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    Ps about the youngs, I think they're very, very, promising, but I think it's important to remind that not always the best youngs become the best players.

    Among the winners of the U20 WCh, for example, we only have Cate Bosetti (MVP) in the NT, and we had Diouf in the past. All the others are practically vanished...

    And among the winners of the first U18 WCh, I think we only have Egonu and Lubian (plus Orro).

    Still, if we'll kept winning juniores WCh/ECh :P, even having 2-3 players by each teams ready for the NT may be enough to stay very competitive ;)

    And of course the Club Italia can help a lot!

    Mazzanti was asked how it was to have is wife in the team, and as Egonu sub.

    He said interesting things about the necessity to have a clear hierarchy in the team (among titular-subs), and to avoid dualism.

    For Davide, having in the same role two players that want to be protagonist will probably lead to problems, so it's important that the subs is someone that know how to be a 'non-protagonist', that know how to stay on the bench.

    That brought me to two thoughts: first, Serena was amazing. She was always smiling and supporting, and I guess it wasn't that easy being the only 'veteran' on the bench. And I'm sure it was hard to leave their daughter home in order to be a 'non-protagonist'.

    Second, I wonder if this comment is to be referred to Diouf situation, and in which way.

    I've always thought she was the one to let the NT go this year (and I suspected it was because she didn't like to be Egonu's shadows – I don't think Valentina is a good 'non-protagonist'), and I must say I didn't respect her that much for this choice. I mean, I can understand the previous disappointments, but if at her age she prefer NOT to be in the NT instead of being in the NT bench... well, I expect a bit more sacrifice spirit.

    Now, though, I'm wondering if the decision came directly from the staff, like a 'hey Vale, we don't think you can be a good 'non-protagonist' and you certainly won't be a protagonist, so thank you but bye.'

    [Remember than in the first 'Mazzanti-summer', she was included in the picture, but for back-ache problem she couldn't join the NT.]

    I actually think she could be a good replace for Paola, but if she risks to ruin the team spirit... than I don't want her.

    Question for Italian fans, can Monica de Gennaro be compared/as good as Paula Cardullo? Or is she even better than Cardullo? Other than the obvious, I think De Gennaro really is the core of this Italian team along with Bossetti allowing Team Italia to do their counter attacks.

    May be Cardullo was slightly better in reception, but De Gennaro stepped up as 'second setter' on court?

    Very hard question, I love them both <3

    Ps all the record above posted by Incognito are only about the WCh, and I think since the rally point system.

    Don't know if some of these records are such also outside the WCh, though.

    Just a question for the italian users. Could someone explain why Chirichella is the captain and not Bosetti?

    I know Mazzanti explained that in an interview from last year, but I dont find it.

    Nothing against Cri, who always cheers up her team in every single point, but I find Lucia as the leader of this team. In the clutch moments in the WCH, eventhough in some matches she was underperforming, Bosetti seemed as the link between all the players and the calmest one. And also she is one of the most experienced, as Ortolani and De Gennaro.

    I don't know Lucia personally so may be there are 'out of court' reasons for the choice (for example, I read she's introverse and riservate).

    Anyway, at the beginning I wondered the same and I thought the reason was it was sure Chirichella was going to play, while it was less sure about Lucia. Well, I was wrong, so I don't know!

    Hello guys!!

    I finally here to comment! And it's hard to find the words... [And of course I wrote a very long post :lol: Sorry! I'm sure you can understand me ;)]

    So, I'll start from the easy part: congrats to the Serbian girls for a very deserved gold, they were the 'team to beat' from the beginning to the end (they only lost when they didn't truly care for the victory, they've always won when they wanted to), and the only team Italy couldn't beat (twice!).

    (But it's a pity there wasn't a chance for a Serbia-China match, I would have loved to watch these two amazing teams clashing against each other!)

    Second easy part: congrats to my girls. They went way above and beyond my expectations: we knew that with Turkey and China in the pool, even not getting to the final6 was a possibility to deal with, and nothing to be truly annoyed by (unless it'd came with a terrible game), since our first real goal – a goal Mazzanti set the first day of his career as NT coach – was considered to be the 2019 ECh. Well, we won a silver at the first WGP and a silver at the WCh, second medal ever at WCh in the history of women volleyball in Italy. So, hats off to Davide, his staff and his girl. Amazing achievement, you made us dream.

    We totally deserved this silver and I'm glad many people outside Italy acknowledge that, as I'm glad that they made Italy fall in love with them. Rai transmitted all the last Italian matches on Rai2 (and also several non-Italian matches), and the response was huge. Saturday we had a peak of 8 million (43% of share). Incredible! Again, what a pity that the semifinal was on Friday (and still it was followed a lot). The social went crazy about the girls.

    Danesi and Sylla were the players that surprised me the most, especially Sylla who I believed not having great improve margin, unlike Anna.

    About the match: it was somehow quite different than I expected. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a fought 3-1, with a very well played volleyball on both side.

    And yes, the match was very fought because it ended 12-15 at the tie break, but I can't get rid of the impression that we didn't played that well, and that surprised me, because losing with such a little margin not playing that well showed to me that the distance with Serbia is little than I thought (they weren't perfect either, though). Their experience made the difference: they were more cynical when it mattered the most (that not closed smash at 12-13 it's still hunting me, and I'm afraid it will hunt Sylla for a while as well, but girl, we wouldn't be there without your amazing tournament!).

    I sadly have to admit that for the first time in the tournament I ended up thinking "well, if we'd had Caterina Bosetti and Folie, may be..."

    Which is something I hated to think, because you win and you lose with the players you have, period.

    I love when an important match ends 3-2, but I must admit that being on the losing end of a 3-2 with a close tie break is heartbreaking.

    Overall, I think it was a good final, with amazing moment of volleyball, but imho sometimes the level dropped a bit too much. I preferred the semifinal, but of course it's easier when the two more one-sided sets were won by your own team, and not the opposite.

    About the awards, I had already expressed my thought before: Maja should have gotten the best setter (but of course I'm very happy for Malinov).

    I personally made up my mind that – being Italy second – we would have got only one award between Danesi and Sylla; so, when Miriam was awarded I was prepared that Anna was out. Then Malinov got the awards and for a second I was scared they would have given to Sloetjes the best opposite or Popovic best libero (she was great, but Moki is Moki!)...

    Still, I agree with the general consideration: if they were ok with giving Italy 4 awards, then it was better to switch Malinov and Maja and Rasic and Danesi.

    I don't know if Sylla deserved it more than others (amazing tournament, not that amazing final), but I'm so happy for her: between the false doping story and the fact her mother is hill (she even thought about not coming in Japan), I felt it was the right choice. Her tears moved me a lot.

    not to state the obvious but the team with the best reception will win...

    I guess in the end you were right...

    that moment when you realize that serbia has no plan b.

    Nor did Italy, though... but I think we knew that fro us it was practically the titular or nothing.

    Egonu is enjoying herself today..smiling

    I'm glad we all noticed it! She seemed so relaxed at the beginning!

    So much respect to Egonu for a kill spike right after an error!

    She really surprised me about that.

    In the last two matches she made a lot of errors (while during the WCh she keep them quite low both in serve and attack), but in the whole tournament I think only once I remember her making 2 errors in a row.

    Congrats China for the bronze! I thought they were the favorite and I think they deserves to be on the podium (even if it would have been nice to have an European top 3), but I'm still disappointed by Ned. I expected a better fight, like in the first set.

    I'm very upset with Ned, if they keep (not) playing like this Danesi will probably lose her 'best blocker' position for the Chinese MBs :P

    Now I totally feel ok with Ned not taking any personal award. I just hope they won't invent strange thinks to award someone from Japan...

    Missed the beginning but nice set so far!

    China seemed in control but Ned kept coming back (and with an off Sloetjes).

    Despite their lacks, I again enjoy watching Ned play very much, I love their spirit and general happiness!

    Zhu spiked with one step before the jump are incredible.

    Gong is quite invisible so far, Ned often has the OH waiting in the middle for the block...

    Caterina Bosetti in the italian studio as well, hi Cate!

    btw..i have to express that i liked Malinov-Lo Bianco photo a lot .most probably Lo Bianco was/is her idol :heart:

    It's exactly like that :heart:

    I was blaming Rai for not showing the 3rd place final, then I realized it starts later than usual ^^

    I won't be able to comment during the 1st place final because I'm watching the match with friends, but I'll miss you ;)

    I think Serbia is the (clear?) favorite, but I really hope Italy can play their best and we'll see if that's enough :)

    About the awards, I'm too partial: right now, I would award an Italian in each position except setter (Maja or Ding for me) :lol: (with Danesi and Sylla being the MB and the OH).

    But truly I wouldn't mind that much if the MB and OH awards don't go to Italy (there are others that deserves it too: Rasic and both Chines MBs; Brankica and Zhu): the two players that HAVE to be awarded despite today results are Moki and Paola.

    I can't see who could be awarded in Ned, though: Sloetjes was amazing, but her spot seems to be close by Egonu and Boskovic (as best Opp/MVP).

    Again, I have to point out that the schedule is stupid. CHN-NED at 17:20 and the final at 19:40. Why not schedule the matches with enough time so they can say for sure when each one will start? Much better than delaying the final which is what will happen unless the bronze match is 3:0.

    I guess they just want to avoid a long empty moment between the matches...

    According to stats, Italy-China had an attendance of 7500...while Japan-Usa over 11500. No words are required.

    Still, for the first time – except vs Japan – from the TV I got the impression of a pretty full and cheery audience (even if mostly pro-China ^^)

    Anyway, with her 45 points, Egonu got the record as 'Best scorer in a single match at WCh'!

    Did Rai2 really cut the tranmission? It was quite unrespectful for the girls and the team in general! How come?

    Only at the very end, and the transmission started at 9am (with almost half an hour of 'in studio' commentary), and before it also Set-Ned was broadcasted. The video on youtube only have a couple of minutes more.

    So, for once I've really nothing to complain about! Also after the other matches the interviews weren't transmitted. Actually, I think Rai never made interviews after the match, it's Pasini who is making the interviews (Colantoni does that in the 'free' time). Rai uses the international images, I don't think they have a real cameraman there...

    I'll take further a past consideration: in the last 4 major finals4 (London, WCh 2014, Rio, WCh 2018) we had 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% European teams [I already wrote that but without London], and in the final we had/have 0%, 0%, 50% and 100% European teams: so, after a while (Russia in Wch 2010), the world top team will be an European one.

    Among the last 3, it's also the only time China isn't in the final.

    Ps note that I'm considering only WCh and OG!

    I really hope Moki and Lucia will play until Tokyo, anyway!

    Edit: I read it's the first all-European final of the WCh!