, who's been close the team, we have undergoing some disturbing processes. Rumor has it there is a separation within the team and the groups are so separated, that they don't even tallk to each other.
    :pinch: :(
    Unfortunately the source is reliable. I really hope they found the time to figure out their problems with the upcomming ECH. Otherwise the direction is only...down the hill...

    That is highly unfortunate. Maybe that is why I was seeing sad faces on games we were even winning :(.

    Good blocking team = best blocking team at the ends of the net. Best since 2009 as Andrea said /when we started to have tactics/ Btw, our defense system was better at the Olympics. I hope Placi will call Zhekov next year or even this /he will play in Tomis Constanta and is training to regain form/ and we will have better setting overall. Bratoev can train more, too.

    I hope that Dobri gets more game time in the NT. From the few situations he was in I saw that he sets very fast, completely opposite of Bratoev's style. I don't know how long will it take Zhekov to be in shape again, he said that he hasn't touched a ball since the last games with the NT or even trained. That is why I don't really count on him. And we should get someone to train our team how to serve, the decline is horrible in this area.