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    Anyway, Italy today is celebrating the blocks like Perugia does (Osmany included): I guess it's not a coincidence they started to do that when playing vs Atanasjievic :lol:

    Last year the Federation gave to Zaytsev the permission to use the shoes with a covered logo ONLY during the training sessions, NOT during the official matches ;)

    Again, I think you're perfectly right about the fact Lanza, Giannelli, Piano etc were among the biggest Zaytsev opponents in the 'shoes gate', but that doesn't mean Blengini made the convocations on this base.

    Scarpetta, I think you're a bit delusional on this topic (still being right about Lanza/Zaytsev being the face of the two 'sides' of the last summer, though): it's just a question of physical training and resting, something that unfortunately we can't afford to offer to Giannelli because he needs to have perfect amalgama with everybody.

    Blengini explained he was going to start with the Italian finalists because they were physically ready, and then let them rest, and viceversa. No need to read huge secret things behind it.
    Plus, the pesudo-captain here is Zaystev, not Colaci (even if imho we should have only one true captain, Zaytsev).

    Rains , no official communication about it, but I read the same (without noticing it myself, though). I didn't understand if Osmany covered or not the logo, but apparently he had temporal problems with Mizuno shoes or something like that.
    The Federation is getting every summer more ridicole about this stuff, they should simply let everybody use the shoes they like, for heaven sake.

    For those subscribing directly from FIVB, is the streaming quality better?

    It worked pretty fine for me, but for the live streaming I mostly used it on my phone, so may be on a PC it would be different.

    The on demand matches are ok on PC, even if sometime not perfectly HD (but that may be my WiFi, even with Netflix I experience the same, and Netflix drops to a worst quality actually...)

    Overall I'm happy I subscribed, because for now RaiSport is giving most of the matches not live but late in the night, and unlike the past years I can't find the matches on their archives. Without it I would have a very hard time to follow Italy, and in this way I can see also other countries.

    The only critique I would advance on the live streaming, is that you can't choice from which moment watching the match (for example, If the match starts at 16.00, I can't open it from the beginning at 16.30). But if you pause it, it will continue from the moment you left it, if you stay on the same page. So that can help if you can't watch it all live. That's mean you can't check your messages during time outs, though :P

    I also find the website ok, even if I would like to have there a 'results board' and a 'written' schedule (they have a schedule, but with the videos, so you have to roll them to find the one you're interested in).

    I've a doubt about Mazzone/Cester as well, but Cester serve is so annoying that not using it seems almost a crime to me :P
    Anyway, today Mazzone did entered the court for Cester, at some point.

    I agree that Lanza is important for the team, but I have an hard time deciding if it's better to bring Antonov OR Randazzo + Parodi (as second row back up, but when you have Lanza and Juantorena...), or Antonov AND Randazzo and no Parodi.
    And Parodi his my cupcake, be aware of it, so I don't say it lightly ;)

    I'm a bit sorry we lost the 4th set, but obviously pretty happy about how we played overall!!

    If I have to point a bad thing, I would say too many direct errors in reception (I don't know the numbers, though), but when we did receive, imho we did good enough.
    Same for the serve: probably too many mistakes (again, I don't have the numbers), but on the other hand we did put a lot of pressure on Brazil reception, practically with everybody beside Anzani and Randazzo (who scored with an ace the second last point, though). Nelli 3 aces in a row in the third (in for Anzani)!
    I appreciated a lot the defense phase.

    Zaytsev 32 points, Giannelli 8. One of them it's probably my MVP, but it's hard to point out a single player, it felt more like a team effort.

    I have a question. "Cester" doesn't seem like a traditional Italian last name, I was wondering if Cester has non Italian parents? Thanks.

    Not that I know of, but he is from north east, and they tend to have unusual surname there...

    Actually, I don't think there's any coach that can make this Italy stronger than China, Serbia or USA... (and for 'be stronger' I don't mean 'happen to win a match sometimes', which is always possible despite the difference of strength).

    We simply don't have good enough OHs, imho (unfortunately).
    And in general we probably have only 2 real top players, Moki and Egonu (even if she still makes a lot of errors), plus good/very good MBs and good/decent setters.

    Still, I do believe last summer – before all the struggle of the ECh – we achieved more than I thought we valued on paper, and imho we managed to do that thanks to Mazzanti system.
    The problem, imho, is: do we have enough player able to properly embrace it? (beside the starting six, I mean, and without Cate Bosetti we're also less balanced).

    Chirichella, Egonu and etc will not play well because of their coach.

    The same that brought us to the WGP silver medal at his first attempt with a renewed team, you mean? :P

    I watched the first two set vs Turkey and the second vs Poland, there were good things and several bad things, but I wasn't expecting that much, also because the 4-fast-attack-solutions it's an hard system to embrace, even if you've already played it (and many didn't, also among the 'oldest'). Still, I was a bit disappointed for the defeat vs Poland.
    Guerra (for me, surprisingly) and Lubian looked like the most constant/good of the week, imho.
    Ortolani probably the biggest disappointment, but I still love her :heart:

    Anyway, I think the idea is to play with Lucia + Egonu, an 'attack' OH (Sylla? Guerra? Mingardi? Well, that's what we have, we'll have to make it work...) and good MBs. Imho Lubian may make it to the WCh for this, if Folie won't come back in time.

    About Lube, comments/infos by Cormio, Lube general director.

    Grebennikov had rush to find an alternative (? I knew Lube didn't want a foreign libero anymore, is it possible it was Grebennikov the first to leave? When Lube is stronger than Trento?...)

    Sander had an year of contract (I think he meant 'another' year) and a very high fee to broke it (so, it was convenitene for Lube to let him go because Sada payed them).

    Leal – They're working on it, it's complex because he is changing nationality. They hope to close it in 10 days, being among the 5 top OHs of the world.

    Balaso – They needed an Italian libero to use Stankovic as titular.

    Candellaro – he'll probably go, wanting a spot as titular that they can't guarantee (my note: Cester will probably be titular)

    Bruno-Christenson – Bruno signed with them on March the 23rd, and he has to respect it. Micah signed with Azimut as well. I spoke to Micah before I spoke to Bruno and Bruno was the one to propose himself to us, being unhappy about Stoytchev and wanting to be sure to play the CL, the only competition he hadn't won yet. Cormio'll meet Bruno in 2-3 days and the'll solve it. He is a professional person and will come to Lube. If he won't, he'll has to stay in Brazil, he can't play in Modena, period. Cormio suggested Modena said they want to keep Bruno only to keep the fans calm.

    Various rumors:

    - Pesaresi in Milano

    - Milano may aire Yosifov (Galassi is going to Trento and Piano physical and contractual conditions are still unknown – he belongs to Modena and he is on loan in Milano, for the record)

    - De Pandis may go in Verona, that thought also of Perry; with an Italian libero they hope to grab Holt (Modena has already closed with Anzani and has Mazzoni... I still don't understand why Anzani went there, by the way. Well, beside money, may be...)
    Otherwise they'll aire Alletti

    - Argenta may go in Latina or Paris (but also Ravenna doesn't have an opposite now... I don't know if Argenta is cheap enough, though, but at least he owns his own 'cartellino' so who'll aire him in Italy doesn't have to buy it from Modena).

    - Patch may go in Berlin

    Italian team for 2 friendly matches vs Australia next week end (the first live on Raisport):

    Oleg Antonov (Ziraat Bankasi), Andrea Argenta (Azimut Modena), Fabio Balaso (Kioene Padova), Michele Baranowicz (Wixo LPR Piacenza), Enrico Diamantini (Bunge Ravenna), Simone Giannelli (Diatec Trentino), Daniele Mazzone (Azimut Modena), Gabriele Nelli (Kioene Padova), Simone Parodi (Wixo LPR Piacenza), Alberto Polo (Kioene Padova), Giacomo Raffaelli (Bunge Ravenna), Luigi Randazzo (Kioene Padova), Salvatore Rossini (Azimut Modena), e Roberto Russo (Club Italia).

    So strange to see only one Trentinian among them!

    I wonder again who will be the captain: Parodi, Giannelli (my first choices), Bara, Antonov...?

    I don't like Baranowicz, so I think Spirito should go behind Giannelli: less problems and more talent!

    About that, you also have to think what Blengini would do in case of need.
    I mean, you may think Spirito is better than Bara (which I don't judge, also because I prefer Sbertoli :P), but if Blengini feels he can't actually trust him as a back up setter if things get messy (last year he was only used a server instead of Piano, and it didn't worked very well either), while he may be (?) willing to put Baranowicz "properly" in if Giannelli loses lucidity, that could be a good reason to bring Baranowicz.
    I hope I made myself clear :S

    I actually appreciated it, but I'm not a graphic expert!

    @akiya, pope
    About the streaming, I just hope it won't be all geoblocked in Italy if Rai will transmit few Italian matches... (It may no be the case for the women, but for the men yes).

    Akiya, nice avatar! I love sense8 as well, can't wait for the final episode in less than a month!

    In my opinion Zaytsev and Russell are stronger than him.

    But this isn't the question: if it wasn't for non-sport-related problem, Perugia would have preferred to keep Zaytsev without doubt.

    As for Russell, the discussion isn't if he is better than Lanza, but if it's worthy to put Podke on the bench to keep him titular (considering that Italy doesn't have such strong MBs). I'm not so sure about it. May be for others top OHs it would be, but they're all taken by now, I think.

    Another question we may wonder about if it's Lanza is the best Italian replacement for Zaytsev: well, Juantorena isn't available. I love Kovar and Parodi, but I wouldn't trust them to be titular all the season long (may be for different reasons, but still); Randazzo is an attack-prone OH, which isn't what Perugia need the most (and I don't think he's better than Lanza, not yet at least); same for Antonov, with the plus of a better serve, but again, Perugia already has great servers (and beside me, also Lorenzetti, Stoytchev, Blengini think that... I'll say it's enough)
    So, among the italian OH, Lanza is definitely the best option for Perugia, also for his characteristics in relation with Perugia's needs, imho.

    As far as I understand Trento will have both Nelli and Vettori, but if Vettori situation will variate (aka, if Trento will be able to get rid of him or he will stop...), it would also be interesting having both Nelli and Argenta... but I guess the best thing for them is find a team where to be titular. I heard rumors that Argenta may go in Ravenna, since Buccheger will probably follow Soli (coach) and Orduna in Monza.

    Rains, as I wrote Polo doesn't seems a chance.

    SHAME , I know you don't like Lanza (and you definitely have your reason), but after all in this Perugia team he may work well as balance-man, discharged from too much responsibility in attack having Leon and Bata (he will probably be use more for his specialty, playing with the tips of a formed block), not having the burden to carry his team as leader and captain, not being very important from the service line in Perugia system, since they have way better servers... Still, it has to be considered that since he will probably mostly play trash and out of system balls, he may not have very high efficacy/percentages.

    And about Russell in Trento, of course I'll be glad to have him and I also prefer him to the other names, but I'mnot that sure a reception line up Kovacevic-Russell-Grebennikov, could work that well, even with such a great libero. At least they're both quite good in defense, though.