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    Wow, this week end had several surprised for the top teams! Modena losing a point vs Siena (and that it's not so unbelievable), Padova won vs Perugia and Milano killed Lube!

    So, I thought Perugia almost secured the top spot (for the Italian Cup, but may be even for the final ranking) after winning against the other top 3, but now I guess it's not so sure anymore.

    Glad that trento took advantages of the moment. Yet again I haven't watch the match, but I followed them in the WCCh so I'm pretty happy anyway :)

    No. Last year she had it on the left foot and this year on the right one, which I find rather unusual, I would have found it more "logical" if the previously damaged one had torn again

    I hadn't realized that! I thought it was the same! Oh fly... It's hard to believe she hasn't a basic condition that makes her injury-prone...

    What about Piano and Vettori?

    I always wondered if they're more than best friend! Also because since I know them I think they've never publicly presented a girlfriend...

    But I would be a bit disappointed by them if they have chosen not to go public... Is that harsh from me?

    And of course I would be disappointed if Vettori's gay :lol:

    About Paola and Kasia, I'm very happy for them!

    I've never commented before about Paola being lesbian because I wanted to keep the 'vibe' she gave me, of something absolutely normal that doesn't need great statement, as it wouldn't if she said "I called my boyfriend after the final; oh, yes I have a boyfriend"

    On the other hand, if she would have said, for example, "I'm with Bruno", I would have loved to (innocently) gossip about it :P

    And the same works with Kasia: wow, that was a new for me! Former team mate from just last year (so now I'm totally curious to know when it started and if it has something to do with Skorupa leaving Novara), plus there's quite an age gap... well, I can't deny I found it juicy somehow ;)

    Anyway, I totally agree with who said she's being brave to open up about it. And Gazzetta may had the fault to publicize the kiss a lot and forget the Supercup, but to me it's clear that Paola knew that with a public kiss the new was going to spread fast, and I loved that she just did very spountaunusly instead of making some announcement or similar things!

    I read Casalmaggiore may be interested in Skorupa, anyway.

    I still wondered why they didn't keep Leo, though...

    When Modena's players are complaining to referee, Leon raised his hands to show the referee there was actually a block touch on him.

    It usually given if a team asks for a block-touch video check, and (after the video check has been asked) the player who touched the ball raise is hand and admit the touch without actually waiting for the video check. I don't know if they can/will use it even if the video check isn't called, do you think that happened yesterday?

    Thanks Rains for the update on Trento, I haven't subisce with Sportube for now so I haven't watched the match.

    How many years it was since Perugia won vs Modena? It was about time!

    It's impressive they've already played against the other 3 top teams and grab 3 points against each, it's to early to say they secured the first spot, but that's something.

    Congrats Imoco!! Very deserved victory!

    I love that Sylla put down the last ball <3

    But congrats also to Paola for being cold in the most crucial moment, she almost made me believe Novara could reopened the set!

    Easy-Hodge, USA, last year out for Achille's tendon rupture

    I think I'm cheering slightly for Conegliano, I love their game. But I mostly cheer for a 3-2, so I'll probably switch side a bit :P

    Glad to see Robin back in an important match

    Today the NT went to visit the Italian Republic President, Mattarella, and the girls and the staff members were all very glad and impressed by how well he knew them (like he remembered every name) and the WCh events, because that showed them he really followed the WCh, with genuine passion and interest.

    Folie had the libero jersey, she'll need one-two months to be back.

    Robin is on her way to recover.

    The only think I don't like about Conegliano is that someone among Sylla, Tirozzi, Danesi and Folie will (almost) always stay on the bench...

    Oh fly, Pincerato sets were just off, especially for the second line. Really ugly to watch, actually. And the confront with Wolosz (amazing for me) wasn't merciful...

    Conegliano OH squad is quite impressive.

    I'm very happy Cate Bosetti si back!

    Maxwell , in Italy there's always be a bit of racism (for the foreign in general, not just for black people), imho (of course not by everybody!), but I'm afraid that lately – with the new path of our politics – things are getting even worst... :(

    So, we are in the situation that the public opinion is ready to make a fuss for a bottle in front of a black player, but at the same time there are people (I hope not that much, but there are) able to push a black person out of a bus, to beat someone because of his skin color and so on...

    The parents had let known that she wanted the players at her funeral to wear their club jumper, and to give money to charity instead of spending it on flowers.

    Also AIDO (Organ Donor Italian Association) will be there, but just with informative (little) stands, not collecting money.