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    Much as I'm rooting for an Italian win tomorrow, I have a feeling that Serbia's going to win it. Today's 5 set win by Italy is too exhausting where as Serbia's matches ended mostly in 3-0 or 3-1 victories. But it's one of those cases I don't mind being wrong. Either way, I don't mind who wins. Hope Egonu still have energy left.

    I agree with you about everything except the bold part, I wonder why :P

    In the previa, we already knew this could have been a long match. But now with so much drama! If the italians lost 10 kgs in the tie-break against Japan, cant imagine how thin they are now!

    10 years vs Japan, another 10 today. I guess we're not the second youngest team of the WCh by now :lol:

    This is the link of full match (included post match):


    riding egonu worked in the end. but it really could've gone either way. she wasn't particularly efficient against high chinese blocks as expected. sylla was actually more efficient this game, or the whole tournament for that matter. i think they trust egonu more when the reception is not good. but if they lost this game, relying on her too much would've been the reason too. lucky she came through in the end

    I would have liked all the post, but as an Italian fans I have to pretend the end of your post don't exist :P

    Thumps up for the rest!

    It's the first time Italy scored less blocks than the opponents. And in general there weren't many direct block for such a long game, 10 for Italy and 12 for China.

    Paola improved her personal record of points scored in a NT match (it was 39), which is also the Italian record.

    I think it's also her personal record not with the NT, anyway...

    I would be grateful if someone we'll post a link of the game with the post-match as well: Rai was transmitting on our second channel (not the sport one) and because the match finished so late they had to cut the transmission just when the teams were greeting each other under the net... But I would love to see all the tears of joy, and the photo and so on ^^


    Oh my... I'm still shaking a bit, guys...

    The second part of the match was simply amazing, both in level (imho higher that the first part of the match) and agonism, and of course suspence...

    We won and lost this match I don't know how many times, from that come back in the 4th set to wasting a 14-12 advantages after a great block and a great ace (like in the come back of the 4th, by coincidence) and other match points... it was all a rollercoaster, and I must say that – despite being amazed by Chinese effort and resilience and courage – we deserved to won this match, and for the path in this WCh we deserved to be in the final... of course, it China would have won, same would have been true for them, but unfortunately there's only one champion, and we know it wasn't playing in this match :P

    Losing this match after all the match points we had (5? 6?) would have broke my heart, any way. And I don't even want to imagine what the girls would have felt...

    Moki was my MVP today :heart: She's amazing.

    Paola has to bring pastries for her ball spiked on her feet, btw :lol:

    About tomorrow, I think Serbia has equal or better players in every position, except libero and probably second OH.

    But, in volleyball wins who plays better, not who's stronger, so I hope we will play our best match ever to put them in real troubles!

    I hope we won't be too emotionally drenched...

    noooooo ;(;(;( I thought it was out!

    My God, I was in the tie break-vs-Japan mode!

    Great job by China, I hoped we were there after Danesi block and ace but we couldn't close!

    Zhu scored twice againts our triple block, one because of our poor position, the other because of her quality, and we were even again...

    And the advantages were thrilling, exiting and imho with the best volleyball of the match so far.

    Go girls!!!:super: