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    about italian NT, good point! Actually Berruto's idea was to use three OH, savani-parodi-zaytsev, with no opposite. Parodi was supposed to receive always, Savani (probably) to play as "false" opposite (in fact I was surprised that Zaytsev and not Savani played as OH1, I expected berruto to try both in different matches). Of course that had to change, but for the Olympics (and Olympics qualification) it will probably become effective, if Parodi will ricover well=). But he said in an interwiev that probably he won't play the european league, because even if he is supposed to come back in august, could be stupid to hurry (and play the EL with only 1 month of training after 4-5 month out of the court) :olympia:

    Pur-Usa 1-3 :whistle:

    Brazil 9 (3 matches), Usa 9 (4 matches), Poland 3 (3 matches), Portorico 0 (4 matches)

    Korea-France 3-1

    France still 0 points, and Korea reach Italy in the pool! The team I imagined as the one destinated to be the 4th in the pool is kicking everyone :what:

    I hope Italy will get other 3 points this evening=) :rolll:

    I'm neutral, and honestly I have to say that expecially in first and second set Poland played quite intensivly, I liked them, great defences, fight on each actions, but Kurek needs help in attack

    Russia vs Germany - link 1 link 2
    Serbia vs Finland - link
    USA vs Puerto Rico - link1 link 2 link 3
    Korea vs France - link 1

    Pierre Pujol you missed this post in the previous page=)

    So you can watch Korea vs France. I will do the same because I wanna understand if I have to be worried about Korea ^^ (but if France will won the second match I will be more worried about jet-lag :lol: )

    RevanExstasis I'm sorry I can't help more=( btw thanks a lot=)

    Portorico-Usa 1-3 ;)

    Korea-France 3-1. Korea took the second place in the pool, France still with 0 points :down: .They won 1 set/10! (ita9, korea6, cuba3, fra0)

    I'm sorry guys, but I'm able to record only match on RaiSport, because I don't use a recorder but a website, and there is only the chance to record italian channel...

    I hope you will manage to record Argentina, Revanexstasis!

    btw I agree with you, we both have to upload the italian matches, so each one can chose the language he prefer=)

    But I have to admit that this time Lollo Bernardi "saved" the other commentator that is an idiot, he always mixed the player... Leon was once Diaz, twice Camejo; once zaytsev scored with a pipe and "Travica closed the point"; "Miranda blocked Savani" but Miranda was miles away, and Bell did the block etc.. In the past match unfortunally nobody saved the italian commentator, he was alone so he took the chance to show how ignorant he his=.= (I didn't understant if it was the same man, btw I really miss Lucky, Antinelli, Fefè, Colantoni...)

    According to the article, Sisley won't exist anymore. They won't sell the A1 title, they will just... disappear.

    Rome will buy/take several players, but not "sisley" itself.

    Actually the benetton family offered his support also for another year, but spending money for a team with no future... unfortunally they didn't find another sponsor, even if there were few ideas (like Segafredo, may be moving form Treviso to Belluno...). Few days ago there were rumors about the chance to create a team of young italian player to give them the chance to fight in serieA, but nothing else...

    I agree, really really sad. ;( I think that only Sisley Treviso never changed his sponsor/name, that's the worst end I can imagine for such an historical team. They are a "recent" team if we compare them with others like Modena, ravenna, parma, but they definitly got a place in Italian volleyball. ;(

    Its done thanks for wait.
    more matches soon :super:
    P.S- KK i will make the "full game of France vs Italy" Game 2 give time :win:

    ahaha there's no need to hurry, take your time :lol: but if you prefer you can add only the first set or even only the missing part=)

    btw, thanks a lot also for argentina-serbia :drink: