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    Grbic is a really good attacker.

    I didn't have so many opportunities to see Ball playing, so I say Grbic - he his amazing!- but actually I can't judge them properly and objective!

    But be sure that Grbic is absolute capable of spiking! he often gets the point when he does, actually :win:

    "The project will also train 720 little boys from 5 different favelas, that now are pacified."

    Wow! I heard about this new team, but I didn't get this! wonderful!

    About the team, also Riad is going there with Rodrigao, Theo, Marlon, probably Dante and the libero you've already mentioned (I can't remember the right name!) 8o

    So, it seems to be a very strong team... Who is going to be the other outsider hitter?

    This season Conte is playing very well, I like this players!

    This year I often saw Uriarte playing, he has a great potential and some useful strength (block, also serve), but he still needs to get more experience, more characters. That's normal, considering he is 21!

    nice topic!!

    vava12, how many!! I envy all your autographs of the women italian NT! I've never seen them live!

    I've Fei, Parodi, Mastrangelo, Vermiglio, Birarelli, Marra, Sala, Travica, Savani (Italian NT of the last man world championship)

    Cisolla, Vermiglio and Papi (2005 italian NT)

    Zaytsev, Yosifov, Lebl, Cisolla, Poey (M.Roma Volley 2010-2011)

    [really impossible to guess where I come from!! :lol: ]

    Grbic, Wijsman, Parodi, Nikolov (Cuneo)


    I'm Michela, from Italy=)

    I love playing and following volleyball, expecially the Italian clubs! (not because these stuff about "which is the greatest national championship" - I really dont' care! -, but just because is the one I've the opportunity to follow the most, living in Italy!)

    And of course I follow my NT!