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    What's all this anomaly about right before the 2nd TTO? Challenge showed no touch but point remained be given to ITA. Just don't grasp it.

    Me neither, nor our commentators. May be it was touched by the defense? I don't remember the end of the action though.

    Malinov is setting to Egonu too far from the net...

    Now Ortolani in for Bosetti.

    Didn't notice it about Lubian! May be she has some minor injuries? Because Farh wasn't even meant to be there, then Melandri had physical problems and she got back in...

    Still, Farh is a better blocker I think, so may be it was a tactical choice.

    About China, I think that wanting to play against Serbia in the semi would be mental for anyone :P

    Kk15 - why is Sylla getting rested when all the other starters are on the floor? I find a little weird that she would get a rest and Boseti is playing. Maybe she has minor injury?

    I tought Bosetti was going to rest, I was surprised as well. May be Sylla was emotionally drenched after yesterday?

    Or simply, Pietrini is Sylla sub, not Bosetti.

    I thought also Cambi and Lubian would have find a bit of space.

    But I'm happy Nwakalor got her little chance too ;)

    we can say that a probable Italy-China match will be really hard for Italy unlike the match in the first round..L.Ping will have some other plans for sure!

    I agree (if that will be the semi): and despite what pope says, we learned that in the hard way at the last WCh. Only the occasional fans may be naive enough to believe that having won once we'll win again...

    Malinov gives up on her jump serve at this WCH

    And I'm very glad she did! Too many mistakes for a not very annoying serve...

    But I remembered Boskovic to jump serve as well... is my memory wrong or she changed?

    and Now Chirichella made two blocks in a row! :lol:

    Can Italian team deny the Serbian team to whitewash the team 3-0? A defeat as such will put a serious dent into the ITA team's confidence after narrowly won the 5-set match against the JPN team a day earlier. It will clearly build a decreasing trend for the ITA team right before the decisive KO SF stage.

    I'm not that sure about that.

    It still an almost meaningless match, I think it helps your confidence if you win but don't underminit if you lose (think of Serbia defeated twice in the second phase... they don't seem to have lost confidence ;) )

    If we'll lose the semi it will because we'll play worst than our opponents, not because of today, imho.

    now the rhitm is a bit slow but the action at 10-10 was pretty nice!

    crovolley, I'm not loving Danesi too much in the last matches but I think it's a bit unfair to say she dosen't belong, when she's the best blocker of the league (or among them) and often did very good in attack as well...

    looks like italy will be undefeated champion.

    Oh fly please stop with this assertions!!! :what:

    Nice match until 17-17, then Serbia flow away.

    Petrini bad reception but perfect in the end. I thought Lucia was going to be the one to rest.

    Nice point by Nwakalor.

    We need to understand better Boskovic directions while blocking, she's lefty!

    Annina a bit out today, but also Cristina had an hard time to put down the ball.

    Nice aces on the last half meter by Italy.

    May be we should rest Paola a bit?

    Speaking of world class opposites (or European opposites for that matter), I always wondered why Boskovic was always compared to Zhu, when they both play different positions. Now we finally have Egonu who can give Tijana some serious competiton. I personally think Boskovic hits the ball harder, but Egonu it seems can hit anywhere in the court and I think has a higher contact point when spiking.

    Hard question. I always thought Boskovic was better than Egonu because she's a better digger (while in attack, serve and block they seems to have similar qualities – correct me if I'm wrong!) and because Egonu is too error prone, even if she usually delivers when it matter the most... but during this WCh Paola was less error prone than we were used too (so far, at least), and she also got smarter in her attack choice, so it's getting more tougher to decide who's better.

    I really like Sloetjes, but for age and athleticism I think it's difficult to compare her to the other two.

    Probably she's the most technical among the three?

    I don't see reason why He would do it know. Now it is time to push your limits and show your full power. They have 3 matches to play...

    Well, now we played a very hard (both physically and mentally) 5 sets match and we have less than 24 hour to recover (even if after that we have 2 days of rest).

    Mazzanti also said that the floor (under the tara flex) is very hard and not a peace of cake for the knees.

    On the other hand, he's aware that the girls want it all, so he'll see ^^

    I think this Italy team probably took this win for granted and did not have a good preparation for the game.

    I don't agree, especially in the second part.

    I think we were confident we could win this (but same works for all the matches so far, the girls have always said that) and got frustrated to realize we were struggling to play our game (of course also thanks to Japan!)

    EDIT: I found out it was Mazzanti birthday today! :flower:What a way to celebrate! May be the girls wanted to give him a 'surprise' party :P

    I forgot to say: despite our statement that we knew we needed to be patient against Japan, and ready to try 10 times to put the ball down in the same action, imho we failed a bit in that (Sylla especially).

    More than once I had the impression we were nervous, even 'angry' somehow, and I got that impression both from the way we played, and from the way we reacted: I could read our lips more than once, and we often sweared when we 'finally' got a point (or a block) [and not just after a mistake, for example).

    Ps Egonu 'killed' another player today :lol:

    But again I'm afraid she didn't apologize, or at least it wasn't showed... Paoletta please take care of that ^^

    Wow, guys... That was a thrilling match for sure, my heart is still beating hard and I literally cried at the end of the match, it was so emotional... I'm very, very proud of the girl :heart: Even if today we didn't show our best volleyball, partially because of us, partially (mostly, probably) because of the amazing performance Japan gave us. I expected them to dig a lot, but imho they killed us with their serves, their parallel attacks, and with the ability to scardinate our block-defense system, which struggled how never before.

    I was really scared we were going to lose it, and very aware that this could have been the last chance to qualify, especially if we don't step up our game again.

    But I'm using to many words when I could just summarize the match, with a 'saint Egonu'!!:obey::super:

    Chrichella has been very explosive in this game, why are you guys complaining?

    She was terrible for more than half of the game, especially in attack (not very helped by Malinov, though). And did several serve error too.

    I actually wondered why Mazzanti did't try Lubian.

    Then Cristina woke up :)

    Danesi is making so many mistakes and She is slow in blocks.

    I agree on the second, but I think most of her attack mistakes were to split with Malinov.

    But she also served a lot of ball on the net, true.

    I cant imagine how are the italian and japanese fans now :lol:

    I think I lost 10 years of life during the tie break, I was almost in a praying position with hand interconnected, and screaming for every point!

    Malinov so low set for Sylla, girl who can jump so high against small Japan girls. Why ?

    I agree, and a lot were very far from the net. I really didn't understand why Mazzanti hasn't tried Cambi today in the two set we lost, but I guess eventually he was right ;)

    [Well, in general I wondered why Mazzanti hasn't made many changes except the serve-sub Malinov-Cambi and Pietrini in a bit at the end of the 4th]


    100% in attack in 5th set, MY GOD WOOOW

    Amazing, impressive, outstanding. I was pretty sure she had 100%, but I wanna know how many points she did: before Danesi block, I think ALL of our points were scored by Egonu. I wouldn't be surprised if we're around 10 points in the tie break.

    I think she really wanted a 'revenge' after the 2 errors in a row that virtually gave the 4th set to Japan.

    I hope this was our worst match in the tournament

    I thought exactly the same! I mean, you're almost meant to have at least 1 bad day in a tournament, and I really hope it was today...

    Japan can leave with head up high, they did not stop fighting for one second even in that match, truly was a joy to watch them!

    Even as an Italian fans, I was able to appreciate their great efforts! The parallel attack were impressive, so precise.

    They really found the way to break italian reception and make Italy looks a one single player again (something that had changed in the last matches, even though Egonu was always the top scorer).


    Semifinals is already an overachievement for this young italian team (in the previa). But they havent got anything yet. A medal, no matter the colour, will be more than deserved for this team.

    I agree. With both Turkey and China in the pool and USA and Russia awaiting in the second phase, even getting to the F6 was in doubt, before the WCh started...

    So for tomorrow, we will have 2 friendly matches.

    I hope Italy will play with his first squad: we need to 'chill out' after this thrilling match and to test ourselves vs the amazing Serbia.

    But I would totally understand if we'll rest few players (5 set today and less than 24 hour rest!), especially if Serbia will as well (which I think they'll do, especially because China and Ned are playing after so there's not such a pressure to be first of the pool).

    Probably China will play with the titular too, as they did in the second phase. The fact we have 2 days before the semi'll help.

    Oh! we are going to have 3 European teams in the final four this year. Have that ever happened before?

    May be it's just an Italian thing... but how can you (general you) be so comfortable taking results for granted?

    I mean, less than 2 hours ago for many people here Ned was a mess, there was no way they can advance, their pool was absolutely the weakest and so on... And we know how it's finished.

    So, may be it's just semantic, but it would be nice to be less assertive in general, adding little sentences like 'I think that', 'I believe that' and similar ^^

    (3) If Netherlands beats China 3:2, all teams will have same score and same set ratio. As in the first match both USA and China scored 104 points, and USA will score more points than Netherlands if they win today, it is impossible for both Netherlands and China to have better point ratio than USA.

    that's not necessarly true, but still I got your point, I hadn't done all the math ;)

    Anyway now is a pointless discussion, with 2 losses USA is out!

    Today match is a 'how to waste a wonderful oppotunity' lesson.

    Featuring Ned in the first set, USA in third and 4th.

    And now USA lost his chance to get directly to the semi: if they lose they're out, if they win their destiny is again in other hands...