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    I hope you are following Nilay too,just writing about Naz means that you can't look so objective to all turkish setters,i am also waiting your opinions about Nilay & Özge too to compare with Naz,what Nilay and Özge have lack from Naz? Yes Naz is a strong blocker i agree but Nilay is a defender like libero and Naz has a lack in defence,yes they both have good serves (Just check the last 2 points of FBA-Vakıfbank GSTT F4 match :win: ) Naz is also good float server too :drink: So their other abilities except setting are almost equal.

    About their setting abilities Naz's Outside hitters always face with established double or triple blocks,i haven't witnessed yet that she can set to left side with single block or unbalanced blocks.You can't ignore that she is playing with class spikers like Sokolova,Osmokrovic but i always supported Naz's No. 2 sets she uses her opposites well,but Nilay can let her opposite spike with non block and although Nilay has sometimes 1 or 2 attacker options in game she can let her spikers hit with single or non block,when i was watching F4 actually i didn't see a diffrence between Nilay and Fofao and Nilay was much better although Fofao had much more options to use,she can let her attackers to spike with single blocks but FBA players always face with double or triple blocks.Naz is not a fast setter and Gözde,Esra,Neriman must play with fast setter like Nilay.Neslihan can play with any setter of world but everyone understand that you can't beat your opponent with only 1 player.Gözde is a fast spiker,she likes to play with fast sets and Naz is still not fast to use Gözde yet,if we say that %80-90 she will start in six,Gözde is playing a magnificent season.Further Naz can't play with Bahar Toksoy too in NT,i can remember many worng sets to Bahar last WCH where Bahar wasn't able to touch to her sets but when you look to Nilay she can make Bahar a scorer player in team just check last Vakıfbank GSTT match Bahar played with 7/10 attack(Bahar played 2,5 sets full).To sum up Naz likes to play 1-2 players Nilay with all team and i would prefer Nilay instead of Naz.Hope Motta will select her too :heart:

    Probably Naz-Nilay couple will be in NT roster but in my opinion Nilay is one step ahead :win:

    My goal was to summarize things that Naz does well or better. I did not intend to claim her to be better by pointing out what the others lack... And. yes I'm following Nilay as well...If Nilay were as good as you claim, she'd not be the second setter behind Ozge at the Vakif team. Nilay does show good setting flashes at times but has never been a consistent setter. Her location and hittability is often lacking and consistency leaves a lot to be desired. In addition she's a big liability as a blocker and I do not see her being as great a defender to be able to make up for this. Both Nilay and Ozge are lucky that they play with spikers who're willing to work to hit the not so good sets. That's not always the case for many players and teams.
    You ask what Naz has that the other two lack. She has a consistency and a level of play that the others lack. She has better location, better set selection and a better sense of the game. Her overall contibution to the game when she's on court is a lot more than the other two. I expect you've not seen the stats of the WCH or the last matches of Fenerbahce to claim that Naz sets a slow ball to triple/ double blocks. The meaning of a "running set" is that there's a single or no block in front of the attacker and for the national team, even though everyone knows that Neslihan will get every other set, there're still a considerable number of running sets. That's indication of deceptive and quick setting.
    Fofao's performance at Final 4 was a lot below her normal performance and left a lot to be desired. Comparing Nilay to Fofao with a single came performance and claiming Nilay to be equal or better is ignorant and being illiterate of the game of volleyball. There was only one notable setting performance during the Final 4 and that was Naz Aydemir's setting in the last three sets of the Pesaro match.

    I've been reading the comments about Turkish setters with interest. I find it baffling that Naz Aydemir is found lacking when compared to her counterparts in Turkey. Her recent performance with her club team Fenerbahce Acibadem, now that she's playing full-time, proves yet again that she's the leading candidate to guide the Turkish national team.
    With Naz at the helm, the Fenerbahce team has won their games with a balanced attack where the hitters have good hitting percentages even when the reception of the team was found lacking. (50% in attack when the reception was only 13% exc in one of the sets of Eczacibasi Vitra match) Not only the spikers but the middles are involved in attack as well and the number of running sets is considerable. Her setting has been consistent with few errors and good location. In addition to her setting ability, Naz Aydemir comes across as a very strong blocker and a very good server, certainly making an impact in other aspects of the game as well.
    Considering the other alternatives for the Turkish National Team with an objective eye, it really is impossible to say any one of the other Turkish setters would surpass Aydemir at this point.