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    Can someone confirm that the contract of Schöps in Iskra Odintsovo the end of this season ends? I like him as a player, but he's playing a long time with Odintsovo and I heard that some Italian clubs are interested in him...

    It should be great if he plays next year in Cuneo (because I heard next season Nikolov won't play there anymore (= rumor)).

    I also herad that - because Nikolov probably won't play next season in Cuneo (it seems is looking for a team that doesn't play in Eurpean Cups) - Cuneo si looking for Schops...

    This rumor about Nikolov is quite consistent, because I saw an interview of Massimo Mezzaroma, president of MRoma Volley, and he said that they spook with a player of one of the two most important clubs in Italy (=Trento and Cuneo), but at the end they change their mind because this player doesn't want to play in Eurpean Cups and they are looking for someone more motivated. so, doing the maths=)

    Fantastic match, I agree! A lot of long point, with amazing defense from both the team (more from Macerata, probably)!

    Macerata deserve to won, they won the first set of just 2 point but actually they were over Cuneo for all the set. In the second set, if you are 20-24 and you eventually win, I always think you deserve it. Third set: Cuneo great block let them win. 4th set: Macerata was always over Cuneo, Cuneo had a big chance to come back in to the set when they got the 18th point (18-20 for Macerata from 16-20), but at the end they couldn't stop Macerata.

    btw, Cuneo played well but not at the top (as Macerata did). I think that probably Cuneo is a little bit stronger than Macerata, but only if they play at the top (or if Macerata don't play very well) - expecially because they don't have Parodi - they can reach the final.

    I expect Modena to do somthing more, because the serie Trento-Modena seems to be really less amazing (because more predictable) than Cuneo-Macerata!

    ps go Cuneo gooo!! :super:

    thanks guys!

    honestly I've already known rutracker but I had some problem with it because the site doesn't let me login if I use google traslate. But eventually with patient I managed to use the Russian version and I could download a lot of interesting match! (for example all the final matches Trento-Cuneo of this last two season=)

    Sportube it's ok but the Lega is using it only in the last period and I've already seen the matches I was interested in=)

    If Raphael will leave Trento, they'll need another setter. I heard about De Cecco too, but in particoular about Travica. But honestly I'm not so sure Travica is better than Zygaldo... about him pheraps you are right, may be he'll look for another team where he can play as first setter, he deserve this.

    Zaytsev will stay in Rome.

    "In italy there are rumors saying Berezhko will come back in russia next season, Kazan has offer to doubled his actual reward with modena.
    but there is also the problem of his injury that seems to be very serious. "

    I heard the same...

    Kooy played quite well in attack, for the commentators he was the best one in Modena.

    Trento played on a really high level for all the match, I didn't expect them to win so easily, but everyone played well, also Sala, even if he scored just 4 points. They've never lost concentration.

    this one wasn't Bruno best match, but the spikers didn't help him at all. Dennis played very bad.

    About Cuneo-Macerata, Cuneo start was terrible, but may be it's a strategy :lol: , because it's not the first time they lost (badly) the first set and won the match 3-1 (e.g. against Trento at V-day=)). Nikolov was MVP, but honestly I preferred Grbic or Wijsman. The MBs didn't play good at the biginning.

    Conte played well ( excellent foot dig in the first set, very impressive!) and in the lat set they were like 18-24 for Cuneo and he serve very well, without any fear.

    I heard that probably Nikolov (Vlado) won't play in Cuneo, it seems he is looking for a team that does't join european cups. so Cuneo is looking for another opposite, may be Schops.

    coach Giuliani is a big question mark, apparently he should stay in Cuneo (when Parodi singned, Cuneo's press said Giuliani was confirmed too...), but there are a LOT of rumors about him staying in this team/going to Macerata. Seems that Lannutti (the president) said that now they are focused on play off, and later they will discuss about that... I hope Giuliani'll stay this year, so he can end this three-year project started in 2009-2010.

    He HAD to won the CL with Cuneooo!! :cheesy: :cup:

    1st round (ever!!) Raphael- Bruno... 1-0!!XD

    It's just a joke, but Raphael played actually better yestarday in Trento vs Modena (semifinal), but Modena spikers didn't help Bruno at all...

    ah, Raphael said his wife is pregnant ^^

    I'm really glad Raphael has been called in the NT, he is playing very well and he deserves it. But I'm not so sure is actually better than Bruno, I'm seeing him playing in Modena and... wow! I don't think Modena would pass the quarterfinal without him and his way of playing with the MBs, also considering all the health problem of Modena OHs.

    ah, so glad hearing Sergio came back, he is great!

    btw, it has to be really hard chosing the main roster between such good players!

    I also heard about Dhoa for the World Cup... But I think it's too far from everybody exept who lives thereXD

    Poland would be a good choice, but they'll host the WL also, so maybe they can chose another country... like the UK :lol:

    Of course I'm kidding! but Bulgaria would be nice=)

    But I think Sokolov will be soon opposite no.1 in Bulgaria. He is in the best world team, under "his" coach practising like animal every single day.

    this year I played so well! I think is going to be also opposite no.1 in Trentino! When he played he often got amazing statistics, in all the competition Trento partecipated. I'm sure Stoitchev will makes him a champion.

    btw, if you have too many opposite no problem, Italy will definitly appreciate if you will share yoursXD

    does someone have torrents (or uploading) of the matches of this season?

    unfortunally RaiSport gives the chance to see a match in streaming just live, there is no replay...

    I'd like to see a second time the 2011 Italian Cup semifinal Cuneo-Macerata and the final, Trento- Cuno. And the supercup too=)


    (but any other match it's fine=)

    I agree that the NT need to prepare some younger players so they can be ready to replace the "old" generation.

    About Bosetti, I think that Lucia is really smart, I love seeing her playing. Barcellini is great too, but Bosetti is better...

    Anzanello is great, no doubt about that, but I'll prefer a younger player like Arrighetti, not because she is better now, but because she probably will be in a few. She is quite complete, good block, float-serve and attack... and great enthusiasm.

    Probably at the moment Gioli is hard to replace. Her fast... :obey:

    For the setter we need to chose somone and train her to be the next Lo Bianco, but usually is normal that the setter plays longer than the other, so at least until the Olympics I'll never let Lo Bianco rest ^^ (poor LeoXD)

    As opposite... :sos:

    RJX: The club anouced today that Dante will make part of the team next season, the player just didnt sign yet with the team cause he is still uner contract with Dinamo. Also Riad will come back to Brasil and sign with the club. The setter will be MArlon, that played last season in Vivo Minas.

    I read the same! I also heard about Theo as opposite and Rodrigao as MB, so I think that if they find another good receiver and a good libero (I read a name, but I can't remember..), they can become a very strong team.

    And I heard that both Zenit (Ball will stop playing at the end of the season) and Minas are looking for Raphael, and that he will probably left Trento (he has a meeting with Mosna next week). If Raphael will leave Trento, Dragan Travica will probably be Trento setter (his contract with Monza end this year). If it will happen, considering that Juantorena is going to play as italian during the next season, Trento will probably get a foreign MBs, (or may be 2? also Riad leave the team...). Honestly, I hope Raphael'll stay, I like him too much, and Trento needs of at least one brazilian playerXD :lol:

    I was wondering as somone else about Baranowicz.. Will Cuneo take him back? Of course as second setter. But he can definitly learn a lot with Grbic as master, and playing in such team..

    Probaly Cernic should come back in Italy too, he can easily find a team in SerieA1 he can be usuful for (of course not one of the best). I heard that Ravenna is looking for him (Ravenna won the A2 regoular season this year).