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    The only surprise is Matienko over Akulova. I thought Akulova is sure to be the second setter of Russia.

    The second setter of Russia is bench player. She can sit on the bench, lie on the bench, sleep on the bench, but will never play. Therefore, the second setter can be anybody.

    What about Ravetta?

    Ravetta is always playing in starting six and looks so good. Next match will be played 22 November against "Avtodor" Chelyabinsk.

    Stats: match 2, set 9 (always starting six). Serve: all 41, error 7, ace 4. Reception: 3 (100% positive) :) Attack: all 56, error 5, block: 4, point: 19. Eff: 34% (poorly in comparison to Russian OPPs). Block: 5 points.

    Russian television broadcast a semi-final match Russian Cup's "Zarechie" vs "Tyumen", but live video is available only to Russia (link). Also video posted on a russian torrent tracker (link). To download requires free registration.

    3. Dinamo Krasnodar

    Evgenia Startseva 1989, 185 cm
    Svetlana Surzeva 1984, 178 cm (Yantar)


    Anastasia Kodirova 1979, 192 cm (?)
    Elena Konstantinova 1981, 190 cm
    Ekaterina Osichkina 1986, 192 cm (Avtodor-Metar)
    Foluke Akinradewo 1987, 191 cm (Japan)


    Anna-Miriam Gansonre 1982, 187 cm
    Tatiana Kosheleva 1988, 191 cm (Dinamo Kazan)
    Valdone Petrauskaite 1984, 181 cm (Urbino, Italy)


    Olga Bukreeva 1987, 187 cm
    Olga Fateeva 1984, 190 cm (Atom, Poland)


    Daria Vekshina 1985, 170 cm (Omichka)
    Daria Talysheva 1991, 184 cm

    2. Dinamo Moscow


    Vera Ulyakina 1986, 190 cm (Dinamo Kazan)
    Anna Matienko 1981, 182 cm

    Maria Perepelkina 1984, 190 cm
    Yulia Merkulova 1984, 202 cm
    Ekaterina Krivets 1984, 192 cm
    Valeria Goncharova 1988, 188 cm (Omichka)
    Yulia Morozova (Sedova) 1985, 192 cm (Avtodor-Metar)


    Evgenia Kozhuhova 1990, 188 cm (Avtodor-Metar)
    Elena Godina 1977, 195 cm
    Yayma Ortis 1981, 181 cm (Igdisatchi, Azerbaijan)
    Eva Yaneva 1985, 185 cm (Omichka)


    Natalia Goncharova 1989, 194 cm
    Anna Makarova 1984, 1994 cm (Zarechie)


    Svetlana Kryuchkova 1985, 175 cm
    Daria Chikrizova 1990, 176 cm (Fakel)

    Full team rosters has not yet been announced, but I think it's time to start a topic.
    According to Russian rules only 2 foreign-player can play for the team.
    First post - three great "Dinamo"

    1. Dinamo Kazan

    Marina Babeshina (Sheshenina) 1985, 180 cm (last season: Uralochka)
    Olga Khrzhanovskaya 1980, 178 cm

    Mariya Borisenko (Borodakova) 1986, 190 cm
    Regina Moroz 1987, 188 cm
    Tatiana Schukina 1991, 192 cm (Dinamo Krasnodar)

    Lesya Makhno 1981, 182 cm (Dinamo Moscow)
    Irina Stratanovich 1988, 190 cm
    Jordan Larson 1986, 188 cm

    Ekaterina Gamova 1980, 202 cm

    Ekaterina Kabeshova 1986, 176 cm
    Elena Ezhova 1977, 178 cm (Dinamo Krasnodar)

    Maria Perepelkona has a problem with the larynx and common cold, she missed two weeks of training in June, but she will play on Eltsin Cup.

    This list of players invited to the first practice of the national team on June 5 in Moscow. This is not the application form at the tournament.

    Kuzyutkin said that the second setter national team should be Akulova Marina (24 years, World Champion 2006). But Marina was injured in the last game of the championship of Russia. Now the team has a problem with the second setter. Marina Sheshenina (Babeshina) does not play in the team because of a small child. Ulyakina is in stock at Dinamo Kazan. Irnia Uraleva (20 years, Proton) has no experience outside of Russia.

    Ekaterina Pankova can play libero. But I think that she was invited to the squad only for the first workout and it will not play in tournaments.

    Yes, V.Goncharova plays as MB. I think its bug reporter. Victoria "Ekaterina" Rusakova - too.

    Lesya Makhno again in the team :heart:

    Information about the transition Tatiana Kosheleva in Krasnodar Dinamo wrong. Dinamo Kazan interested in a contract extension, but talks will be after the end of the Russian Championship